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"45 minutes" Top 50 Album des Jahres 2001
Bei den Album-Charts sind keine Best Of-Alben, V/A-Compilations oder Re-Releases berücksichtigt worden.

01. The Lucksmiths "why that doesn't surprise me"
02. Kings Of Convenience "quiet is the new loud"
03. Ivy "long distance"
04. The Siddeleys "slum clearance"
05. The Bear Quartet "gay icon"
06. Blumfeld "testament der angst"
07. Trembling Blue Stars "alive to every smile"
08. I Am Kloot "natural history"
09. The Mopeds "the land of the three"
10. Ashby "power ballads"
11. Röyksopp "melody a.m."
12. Club 8 "club 8"
13. Manic Street Preatchers "know your enemy"
14. Arvidson "arvidson"
15. New Order "get ready"
16. Beulah "the coast is never clear"
17. Tompaulin "the town and the city"
18. Monoland "cooning"
19. Spearmint "a different lifetime"
20. Mazarin "a tall-tale storyline"
21. James "pleased to meet you"
22. Echo And The Bunnymen "flowers"
23. Mull Historical Society "loss"
24. Snow Patrol "when it's all over we still have to clear up"
25. Mogwai "rock action"
26. South "from here on in"
27. Cosmic Rough Riders "enjoy the melodic sunshine"
28. Leslies "leslies"
29. Monostars "stop making friends"
30. The Soundtrack Of Our Lives "behind the music"
31. The Dandy Warhols "thirteen tales from urban bohemia"
32. The Charlatans "wonderland"
33. Ash "free all angels"
34. Motorspycho "phanerothyme"
35. Ladytron "604"
36. Snowblind "the falls"
37. Stereolab "sound-dust"
38. The Salteens "short-term memories"
39. Eskobar "there's only now"
40. Bran Van 3000 "discosis"
41. Weezer "weezer"
42. Seaside Stars "the magic of stereo"
43. Gay Dad "transmission"
44. Astrid "play dead"
45. Edson "unwind with edson"
46. A Camp "a camp"
47. Cane 141 "garden tiger moth"
48. Birdy "triple echo"
49. Ben Folds "rockin' the suburbs"
50. Howie Beck "hollow"

"45 minutes" Top 20 Singles des Jahres 2001
Bei den Single-Charts sind vor allem VÖs in die Wertung eingeflossen, die als eigenständige Single oder EP (also keine Album-Auskopplungen, Vorab- oder Re-Releases) erschienen sind. In Ausnahmefällen lagen die kompletten Alben nicht vor.

01. Kings Of Convenience "toxic girl"
02. The Lucksmiths "starring at the sky"
03. Trembling Blue Stars "the ghost of an unkissed kiss"
04. The Lucksmiths "the cassingle revival"
05. The Strokes "hard to explain"
06. Stereolab "captain easychort"
07. The Soundtrack Of Our Lives "sister surround"
08. Discordia "st. simone"
09. Beige GT "heads of agreement"
10. AM 60 "just a dream"
11. The Lucksmiths "north american summer 2001"
12. Maximilian Hecker "infinite love song"
13. Camera Obscura "eigthies fan"
14. Motorspycho "the slow phase out"
15. Cousteau "wish you were here"
16. Kosmonaut "days of our lives"
17. Skinny "morning light"
18. Echo And The Bunnymen "it's alright"
19. Cinerama "health and efficiency"
20. Avocadoclub "girls use deodorant these days"