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"45 minutes" Top 100 Album des Jahres 2004
Bei den Album-Charts sind keine Best Of-Alben, V/A-Compilations oder Re-Releases berücksichtigt worden.

01. The Last Days Of April "if you lose it" (Bad Tast)
02. Weeping Willows "presence" (Grand Recordings)
03. Jens Lekman "when i said i wanted to be your dog" (Service)
04. Epo 555 "dexter fox" (Crunchy Frog)
05. Clay Allison "love on depression street" (Wild Dog)
06. Mattias Alkberg BD "tunaskolan" (Planekonomi)
07. Björn Kleinhenz "trans pony" (Johnny Bråttom)
08. Peter Bjorn And John "falling out" (Planekonomi)
09. Le Futur Pompiste "your stories and your thoughts" (Siesta)
10. Trembling Blue Stars "the seven autumn flowers" (Elefant)
11. Kings Of Convenience "riot on an empty street" (Source/Labels)
12. José Gonzáles "veneer" (Imperial)
13. Euroboys "soft focus" (Virgin)
14. Melpo Mene "holes" (Imperial)
15. Niccokick "aware from the dead, my dear best friend" (Bow)
16. Heikki "heikki 2" (A West Side Fabrication)
17. The Veils "the runaway found" (Rough Trade)
18. Punk Of Country "leaving the trees behind" (Gain)
19. Alf "augustibrev" (Dolores)
20. KVLR "s/t" (Stickman)
21. Bergman Rock "s/t" (Silence)
22. The Guild League "inner north" (Matinèe)
23. Porous "day my friend" (Firestation)
24. Elf Power "walking with the beggar boys" (Orange Twin)
25. Tiger Lou "is my head still on?" (Startracks/V2)
26. The Soundtrack Of Our Lives "orgin" (Telegram)
27. Interpol "antics" (Labels)
28. Evil Tordivel "a fine young man" (Tellé)
29. The Delgados "universal audio" (Chemikal Underground)
30. Greg Murray "tymes ten" (Firestation)
31. Stereolab "margerine eclipse" (Elektra)
32. [ingenting] "duger" (Labrador)
33. Badly Drawn Boy "one plus one is one" (Twisted Nerve/XL)
34. Spring In Paris "hope there is a morning after this" (Gravitation)
35. Stella Rocket "s/t" (Planekonomi)
36. Tigerbombs "loves you" (Pyramid)
37. Speedmarket Avenue "i'm going to let my new swiss army ..." (Fickle Fame)
38. Delays "faded seaside glamour" (Rough Trade)
39. The Meeting Places "find yourself along the way" (Words On Music)
40. Ballboy "the royal theatre" (SL Records)
41. Corduroy Utd. "oh eira" (Labrador)
42. Rundfunk "kings and queens" (A West Side Fabrication)
43. Lali Puna "faking the books" CD-Album (Morr Music)
44. Denise James "it's not enough to love" (Rainbow Quartz)
45. The Go! Team "thunder, lightning, strike" (Pias)
46. Maritime "glass flour" (De Soto/Grand Hotel Van Cleef)
47. Would Be Goods "the morning after" (Matinèe)
48. First Floor Power "nerves" (Silence)
49. The Hidden Cameras "mississauga goddam" (Rough Trade)
50. Sophia "people are like seasons" (City Slang/Labels)
51. The Low Frequency In Stereo "travelling ants who got eaten ..." (Rec 90)
52. Granada "let that weight slide off your shoulders" (Look Left)
53. Labrador "instamatic lovelife" (Divine/Kick Music)
54. My Orchard "silhouettes" (Massproduction)
55. St. Thomas "let's grow together" (Trocadero)
56. The Dears "no cities left" (Bella Union)
57. Figurines "shake a mountain" (Pop-U-Loud)
58. The Charlatans "up at the lake" (Island)
59. Maria Solheim "frail" (Strange Ways)
60. Pearlfishers "a sunflower at christmas" (Marina)
61. Velour "get in room" (Gleisenberg/Noisedeluxe)
62. Moonbabies "the orange billboard" CD-Album (Chalksounds)
63. Magnet "on your side" (Ultimate Dilemma/Warner)
64. Beulah "yoko" (Fargo)
65. Girls In Hawaii "from here to there" (69TV)
66. Stina Nordenstam "the world is saved" (V2)
67. Laurel Music "this night and the next" (Labrador)
68. David Sandström "the dominant need" (Mofab)
69. The Bigger Lovers "this affair never happened..." (Yep Roc)
70. Brainpol "junk - a rock opera" (Playground)
71. Thirdimension "permanent holiday" (Hidden Agenda)
72. The Electric Club "olympic ideas" (Supermodern)
73. Hope Of The States "the lost riots" (Sony)
74. Monta "where circles begin" (Rewika)
75. The Hives "tyrannosaurus hives" (Polydor)
76. The Killers "hot fuss" (Island)
77. Seven Feet Four "departure/arrival" (Coaltion)
78. The Beta Band "heroes to zeros" (Regal)
79. Feist "let it die" (Polydor)
80. The Plan "embrace me beauty" (Majesty)
81. Lambchop "noyoucmon/awcmon" (City Slang/Labels)
82. Swan Dive "william and marlys" (Siesta)
83. Ian Brown "solarized" (Fiction)
84. The Projects "let's get static" (Track & Field)
85. Boy Omega "i name you isolation" (A West Side Fabrication)
86. David Fridlund "amaterasu" (Adrian)
87. Kenneth Ishak "northern exposure" (Sell Out Music)
88. Popium "camp" (Kong Tiki/Playground)
89. Kante "zombi" (Virgin)
90. Anni "annimal" (679)
91. Sondre Lerche "two way monologue" (Virgin)
92. Graham Coxon "happiness In Maazines" (Parlophone)
93. Moneybrother "blood panic" (Burning Heart)
94. Gustaf Kjellvander "the fine arts showcase" (Startracks)
95. Beige GT "cue" CD-Album (L'age D'or)
96. Baskervilles "s/t" (Secret Crush)
97. Six By Seven "04" (SNSM)
98. Seashells "remains of something sweet" (Quince)
99. The Carnation "gothenburg rifle association" (Sound Of Subterrania)
100. Mando Diao "hurricane bar" (Majesty)

"45 minutes" Top 50 Singles des Jahres 2004
Bei den Single-Charts sind vor allem VÖs in die Wertung eingeflossen, die als eigenständige Single oder EP (also keine Album-Auskopplungen, Vorab- oder Re-Releases) erschienen sind. In Ausnahmefällen lagen die kompletten Alben nicht vor.

01. Park Hotell "girls just wanna die tonight" (MRA)
02. The Embassy "wearing our pop art hearts on our sleeves" (Service)
03. The Radio Dept. "pulling our weight" (Labrador)
04. Sambassadeur "sambassadeur" (white)
05. Douglas Heart "i could see the smallest things" (Labrador)
06. David And The Citizens "big chill" (Adrian)
07. Lovekevins "blame the english" (white)
08. The End Will Be Kicks "if you see them tell them i love them" (Chalksounds)
09. South Ambulance "die 5 times time 5" (white)
10. Convoj "glory hole" (white)
11. Laakso "aussie girl" (Adrian)
12. Shout Out Louds "oh sweetheart" (Bud Fox)
13. Dreamboy "the big question" (Stockholm/Bow)
14. King Chocolate "the reform" (white)
15. Leif Karate "steve mcqueen was great in papilion" (Corruption)
16. Monkeystrikes "angry knees" (Planekonomi)
17. Sounds Like Violence "the pistol" (Deep Elm)
18. The Wedding Present "interstate 5" (Scopitones)
19. The Higher Elevations "perfect day" (Kite Recordings)
20. Cranebuilders "so what could i do" (Skinny Dog)
21. Irene "stardust" (white)
22. Gomez "silence" (Hut)
23. Silverbullit "Run" (Nons)
24. Obi "creatures" (Cooking Vinyl)
25. Metro Jets "the morning show" (Junk Musik)
26. Caroline Soul "people i know (don't want me)" (white)
27. Safari "crazy dream crazy days" (Background Beat/V2)
28. Suburban Kids With Biblical Names "#1 (rent a wreck)" (Labrador)
29. El Perro Del Mar "i¹ve got good news" (Hybris)
30. Monastir "the shape up" (A West Side Fabrication)
31. Airport Girl "salinger wrote" (Where It's At Is Where You Are Records)
32. Starmarket "cologne" (Strange Fruit)
33. Delays "lost in a melody" (Rough Trade)
34. Aerospace ³in a place of silver eaves² (Labrador)
35. Like Honey "so silent" (Hybris)
36. The Confusions "window" (Massproduction)
37. The Lionheart Brothers "colour contrast context" (ChewinPine)
38. Pedål "lazyboy" (Banana Party)
39. The Bight And Shiny "hasta la victoria siempre" (Elektrofuzz)
40. JmyHaze Beatbox "one two three four beautiful wonderful" (Hej Musik)
41. Space "suburban rock'n'roll" (Randm)
42. The Tough Alliance "make it happen" (Service)
43. Isolation Years "nurse hands" (Nons)
44. Travis "walking in the sun" (Independiente)
45. Bordello "i live by the hospital" (Mono Sthlm)
46. Swim "big boys" (This Could Be The One)
47. Happy Go Lucky "trip and fall" (Smashing Time)
48. The Concrets "lady december" (Service)
49. The Ackermans "song in your street" (Plugged)
50. Teenage Fanclub "association" (Geographic)