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"45 minutes" Top 100 Album des Jahres 2007
Bei den Album-Charts sind keine Best Of-Alben, V/A-Compilations oder Re-Releases berücksichtigt worden.

01. Regina "oi miten suuria voimia!" (Next Big Thing)
02. Billie The Vision & The Dancers "where the ..." (Love Will Pay The Bills)
03. The Concretes "hey trouble" (Licking Fingers)
04. Airiel "the battle of sealand" (Highwheel)
05. Promise And The Monster "transparent knives" (Imperial)
06. The Lovekevins "vs. the snow" (Songs I Wish I Had Written)
07. Shout Out Louds "our ill wills" (Bud Fox)
08. José González "in our nature" (Peacefrog)
09. The Wombats "a guide to love, loss and desperation" (Rough Trade)
10. Jens Lekman "night falls over kortedala" (Service)
11. The Lodger "grown-ups" (Noisedeluxe/Broken Silence/Angular)
12. Hiawata! "they could have been bigger than hiawata!" (Sell Out Music)
13. Jonna Lee "10 pieces, 10 bruises" (Family Tree/Razzia)
14. Club 8 "the boy who couldn't stop dreaming" (Labrador)
15. Dreamboy "it means the world to me" (I Can Hear Music)
16. Studio "yearbook 1" (Information/Border)
17. Lacrosse "this new year is for you" (Tapete)
18. Palomar "all things, forests" (Misra/BB Island)
19. Polytechnic "down til dawn" (Shatterproof)
20. Mixtapes & Cellmates "s/t" (Nomethod)
21. Santa Maria "s/t" (Slottet/DOT)
22. Oh! Custer "s/t" (Series Two)
23. Heavïness "s/t" (white)
24. Winter Took His Life "you know what it's like to be ..." (Bless The Press)
25. The Postmarks "s/t" (Unfiltered)
26. Springfactory "s/t" (Series Two)
27. The Mary Onettes "s/t" (Labrador)
28. Familjen "det snurrar i min skalle" (Adrian/Hybris)
29. Fireflies "goodnight stars ..." (Music Is My Girlfriend/Lavender)
30. Ronderlin "the great investigation" (Tomt)
31. Rogue Wave "asleep at heaven's gate" (Brushfire)
32. Florence Valentin "pokerkvåll i vårby gård" (Mistlur)
33. The Bell "make some quiet" (Badman)
34. Sambassadeur "migration" (Labrador)
35. Cut City "exit decades" (Gold Standard Laboratories)
36. Loney, Dear "loney, noir" (Regal)
37. Decoration "flippant" (13 B-Sides)
38. New Moscow "verse chorus werse" (Wanna Borrow A Fiver?/Flagstone)
39. Last Days Of April "might as well live" (Bad Taste)
40. The Most Serene Republic "population" (Arts & Crafts)
41. Dog Day "night group" (Tomlab)
42. Maps "we can create" (Mute)
43. Good Shoes "think before you speak" (Brille/Labels)
44. Taken By Trees "open field" (Rough Trade)
45. Electric Soft Parade "no need to be downhearted" (Better Looking)
46. Monostars "neobagism" (Arg & Loud)
47. Irene "long gone last summer" (Labrador)
48. Lasse Lindh "jag tyckte jag var glad" (Groover)
49. Säkert! "s/t" (Family Tree/Razzia)
50. The Lionheart Brothers "dizzy kiss" (Racing Junior)
51. The Fine Arts Showcase "... sings the rough bunnies" (Adrian)
52. Montt Mardié "clocks/pretenders" (Hybris)
53. Laakso "mother, am i good looking?" (V2)
54. Vapnet "något dåligt nytt har hänt" (Hybris)
55. Don't Be A Stranger "Frutti di Mare" (V2)
56. Trembling Blue Stars "the last holy writer" (Elefant)
57. Isolation Years "sign, sign" (Stickman/Nons)
58. Fields "everything last winter" (Black Lab)
59. New Young Pony Club "fantastic playroom" (Modular)
60. Love Dance "result" (Marsh Marigold)
61. Tupelo Honeys "salute you" (A West Side Fabrication)
62. Film School "hideout" (Beggars Banquet)
63. Monkey Swallows The Universe "the casket letters" (Loose Music)
64. Cats On Fire "the province complains" (Marsh Marigold)
65. Weeping Willows "fear and love" (Grand)
66. Soft "gone faded" (Silver Sleeve/Academy Fight Song)
67. Little Dragon "s/t" (Peasefrog)
68. Laurila "boyhood" (Edel)
69. Of Montreal "hissing fauna, are you the destroyer?" (Polyvinyl)
70. Voxtrot "s/t" (Playlouder/Beggars)
71. Maia Hirasawa "trouth, i'm just me" (Razzia)
72. California Snow Story "close to the ocean" (Letterbox)
73. Jay-Jay Johanson "the long term physical effects are not yet ..." (Virgin)
74. Tillmanns "a careless lifestyle" (Fraction Discs)
75. Malcolm Middleton "into the woods" (Full Time Hobby)
76. Asobi Seksu "citrus" (Friendly Fire/One Little Indian)
77. Radio Lxmbrg "trivial matters" (HaHa Fonogram)
78. Black Cab jesus east" (Stickman)
79. Velour "undress your alibis" (Noisedeluxe)
80. Jeniferever "choose a bright morning" (Drowned In Sound)
81. Nom De Guerre "la la la" (white)
83. Tigerbombs "things that go boom" (Pyramid)
83. TLS "A Song Left For You" (Imperial)
84. Surrounded "the nautilus years" (Startracks)
85. Fredrik "na na ni" (Jezebel/Pol Recordings)
86. Paris "the landlord is kind enough to let us have our ..." (Paris Music/Monza)
87. Rumskib "s/t" (Darla)
88. Kate Nash "made of bricks" (Fiction)
89. The Rakes "ten new messages" (V2)
90. Emmon "the art and the evil" (Wonderland)
91. The Moonbabies "at the ballroom" (Startracks)
92. Watoo Watoo "la fuite" (Letterbox)
93. Sounds Like Violence "with blood on my hands" (Burning Heart/Deep Elm)
94. Giardini Di Mirò "dividing opinions" (Homesleep)
95. Hospital "when i spoke of love, then i spoke of you" (Bless The Press)
96. The Go Find "stars on the wall" (Morr Music)
97. Pelle Carlberg "in a nutshell" (Labrador)
98. Celestial "dream on" (Skipping Stones)
99. I Was A King "losing something good for ..." (Happy Soul/BB Island)
100. The State Of Samuel "here come the floods" (white)

"45 minutes" Top 100 Singles des Jahres 2007
Bei den Single-Charts sind vor allem VÖs in die Wertung eingeflossen, die als eigenständige Single oder EP (also keine Album-Auskopplungen, Vorab- oder Re-Releases) erschienen sind. In Ausnahmefällen lagen die kompletten Alben nicht vor.

01. Park Hotell "the guest who stayed forever" (Glory)
02. Blind Terry "the subtle art of how to break a heart" (Cloudberry)
03. Moscow Olympics "still" (Faction Discs)
04. Bombay Bicycle Club "the boy i used to be" (Mmm...)
05. Los Campesinos! "you! me! dancing!" (Wichita)
06. Boat Club "caught the breeze" (Luxury)
07. The Garlands "you never notice me" (Fridlyst)
08. Maribel "flesh hand blood" (white)
09. The William Blakes "secrets of the state" (white)
10. Brotherhood Of Broken Hearts "wrong laundry" (white)
11. New Decade "adam west" (white)
12. The Loyal Trooper "4 quid with flyer" (This Is Fake DIY)
13. Du Pacque "quiet" (white)
14. Days "downhill" (Lavender/Shelflife)
15. Steso Songs "the worse" (white)
16. Reverie Sound Revue "an anniversary away" (white)
17. You/Me "through four kinds" (white)
18. A Saga "like water" (A West Side Fabrication)
19. Maribel "deflowers" (white)
20. Almedal "a" (Luxury)
21. Winterkids "wonderland" (Tapete)
22. Paper "our so long" (white)
23. Agent Simple "shaking an egg" (Fridlyst)
24. Mattias Alkberg BD "eld i berget" (A West Side Fabrication/Klick Track)
25. Cloudberry Jam "when tomorrow comes" (Firestation)
26. Lykke Li "little bit" (LL Recordings)
27. Truls And The Trees "cardinal mountain's heart" (Metronomicon Audio)
28. The Tough Alliance "first class riot" (Sincerley Yours)
29. Ripchord "lock up your daughters (and throw away the key)" (1965)
30. Bombay Bicycle Club "how are you" (Mmm...)
31. Trembling Blue Stars "exploring the shadows extended play" (Elefant)
32. Du Pacque "harijan" (white)
33. Big Bird " tell me" (Dolores)
34. Bedroom Eyes "valentine vacancy" (white)
35. Tears Run Rings "a question and an answer" (Lavender)
36. Those Dancing Days "s/t" (V2)
37. Grimm And The Brothers "vienna" (Our House Sevens)
38. The Airfields "yr so wonderful" (Cloudberry)
39. You Are My Everything "stories ever told" (Go, Juxebox!/)
40. Lowood "s/t" (white)
41. The Medalist "landslides" (Cloudberry)
42. Ida Maria "queen of the world" (white)
43. Most Valuable Players "rondo" (Friendly Noise)
44. Hello Kinski "keep the lid on" (I Can Hear Music)
45. Cartwall "frankie" (white)
46. Hari And Aino "finland" (white)
47. Action Biker "refridgerator" (Friendly Noise)
48. Northern Portrait "crazy" (white)
49. Los Campesinos! "we throw parties, you throw knives" (Wichita)
50. Tim Ten Yen "girl number one" (Fleet St/Filthy Lucre)
51. The Hi-Life Companion "you're the greatest" (white)
52. Envelopes "smoke in the desert, eating the sand, hide in the grass" (Brille)
53. The End Will Be Kicks "ass of a friend" (Premonition)
54. Kocky feat. Jens Lekman & Rosanna "be part of it all" (La Vida Locash)
55. Kalle J "vingslag" (Unga Hjärtan)
56. Johan Hedberg "nygubbe 4" (Cosy Den)
57. Du Pacque "walk straight" (white)
58. I¹m from Barcelona "britney" (Dolores)
59. Housewife Lovers "out of school" (white)
60. Stars In Coma "transformation" (Cloudberry)
61. Ruined By Martin "dear reo" (white)
62. New Decade "hush" (white)
63. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart "s/t" (Cloudberry)
64. The Je Ne Sais Quoi "chameleon" (La Firme/Klick Track)
65. Emerald Park "umeå" (Smaragd)
66. Lichtenstein "stalking skills" (Fraction Discs)
67. Hari And Aino "your heartache and mine" (Cloudberry)
68. Printer "s/t" (Adrian)
69. Elias And The Wizzkids "the dance" (Hybris)
70. Indurain "hornstull cinema" (Cloudberry)
71. Tokyo Police Club "your english is good" (Paper Bag)
72. Bye Bye Bicycle "westside" (Cloudberry)
73. Air France "on trade winds" (Sincerely Yours)
74. My darling YOU! "my heart beats too fast for our friendship to last" (Tomt)
75. Sternbuschweg "paula, ich liebe dich" (Firestation)
76. The April Skies "picnic in heaven" (Cloudberry)
77. Trelleborg/Sassnitz "push me" (white)
78. Eight Legs "blood sweat tears" (Weekender)
79. The Delays "love made visible" (Fiction)
80. Ripchord "backstabber" (1965)
81. Tower Of Foil "faster than your eye" (white)
82. The Gray Brigade "please, please let me get what" (white)
83. Surprise Wiener "2 weeks in norway" (Galant)
84. The Scarlet Harlots "explain" (Firestation)
85. Matador José "within a dream" (Cloudberry)
86. Choir Of Young Believers "burn the flag" (Tigerspring)
87. Parker Lewis "disappear here" (Cloudberry)
88. Pinto "iron and rust" (white)
89. Gooblar "don't you want me, gooblar?" (white)
90. The Felt Tips "boyfriend devoted" (Cloudberry)
91. Nixon "birthday" (RCA)
92. The Bodines "shrinkwrap" (Firestation)
93. Du Pacque "aint no way home" (white)
94. Los Campesinos! "the international tweexcore underground" (Wichita)
95. Jakobinarina "this is an advertisement" (Parlophone/Regal)
96. Ugress "chromosome corrupt" (Uncanny Planet)
97. Boys In A Band "black diamond train mast" (white)
98. The Bombettes "what's cooking good looking?" (Ny Våg)
99. Tikkle Me "boys vs. girls (a study)" (white)
100. The Book Of Daniel "death caps and moonshine" (Black Star Foundation)