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"45 minutes" Top 100 Album des Jahres 2002
Bei den Album-Charts sind keine Best Of-Alben, V/A-Compilations oder Re-Releases berücksichtigt worden.

01. Caesars Palace "love for the streets"
02. Ronderlin "wave another day goodbye"
03. Tahiti 80 "wallpaper for the soul"
04. Koop "waltz of koop."
05. Guitar "sunkissed"
06. The Wannadies "before and after"
07. Kevlar "the great collapse"
08. Trail Of Dead "source tags & codes"
09. Acid House Kings "mondays are like tuesdays are like wednesdays"
10. The Lucksmiths "where were we?"
11. The Bear Quartett "ny vag"
12. Brendon Benson "lapalco"
13. Ivy "guestroom"
14. Badly Drawn Boy "have you fed the fish"
15. Donna Regina "northern classics"
16. Idlewild "the remote part"
17. Lano Places "walk againe"
18. Masters Of Hemisphere "protest a dark anniversary"
19. The Waving Three "on a sunday afternoon"
20. Kajak "haus der jugend"
21. Aberdeen "homesick and happy to be here"
22. Popium "permanently high"
23. Doves "the last broadcast"
24. Sister Sonny "the bandit lab"
25. Badly Drawn Boy "about a boy"
26. Interpol "turn on the bright lights"
27. Whopper "takes and mistakes"
28. Radio 4 "gotham!"
29. Suede "a new morning"
30. Vitesse "you win againe, gravity!"
31. Club 8 "sping came, rain fell"
32. Cousteau "sirena"
33. David And The Cizitens "for all happy endings"
34. Fehlfarben "knietief im dispo"
35. Neil Halstead "sleeping on roads"
36. The Bigger Lovers "honey in the hive"
37. Nada Surf "let go"
38. Weeping Willows "into the light"
39. Camera Obscura "biggest bluest hi fi"
40. Edson "for strength"
41. Jack Drag "the sun inside"
42. Tribeca "kate 97"
43. Mus "el naval"
44. The Electric Soft Parade "holes in the wall"
45. Polak "rubbernecking"
46. The Delgados "hate"
47. Chasing Dorotea "chasing dorotea"
48. AM 60 "always music sixty"
49. Jay Jay Johanson "antenna"
50. Brideshead "in and out love"
51. The Crash "wildlife"
52. Barcelona "zero-one-infinity"
53. Granada "takes a lot of walking"
54. Vega "for retarded lovers"
55. Busch "bossanova"
56. Airliner "the last das of august"
57. Easy "into the light"
58. Ballboy "a guide for the daylight hours"
59. Stephan Hero "darkness & the day"
60. Belle & Sebastian "storytelling"
61. Six By Seven "the way i feel today"
62. Lambchop "is a woman"
63. Hooverphonic "jackie cane"
64. Lovejoy "who wants to be millionaire?"
65. Saint Etienne "finisterre"
66. Monster Movie "last night something happened"
67. Reverend Big O "songs to kill your lovers by"
68. Knabenkraut "true love can wait"
69. Don Lennon "downtown"
70. Lato "more art than convenience?"
71. Elf Power "creatures"
72. Komëit "falling into place"
73. Magnet "quite & still"
74. The Electric Club “come sing along”
75. Solarscape "secret everything"
76. Moby "18"
77. Gus Gus "attention"
78. Leaves "breathe"
79. Aroah "no podemos ser amigos"
80. Supergrass "life on other planets"
81. AC Acoustics "ac acoustics"
82. Ken "have a nice day"
83. Andreas Johnson "deadly happy"
84. Cinerama "torino"
85. Quarks "trigger me happy"
86. The Somatics "the somatics"
86. Motorpsycho "it's a love cult"
87. The White Birch "star is just a sun"
88. Wilco "yankee hotel foxtrot"
89. The Heavy Blinkers "better weather"
90. The Streets "original pirate material"
91. Faultline "your love means everything"
92. Last Days Of April "absend to the stars"
93. The Apples In Stereo "velocity of sound"
94. Ostle Bay "love from ostle bay"
95. Lemon Jelly "lost horizons"
96. Die Sterne "irres licht"
97. Mercury Rev "all is dream"
98. Aim "hinterland"
99. Sonnit "popgun"
100. Aerospace "the bright idea called soul"

"45 minutes" Top 50 Singles des Jahres 2002
Bei den Single-Charts sind vor allem VÖs in die Wertung eingeflossen, die als eigenständige Single oder EP (also keine Album-Auskopplungen, Vorab- oder Re-Releases) erschienen sind. In Ausnahmefällen lagen mir kompletten Alben nicht vor.

01. The Guild League "jet, set ... go!"
02. The Embassy "sneaky feelings"
03. Club 8 "summer songs"
04. Trembling Blue Stars "slow soft sighs"
05. The Bear Quartett "fuck your slow songs"
06. Hank "nobody else"
07. The Lucksmiths "midweek midmorning"
08. Heikki "all that i need“
09. Acid House Kings "say yes if you love me"
10. The Scaramangas "eight and a half"
11. Drive "slipped my mind"
12. The Free French "trial separations"
13. The Frank Popp Ensemble "you’ve been gone too long!"
14. Obi "somewhere nicer"
15. Moonbabies "standing on the roof"
16. Ian Crause "head over heels"
17. Corduroy Utd. "corduroy utd."
18. Manic Street Peatchers "there by the grace of god"
19. Lorraine "twenty years under water"
20. The Radio Dept. "where the damage isn't done"
21. Ballboy "all the recods on the radio are shite"
22. Tompaulin "give me a riot in the summertime"
23. Le Futur Pompiste "play beneath the trees"
24. Degrassi "terminal ocean"
25. The Clientele "lost weekend"
26. The Starlets "rocking in a shy way"
27. Sodastream "in between times"
28. Trabant "superman"
29. The Concretes "forces"
30. Timo Maas "shifter"
31. Gemma Hayes “hanging around”
32. Klee "erinner dich"
33. Melody Club "palace station"
34. Freeheat "retox"
35. Parker "big nose"
36. Saloon "girls are the new boys"
37. The Loves "just like bobby d"
38. The Zephyrs "the love that will guide you back home"
39. Phillip Ekström "adore me"
40. Grant-Lee Phillips "spring released"
41. Byrne "greener"
42. Ephemera "happy, gratful, aware"
43. Jacques "romantic"
44. The Soft Eyes "living through memories"
45. Slipslide "sleeptalk"
46. Ladytron "seventeen"
47. St. Cristopher "she looks like you"
48. Cornershop "lessons lerrned from rocky I to rocky III"
49. The Soundtrack Of Our Lives "21 century rip off"
50. Askil Holm "seven days in the sun"