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"45 minutes" Top 100 LPs des Jahres 2003
Bei den Album-Charts sind keine Best Of-Alben, V/A-Compilations oder Re-Releases berücksichtigt worden.

01. The Bear Quartet “angry brigade” (A West Side Fabrication)
02. The Lucksmiths “naturaliste“ (Fortuna Pop!)
03. David & The Citizens “until the sadness is gone” (Adrian)
04. Whopper “no music here” (Trust Me)
05. The Legends “up against the legends” (Labrador)
06. The Radio Dept. “lesser matters” (Labrador)
07. Sean Na Na “my majesty” (Frenchkiss)
08. The Embassy “futile crimes” (Service)
09. Tomte “hinter all diesen fenstern” (Grand Hotel Van Cleef)
10. Wan Light “let’s wake up somewhere else” (Labrador)
11. Snow Patrol “final straw” (Black Lion)
12. Mew “frengers” (Sony)
13. Monastir “the modern sound for a loser generation” (A West Side Fab.)
14. Blumfeld “jenseits von jedem“ (Zick Zack)
15. The Free French “it’s not me, it’s you” (hitBACK)
16. Shout Out Louds “howl howl gaff gaff” (Bud Fox)
17. Peter Bjorn And John “s/t” (Beat That!)
18. The Crystal Committee “forever overhead“ (Chalksound)
19. The Concretes “s/t“ (Licking Fingers)
20. Cranebuilders “eight songs” (Builder)
21. Franke “optimismens hån” (Service)
22. Club 8 “strangely beautiful” (Labrador)
23. Komeda “kokomemedada” (Sonet)
24. Monostars “nichts für immer” (What’s So Funny About)
25. Stars “heart” (Setanta)
26. Artisokka “a hiding place in the arbor” (Shelflife)
27. The Lucksmiths “a little distraction” (Matinée)
28. The Hidden Cameras “the smell of our own” (Rough Trade)
29. Mogwai “happy songs for happy people” (Pias)
30. Yo Lo Tengo “summer sun” (Matador)
31. The Guild League “privat transport” (Matinèe)
32. Dub Sweden “welcome to our world” (Silence)
33. Beezewax “oh tahoe” (Houston Party)
34. Tim Burgess “i believe“ (Pias)
35. I Am Kloot “s/t“(Echo)
36. Jeff Hanson “son” (Kill Rock Star)
37. Pernice Brothers “yours, mine & ours” (Ashmont/One Little Indian)
38. Mojave 3 “spoon and rafter“ (4AD)
39. Camera Obscura “under achievers please try harder“ (Elefant)
40. Lowgold “welcome to winners” (Sanctuary)
41. Beaumont “tiara” (Siesta)
42. Broder Daniel “cruel town” (Dolores)
43. Turin Breaks “ether song” (Source)
44. The Drowners “muted to a whisper“ (Morphine Lane)
45. Amber Smith “my little servant” (Firestation Tower)
46. Miles “don’t let the cold in” (Noisolution)
47. The New Pornographers “electric version” (Matador)
48. Spearmint “my missing days“ (Apricot)
49. Sodastream “a minor revival” (Hausmusik)
50. The Cardigans “long gone before daylight” (Stockholm)
51. Longwave “the strangest things“ (Hummer)
52. Radiohead “hail to the thief” (Capitol)
53. Broadcast “haha sound“ (Warp)
54. Belle & Sebastian “dear catastrophe waitress” (Rough Trade)
55. Fountains Of Wayne “welcome interstate managers“ (Virgin)
56. The Thrills “so much for the city” (Virgin)
57. Laakso “miss you, i’m pregnant” (Adrian)
58. The Raveonettes “chain gang of love” (Dragnet)
59. Sunday Music Club “we felt the sun” (Pop On Paper)
60. South “with the tides” (Kinetic)
61. Donna Regina “late" (Karaoke Kalk)
62. Clearlake “cedars” (Domino)
63. The Appleseed Cast “two conversations“ (Gentlemen)
64. Ballboy “the sash my father wore and other stories” (SL)
65. The American Analog Set “promise of love” (Wall Of Sound)
66. Britta “lichtjahre voraus” (Flittchen)
67. Hoggboy “or 8?” (Sobriety)
68. Guther “i know you know“ (Morr Music)
69. Dad Cab For Cutie “transatlanticism” (Grand Hotel Van Cleef)
70. The Jessica Fletchers “what happened to the?” (Perfect Pop)
71. Her Space Holiday “the young machines” (Wichita)
72. The Electric Soft Parade “the american adventure” (BMG)
73. Paola “stockcity girl” (Dolores)
74. Super Furry Animals “phantom power" (Sony)
75. Rocketship/Trace “split” (Omnibus)
76. Ms. John Soda “no p. or d.” (Morr Music)
77. The Go Betweens “bright yellow bright orange” (Clearspot)
78. Magic Whispers “yin yang” (Siesta)
79. Ulrich Schnauss “a strangcely isolated place” (City Centre Offices)
80. Angelika Express “s/t” (Paul!)
81. The Tyde “twice” (Rough Trade)
82. Grandaddy “sumday” (V2/Will)
83. Burek V “s/t” (A West Side Fabrication)
84. Johnny Marr And The Healers “boomslang” (Gut)
85. Carpet People “more bad weather coming out of the rain“ (Chalksound)
86. Laika “wherever i am, i am what is missing” (Too Pure)
87. Saturday Looks Good To Me “all your summer songs” (Polyvinyl)
88. Isolation Years “it's golden” (Stickman)
89. Douglas Heart “douglas heart” (Labrador)
90. Her Majesty “happiness“ (Led/S56)
91. Mus “el naval” (Acuarela)
92. James Kirk “you can make it if you boogie” (Marina)
93. Mando Diao "bring 'em in” (Majesty)
94. The Knife “deep cuts“ (Rabid)
95. Mondo Fumatore “s/t” (Rewika)
96. Isobel Campbell “amorino” (Snowstorm)
97. Ariel Kill Him “in the pyramid” (Kasual)
98. The Zephyrs “a year to the day“ (Setanta)
99. Edson “every day, ervery second” (Labrador)
100. Monade “socialisme ou barbarie“ (Duophonic)

"45 minutes" Top 50 Singles des Jahres 2003
Bei den Single-Charts sind vor allem VÖs in die Wertung eingeflossen, die als eigenständige Single oder EP (also keine Album-Auskopplungen, Vorab- oder Re-Releases) erschienen sind. In Ausnahmefällen lagen die kompletten Alben nicht vor.

01. Shout Out Louds “shout your eyes” (Bud Fox)
02. David & The Citizens “stop” (Adrian)
03. Cranebuilders “your song” (Skinny Dog)
04. Speedmarket Avenue “is anything ever done?” (Modesto)
05. Afraid Of Stairs “not today” (Labrador)
06. Alf “malmo city” (Dolores)
07. The Raveonettes “attack of the ghost riders” (Crunchy Frog)
08. Punky’s Dilemma “neath the staring skies“ (Shelflife)
09. Rocky Dennis “maple leaves” (Service)
10. Six By Seven “bochum” (Fierce Panda)
11. Lali Puna “left handed” (Morr Music)
12. Monta “always altamont ep“ (Rewika)
13. Fireside “all you had” (Startracks)
14. The Strokes “12.51” (BMG)
15. Hope Of The States “enemies and friends” (Sony)
16. The Happy Couple “the four seasons ep“ (Félicité)
17. Stereolab “instant 0 in the universe” (Duophonic)
18. The Boyfriends “remember” (white)
19. California Snow Story “one good summer” (Shelflife)
20. Shout Out Louds “100°” (Bud Fox)
21. Delays “hey girl” (Rough Trade)
22. The Confusions “tonight“ (MNW)
23. Cranebuilders “just idleness” (Ten People Tell)
24. Florian “e.p.” (Shelflife)
25. Death In Vegas “scorpio rising” (BMG)
26. Didi & Dexter “might as well give in“ (Jetboy)
27. Snowdrops “mad world” (Matinèe)
28. The Ozcelots “the boys of the north side” (white)
29. Sternbuschweg “glücklich oder nicht” (Wuw Ton)
30. Tiger Lou “trouble and disire” (Startracks)
31. Simpático “club life” (Matinèe)
32. Sandy Mouche “s/t“ (Hacienda)
33. The Low Season Combo “counterfeit” (white)
34. Moonbabies “sun am” (Chalksound)
35. Boys Of The Year “life is too short” (white)
36. Inspiral Carpets “come back tomorrow” (Mute)
37. Mattias Alkberg “tre” (A West Side Fabrication)
38. Go Plus “tremble” (Kitty Yo)
39. Aberdeen “boy has gone away” (Tremolo Arm Users Club)
40. Styrofoam “a heart without a mind” (Morr Music)
41. Darcy “false alarm” (A West Side Fabrication)
42. Byrne “tidal wave” (Rocket Girl)
43. Spring Boutique “it's a sweet thing“ (Shelflife)
44. Greg Murray “corduroy boy” (Shelflife)
45. Elektrolochmann “whatever the occasion“ (Transsolar)
46. The Pusjkins “being me with you” (sw/Eden)
47. The Rollstons “exploring the fingerboard” (Rhythm Barrel)
48. Beatgenerator “so beautiful” (white)
49. Trail Of Dead “the secret of elena’s tomb” (Motor)
50. Miss Universum “fertilize” (Nons)