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"45 minutes" Top 100 Album des Jahres 2006
Bei den Album-Charts sind keine Best Of-Alben, V/A-Compilations oder Re-Releases berücksichtigt worden.

01. Blackstrap "steal my horses and run" (Sally Forth)
02. The Slaves "save me form yesterday" (Starboy/Playground)
03. Peter Bjorn And John "writers block" (Wichita)
04. The Isles "perfumed lands" (Melodic)
05. The Radio Dept. "pet grief" (Labrador)
06. Epo-555 "mafia" (Crunchy Frog)
07. David & The Citzens "stop the tape! stop the tape" (Bad Taste)
08. I¹m From Barcelona "let me introduce my friends" (Dolores)
09. Headlights "kill them with kindness" (Polyvinyl)
10. Dub Sweden "done with loveless days" (Making Babies/Playground)
11. Regina "katso maisemaa" (Next Big Thing)
12. Centimeter "mellanrum" (Radon Music/Border)
13. The Concretes "in colour" (Licking Fingers)
14. Samuraj Cities "cheap deluxe" (Imperial)
15. Irene "apple bay" (Labrador)
16. Music And Movement "this is music and movement" (Newtown)
17. Vapnet "jag vet hur man väntar" (Hybris)
18. Hell On Wheels "the odd church" (Hybris)
19. Mattias Alkberg BD "ditt hjärta är en stjärna" (A West Side Fabrication)
20. Katie Goes To Tokyo "s/t" (Tap Your Feet)
21. Firefox AK "madame, madame!" (Razzia)
22. The Fine Arts Showcase "radiola" (Adrian)
23. Anna Ternheim "separation road" (Stockholm)
24. Böss "an iron fist in a velvet glove" (Playground)
25. Camera Obscura "let¹s get out of this country" (Elefant)
26. Sibiria "inon familjen" (Hybris)
27. Superfamily "back in paris" (Propeller)
28. The Charade "a real life drama" (Skipping Stones)
29. The Rifles "no love lost" (Red Ink)
30. Televise "songs to sing in a & c" (Club AC30)
31. Kajak "tief drinnen - weit draussen" (Sunday Service)
32. Demons Are Real "hum speed on/off" (Sex Beat)
33. The Low Frequency In Stereo "the last temptation of ..." (Rec 90)
34. The Hidden Cameras "avoo" (Rocket Girl)
35. [ingenting] "mycket väsen för ingenting" (Labrador)
36. Sandy Mouche "... and poems for the unborn" (Maggpie Music/Playground)
37. Loveninjas "the secret of the loveninjas" (Labrador)
38. Koop "koops island" (Compost/Playground)
39. The Essex Green "cannibal sea" (Track & Field)
40. The Plan "walk for gold" (Razzia)
41. Tigerbombs "crazy kids never learn" (Pyramid)
42. Spearmint "paris in a bottle" (Apricot)
43. Andreas Mattsson "the lawlessness of the ruling classes" (Hybris)
44. Monochrome "éclat" (Stickman)
45. Marble "s/t" (Massproduktion)
46. The Bear Quartet "eternity now" (A West Side Fabrication)
47. Lo-Fi-Fnk "boylife" (La Vida Loca/Dot)
48. Montys Loco "man overboard" (North Of No South)
49. Guther "sundet" (Morr Music)
50. Monoland "ben chantice" (Supermodern)
51. The Book Of Daniel "songs for the locust king" (Riptide)
52. Black Cab "altamont diary" (Stickman)
53. The Most Serene Republic "underwater cinematographer" (Arts & Craft)
54. Amusement Parks On Fire "out of the angeles" (V2)
55. Profesora "s/t" (North Of No South)
56. The Sweptaways "ooh aah" (Hybris)
57. The Upper Room "other people¹s problems" (Sony)
58. Dyrdin "s/t" (Skipping Stones)
59. Asha Ali "s/t" (North Of No South)
60. Minxy Soul Models "transparent yeah" (A West Side Fabrication)
61. eMil Jensen "orka då" (Adrian)
62. Tokyo Police Club "a lesson in crime" (Paper Bag)
63. Hellsongs "lounge" (Lovely)
64. Tomte "buchstaben über der stadt" (Gland Hotel Van Cleef)
65. Midelake "the trails of van occupanther" (Wichita)
66. Rigas "this year has been good to me" (Flora & Faun)
67. Mojave 3 "puzzles like you" (4AD)
68. Kalle J "om du lyssnar noga" (Hybris)
69. Audrey "visible forms" (Tenderversion)
70. Hemstad "untitled" (white)
71. Johnny Boy "s/t" (Utd Kingdom/Sound Pollution)
72. The Man "a space waltz" (Philter)
73. Mistys Big Adventure "... and their place in the solar hifi system" (SL)
74. Mazarin "we¹re already there" (Bella Union)
75. Britta Persson "top quality bones and a little terrorist" (Amigo Sverig)
76. The Whitest Boy Alive "dreams" (Smalltown Supersound)
77. Amber Smith "reprint" (Kalinkaland)
78. Martin McFaul "pop mansion" (Imperial)
79. The Material Arts "your sinclair" (Groover/Bow)
80. Otur "pepperbox hill" (Vapen & Godi/Dot)
81. Hets "s/t" (V2)
82. The Unisex "white days" (In-D/Soul Food)
83. Le Sport "euro deluxe dance party" (Songs I Wish I Had Written)
84. Delays "you see colours" (Rough Trade)
85. The Tiny "starring: someone like you" (Det Er Mine/V2)
86. Eskju Divine "heights" (Imperial)
87. The Dears "gang of losers" (Bella Union)
88. The Pipettes "we are the pipettes" (Memphis Industries)
89. Lost Tape "s/t" (white)
90. The Airfields "laneways" (Humblebee)
91. Treeball "liars in love" (Kinkt/Playground)
92. Daniel Benjamin "s/t" (Haldern Pop)
93. The Horror The Horror "s/t" (Rauhfaser)
94. The Others aks 22PP "monochromeset" (Bone Voyage)
95. Tiger Baby "noise around me" (Gunhero Music/VME)
96. Goodnight Monsters "the brain that wouldn¹t die" (Bone Voyage)
97. Rocketship "here comes ..." (Non Stop Co-Op)
98. Film School "s/t" (Beggars Banquet)
99. Hope Of The States "left" (Sony)
100. Treeball "i dream of eclectic sheep" (white)

"45 minutes" Top 100 Singles des Jahres 2006
Bei den Single-Charts sind vor allem VÖs in die Wertung eingeflossen, die als eigenständige Single oder EP (also keine Album-Auskopplungen, Vorab- oder Re-Releases) erschienen sind. In Ausnahmefällen lagen die kompletten Alben nicht vor.

01. Blind Terry "long ride in the metro" (white)
02. The Animal Five"s/t" (Trampoline)
03. Brotherhood Of Broken Hearts "closer closer" (white)
04. New Moscow "c'mon up/go rebel go" (Young & Lost Club)
05. Elfi "all by myself" (Molokini)
06. Sambassadeur "coastal affairs" (Labrador)
07. Cats On Fire "draw in the reins" (Fraction Discs)
08. Doktor Kosmos "bollen bollen bollen" (white)
09. Mixtapes & Cellmates "if there is silence, fill it with longing" (Nomethod)
10. Copilot "say hi to the exit sign" (white)
11. Voices Break The Silence "the way" (white)
12. Du Pacque "sing us a lovesong" (white)
13. Afraid Of Stairs "s/t" (Lavender)
14. Voxtrot "mothers, sisters, daughters & wives" (Clut Hero)
15. Familjen "första sista" (Adrian)
16. The Lovekevins "private life of a cat" (Songs I Wish I Had Written)
17. The Embassy "a compact disc including the embassy" (Service)
18. The Mary Onettes "lost" (Labrador)
19. Monastir "feel no summer" (A West Side Fabrication)
20. Montt Mardié "science" (Hybris)
21. You Are My Everything "open space" (Go, Juxebox!/Creative Commons)
22. Lacrosse "my plan" (white)
23. Punky¹s Dilemma "echelon" (Junk/Playground)
24. Reverend Big O "tonight" (Go, Juxebox!/Creative Commons)
25. Stars In Coma "velvet mountains" (white)
26. You Are My Everything "factory of new consent" (Go, Juxebox!)
27. Winter Kids "i¹m not used to you" (Little House)
28. Aerial "black rain from the bombing" (Nomethod)
29. Almedal "och utan en massa skit" (Luxury/Border)
30. Bobby Baby "love to dance" (Red Letter Day)
31. Envelopes "freejazz" (Brille)
32. Laurila "number down" (Kinkt/Playground)
33. Lucky Lucky Pigeons "happy birds day" (Freedom Road)
34. Reverend Big O "inside this land" (Go, Juxebox!/Creative Commons)
35. Polytechnic "won't you come around?/let me down" (Transgressive)
36. The Postmarks "goodbye" (Unfiltered)
37. Winter Took His Life "wthl tour ep" (Typewriter)
38. The Radio Dept. "we made the team" (Labrador)
39. I Was A King "remove the crown" (white)
40. Love Is A Burning Thing "dancer on a chair" (white)
41. Parker Lewis "no boys are asleep" (Kitty Litter)
42. Peter Dahlin And The Sleeping Beauty "out in the snow" (Lanvalley)
43. Bedroom Eyes "embrace in stereo" (white)
44. The Morning Paper "losing track" (Club AC30)
45. Raymond & Maria "storstadskvinnor faller ner och dör" (Telegram)
46. Hello Saferide "would you let me play this ep 10 times a day?" (Razzia)
47. Am Main "60 sekunder" (Astralis)
48. The Paper Faces "disco boy" (BB Music/Sound Pollution)
49. Racket And Ball "scary old street" (white)
50. Am Main "ep 1" (Astralis)
51. David Lindh "dare (if i fall in love)" (Family Tree)
52. We Are Soldiers We Have Guns "s/t" (Stereo Test Kit)
53. Boat Club "memories" (white)
54. New Young Pony Club "ice cream" (Tirk)
55. Tillmans "run" (Fraction Discs)
56. Tripoli "walk on" (Razzia)
57. Bolywool "modern strive" (white)
58. Gabriel Munck "another day" (Groover/Bow)
59. The Idle Hands "our lives won't wait" (white)
60. Bo Kaspers Orkester "i samma bil" (Sony)
61. Everyday Sensations "boxing days and lonely nights" (white)
62. Emmon "down below" (white)
63. Hearts Of Black Science "empty city lights" (white)
64. Those Pyjamas "lift me up, pick me up" (white)
65. Big Strong Union "the happiest valentine" (Canarie)
66. The Tough Alliance "new waves" (Sincerley Yours)
67. Oh! Custer "leaves" (white)
68. Voxtrot "your biggest fan" (Beggars/Playlouder)
69. You Is Stupid "i am history" (white)
70. Garmisch Partenkirchen "black paint" (Go, Juxebox!/Creative Commons)
71. The Studio "no comply" (Information)
72. Familjen "lög luft" (Adrian/Hybris)
73. Élodie "at the end of line" (A West Side Fabrication/Music Is My Girlfriend)
74. Consequences "release me from love" (Groover/Bow)
75. The Third Try Club " business" (Adore Music)
76. Out Of Clouds "another" (white)
77. Yellowish "new beginners day" (white)
78. Good Heart Boutique "peal of bell" (Staatsakt/Indigo)
79. Solander "drunken early morning midnight touch" (white)
80. Anna Järvinen " ps, tjörn" (white)
81. Marching Band "drabantg" (Lostmusic)
82. The Raconteurs "steady, as she goes" (XL)
83. Gentle Touch "s/t" (Songs I Wish I Had Written)
84. Bahnhof "s/t" (white)
85. The Second Band "your dark side is on the phone" (Orange Grammofon)
86. Swimm TV Ish TV "crush" (white)
87. Salli Lunn "a-d" (Eget Selskab)
88. Matador Jose "within a dream" (white)
89. Emerald Park "open up" (Smaragd)
90. Ohm "spoon me" (Sing Your Life!)
91. Gargoyle "i don¹t wanna go" (Galant)
92. The Vineyards "good rock for good people" (Rec 90)
93. The School "mädchen" (white)
94. Axell Yngvell " summerclass" (white)
95. The New Brand "highly addictive" (white)
96. The Elderly "r.i.p. flasklilja" (white)
97. The Good, The Band And The Queen "herculean" (EMI)
98. Pinto "armchair anthropologist" (Krusty Stills)
99. Death By Kite "s/t" (Quartermain)
100. Killed By 9V Batteries "s/t" (Siluh)