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"45 minutes" Top 100 Album des Jahres 2005
Bei den Album-Charts sind keine Best Of-Alben, V/A-Compilations oder Re-Releases berücksichtigt worden.

01. Monkeystrikes "you hate my beautiful love" (Dust Music)
02. Ivy "in the clear" (Nettwerk America)
03. Acid House Kings "sing along with the acid house kings" (Labrador)
04. Lucknow Pact "youth is for the old" (Hit In Your Soul)
05. Caesars "paper tigers" (Dolores)
06. Hello Kinski "boys of the year" (Alfons Revolt)
07. Mew "and the glass handed kites" (Evil Office)
08. Serena Maneesh "s/t" (Honey Milk)
09. Jenny Wilson "love and youth" (Rabit)
10. Karl Larsson "pale as milk" (Bad Taste)
11. The Embassy "tacking" (Service)
12. The Lucksmiths "warmer corners" (Candle/Matinée)
13. De Stijl "details" (North Of No South)
14. Sambassadeur ³s/t³ (Labrador)
15. Frida Hyvönen "until death comes" (Licking Fingers)
16. The Mopeds "fortissimo" (Crunchy Frog)
17. Figurines "skeleton" (Morningside)
18. The Legends "public radio" (Labrador)
19. Ashby "looks like you're really won" (Marina)
20. Levy "rotten love" (One Little Indian)
21. El Video "s/t" (white)
22. Radio Lxmbrg "s/t" (HaHa Fonogram)
23. Kent "du & jag döden" (BMG)
24. Broadcast "tender buttons" (Warp)
25. The Bear Quartet "saturday night" (A West Side Fabrication)
26. Laakso "my god" (V2)
27. United "slick" (Vesper)
28. Nada Surf "the weight is a gift" (City Slang)
29. Mattias Alkberg BD "jag ska bli en bättre vän" (A West Side Fabrication)
30. Stars "set yourself on fire" (Arts And Craft)
31. Jens Lekman "oh you're so silent jens" (Service)
32. Hard-Fi "stars of cctv" (Necessary/Atlantic)
33. Suburban Kids With Biblical Names "#3" (Labrador)
34. Bang Gang "something wrong" (Rec 90)
35. Dynamo Dresden "remember" (Mada/Plastic Raygun)
36. Remington Super 60 "happy as we were" (Switch Off/Cafe 2001/Tuba)
37. Isolation Years "cover the distance" (Stickman)
38. Montt Mardié "drama" (Hybris)
39. Lodger "hi-fi high lights down low" (Onomato Pop)
40. Editors "the back room" (Kitchenware)
41. Alf "alfs andra" (Dolores)
42. Diefenbach "set & drift" (Wall Of Sound)
43. Fint Tillsammans "s/t" (Silence)
44. Leif Karate "let's back the wrong band" (Curruption)
45. Brendan Benson "the alternative to love" (V2)
46. Lake Placid "make more friends" (Universal)
47. Envelopes "demon" (Brille)
48. David Sandström Overdrive "go down!" (Mofab)
49. Ambulance Ltd "lp" (TVT)
50. Doktor Kosmos "ett enkelt svar" (North Of No South)
51. Loney, Dear "sologne" CD-Album (white)
52. Teenage Fanclub "man-made" (PeMa)
53. Paddington DC "the sun is down and the sky is grey" (Lowlife)
54. Sibiria "norrlands inland" (Hybris)
55. Tiger Lou "the loyal" (V2)
56. South Ambulance "s/t" (Labrador)
57. The Cardigans "super extra gravity" (Stockholm)
58. The Wedding Present "take fountain" (Stickmen)
59. Élodie "it's too bad you're leaving" (A West Side Fabrication)
60. Moneybrother "to die alone" (Burning Heart)
61. Sharif "lost causes ­ causes lost" (Adrian)
62. Bergman Rock "bonjour baberiba pt II" (Silence)
63. La Masa "nu eller plötsligt" (A West Side Fabrication)
64. Björn Kleinhenz & Pete Thompson "pigbone 3000" (It¹s A Trap)
65. Cranebuilders "sometimes you hear through someone else" (Skinny Dog)
66. Dorotea "we've had enough pt 2" (Smashing Time)
67. Ultrasport "nothing can go wrong" (Gashopper/Marsu On Paras)
68. Campsite "s/t" (Sally Forth)
69. The Soft Eyes "let's dance to our own beats" (Instand Feelings)
70. Engineers "s/t" CD-Album (Echo)
71. The Sealevel "beach from last summer" (Firestation)
72. Monster & Maskiner "never die" (Rot)
73. The Rakes "s/t" (V2)
74. Kicker "our wild mercury years" (Track & Field)
75. The New Pornographers "twin cinema" (Matador)
76. Janove Ottesen "francis' lonely nights" (Virgin)
77. Gravy "s/t" (Ponyrec)
78. Monastir "good things never last" (A West Side Fabrication)
79. Comet Gain "city fallen leaves" (Track & Field)
80. Six By Seven "artists cannibals poets ..." (Saturday Night Sunday Morning)
81. Malcolm Middleton "into the woods" (Chemical Underground)
82. Pernice Brothers "Discover A Lovelier You" (One Little Indian)
83. Red Carpet "the noise of red carpet" CD-Album (If Society)
84. The Bright And Shiny "i've got love" (Elektrofuzz)
85. The Charade "the best is yet to come" (Skipping Sones)
86. Erik De Vahl "friendly fire" (Service)
87. Tompaulin "into the black" (Track & Field)
88. Lovebites "s/t" (Playground)
89. Broken Social Scene "s/t" (Arts & Krafts/City Slang)
90. Saint Thomas "children of the new brigade" (Make My Day/Racing Junior)
91. Autolux "future perfect" (Rough Trade)
92. El Perro Del Mar "look! it's el perro del mar!" (Hybris)
93. Brothers Demand "a cod in lipstick" (Stream Road Music)
94. Wan Light "carmaline" (Labrador)
95. Vanessa & The O's "la ballade d'o" (Rushmore)
96. Logh "a sunset panorama" (Bad Taste)
97. Tahiti 80 "fosbury" (Atmosphériques)
98. Paris "secrets on tapes" (V2)
99. Moonbabies "war on sound" (Quartermain)
100. Lane "s/t" (Ssschuitt)

"45 minutes" Top 100 Singles des Jahres 2005
Bei den Single-Charts sind vor allem VÖs in die Wertung eingeflossen, die als eigenständige Single oder EP (also keine Album-Auskopplungen, Vorab- oder Re-Releases) erschienen sind. In Ausnahmefällen lagen die kompletten Alben nicht vor.

01. The Radio Dept. "this past week" (Labrador)
02. Sister Lightyear "marty parties arty" (Trewetha)
03. Most Valuable Players "stockholm doesn't belong to me" (Friendly Noise)
04. Midnight Monkeys "monkeys on attack" (Underground)
05. Voxtrot "raised by wolves" (Cult Hero)
06. Firefox "what's that sound" (Combat Disc)
07. Seven Feet Four "to kill is easy" (Tenderversion)
08. Kin & The Elderberry Union "the elderberry tree" (Yellow Mica)
09. Memoplay "a song for no ears" (white)
10. Samuraj Cities "saturday night is never fair to everyone" (white)
11. Vapnet "ge dom våld" (Hybris)
12. Junip "black refuge" CD-EP (Teme Shet)
13. Storbrännan "s/t" (Family Music)
14. The Stompin' Souls "put me on" (white)
15. The Lovekevins "max léon" (Songs I Wish I Had Written)
16. The Fine Arts Showcase "chemical girl" (Adrian)
17. Je Suis Animal "fortune map" (white)
18. Love Dance "you should know where i'm standing" (Marsh-Marigold)
19. Mixtapes And Cellmates "juno" (Bedroom)
20. Johnny Boy "you are the generation that bought more shoes ..." (Vertigo)
21. Kent "the hjärta & smärta" (BMG)
22. Strip Music "24 hrs" (Playground)
23. Boys Of Scandinavia "worse than a girl" (Mate)
24. Kristian Anttila "paul weller" (National)
25. Ronderlin "aside/closed eyes" (Dead Frog)
26. Harmonica "boys and girls (they kiss at night)" (white)
27. I'm From Barcelona "sing!!" (white)
28. Björn Kleinhenz "s/t" (Mi Amante/Black Star Foundation)
29. David Fridlund "white van" (Adrian)
30. Winter Took His Life "the cold took his life" (white)
31. Treaning "all my time is spent on nights with you" (Nat Inc. Productions)
32. Bobby Baby "some place new" (Corpid)
33. Tigerbombs "all time wasted" (Pyramid)
34. Le Sport "tell no one about tonight" (Songs I Wish I Had Written)
35. Torpedo "anticlockwise" (Strange Fruit)
36. Jens Lekman "the opposite of hallelujah" (Thief)
37. The Hartmans "ett två. ett två. ett två." (Kristen's Postcard)
38. Strip Squad "just obey!" (Fuck Music)
39. Loveninjas "keep your love" (Labrador)
40. The Horror, The Horror "sound of sirens" (Rauhfaser)
41. Airiel "s/t" (Sonicbaby)
42. Weeping Willows "i¹m gonna let love find me" (Grand)
43. Håkan Hellström "13" (Dolores)
44. Regina "s/t" (Songs I Wish I Had Written)
45. The Beautiful People "so this is suicide" (white)
46. Kristian Anttila "sockerläpp" (National)
47. Chloe "måste du vara så komplicerad baby?" (white)
48. The Sorayas "hours to days" (But Is It Art?)
49. Soft "higher" (white)
50. The Kick "dancer" white)
51. Stars In Coma "ep 1" (white)
52. The Happy Couple "fools in love" (Matinée)
53. The Dandelions "s/t" (Hijack)
54. The Alpine "box office band" (white)
55. Deus "7 days, 7 weeks" (V2)
56. Amber Smith "hello sun" (White)
57. Regina "olisitko sittenkin halunnut palata" (Next Big Thing)
58. Monotypes "s/t" (Hijack)
59. El Perro Del Mar "you gotta give to get" (Hybris)
60. Reverend Big O "let the air in" (Release)
61. Velour "pam and the important man" (white)
62. Why? "sanddollars" (Anticon)
63. Frida Diesen "s/t" (white)
64. Camera Obscura "i love my jean" (Elefant)
65. Sidewalker "another kind of snow" (Dustbowl Sounds)
66. Sunday Music Club "riot" (Pop On Paper)
67. Boys "s/t" (Smashing Time)
68. The Help Me Please "a little love" (Snowbeam)
69. Math And Physics Club "movie ending romance" (Matinée)
70. Jetti "the coasters" (Kasual)
71. Alterkicks "do everything i taught you" (Fierce Panda)
72. This Year's Model "greetings from" (Marsh-Marigold)
73. Smashed "maffioso rosso circulatores" (white)
74. Britta Persson "found at home" (Startracks)
75. Dreamboy "dance with me" (Stockholm)
76. Battle "isabelle/feel the same" (Fierce Panda)
77. Like Honey "airport" (Hybris)
78. Agent Simple "i got mad at the kids" (Bedroom)
79. Cut City "statues" (GSL)
80. Stereolab "interlock/visionary road maps" (Too Pure)
81. Hell On Wheels "new chemicals" (Kristen's Postcard)
82. Melpo Mene "jedi" (Imperial)
83. Cartridge "nowhere fast" (Records And Me)
84. Post Sciptum "pre-post" (BBM/Diskos)
85. The Paper Faces "s/t" (white)
86. Aberdeen "florida" (The Tremolo Arm Users Club)
87. The Idle Hands "our lives won¹t wait" (white)
88. Audrey "s/t" (Tender Vision/Sinnbus)
89. The Virtues "idiot box" (Crying Bob/Zip)
90. CK "dixie" (Pay Per Bag/NSD)
91. Amerika "stay okay" (Columbia)
92. Swoon "jetglo" (Kitty Litter)
93. Unarmed Enemies "s/t" (Songs I Wish I Had Written)
94. My Mellow Venue "juggernaut" (Whispering)
95. Andrev Bergström "the tenant" (Modesto)
96. Nephew "movie klip" (Copenhagen)
97. The Low Season Combo "crows and ravens grouped in clusters" (white)
98. Kenneth Ishak "fall fallen day" (Kasual)
99. The Sonnets "sea storm blows" (Dead Frog)
100. Anna Leong "fever" (Chalksounds)