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"45 minutes" Top 100 Album des Jahres 2008
Bei den Album-Charts sind keine Best Of-Alben, V/A-Compilations oder Re-Releases berücksichtigt worden.

01. Sad Day For Puppets "unknown colors" (HaHa Fonogram)
02. Doktor Kosmos "hallå" (North Of No South)
03. Park Hotell "Free For Friends" (Ultra Radio)
04. Je Suis Animal "self-taught magic from a book" (Perfect Pop)
05. Lykke Li "youth novels" (LL)
06. Robert Svensson "young punks are on the never-never" (Nomethod)
07. Billie The Vision And The Dancers "i used to ..." (Love Will Pay The Bills)
08. The Lucksmiths "first frost" (The Lost And Lonesome)
09. Tim Ten Yen "everything beautiful reminds me of you" (Pointy)
10. Speedmarket Avenue "way better now" (Elefant)
11. Cocoanut Groove "madeleine street" (Fridlyst)
12. Anna Ternheim "leaving on a mayday" (Universal)
13. Vapnet "döda fallet" (Hybris)
14. Caesars "strawberry weed" (Dolores)
15. Eight Legs "searching for the simple life" (Weekender)
16. Hello Saferide "more modern short stories from ..." (Razzia)
17. I'm From Barcelona "who killed harry houdini?" (Dolores)
18. Headlights "some racing, some stopping" (Polyvinyl)
19. Niccokick "the good times we shared, were they so bad?" (Startracks)
20. Vampire Weekend "s/t" (XL)
21. Black Kids "partie traumatic" (Almost Gold Recordings)
22. Los Campesinos! "hold on now, youngster" (Wichita)
23. Autisterna "sista scenen" (Groover Recordings)
24. Cut Off Your Hands "you & i" (679/SpeaknSpell/Frenchkiss)
25. The Social Services "it's nothing personal, it's national ..." (Stereo Test Kit)
26. Sternbuschweg "mein herz schlägt weiter jeden tag" (Tumbleweed)
27. The Airfields "up all night" (Humblebee)
28. Melpo Mene "bring the lions out" (Imperial Recordings)
29. El Perro Del Mar "from the valley to the stars" (Licking Fingers)
30. Truls And The Trees "ailanthus" (Metronomicon Audio)
31. Moscow Olympics "cut the world" (Fraction Discs)
32. Like Honey "leaves" (Hybris)
33. Frida Hyvönen "silence is wild" (Licking Fingers)
34. Friska Viljor "don¹t back down" (Crying Bob/Devil Duck)
35. Björn Kleinhenz "quietly happy and deep inside" (Devil Duck)
36. Those Dancing Days "in our space hero suits" (Wichita)
37. The Guild League "speak up" (Matinée)
38. Clay Allison tonight there will be no tv" (Wilddog/Dead Frog)
39. The Wave Pictures "instant coffee baby" (Moshi Moshi)
40. The Bank Holidays "as a film" (The Lost And Lonesome)
41. Joe Lean And The Jing Jang Jong "s/t" (Vertigo/Mercury)
42. The Bears "simple machinery" (Bears Pop)
43. Moi Caprice "we hab faces them" (Glorious)
44. Ida Maria "fortress round my heart" (Waterfall)
45. The Little Ones "morning tide" (Chop Shop/Heavenly)
46. Bang Gang "ghosts from the past" (Discograph)
47. Decoration "see you after the war" (13 B-Sides)
48. The Lodger "life is sweet" (Noisedeluxe)
49. Small Flowers Crack Concrete "build me a brand new sky" (First Take)
50. The Depreciation Guild "in her gentle jaws" (white)
51. Almedal "från och med nu och 20 dagar framåt" (Luxury)
52. Montys Loco "farewell mr. happy" (Nons)
53. Luckstar "lake toba" (Underhill)
54. Moto Boy "s/t" (Songs I Wish I Had Written)
55. We Are Soldiers We Have Guns "get up, get out" (Stereo Test Kit)
56. Marching Band "spark large" (U & L)
57. Alf "tivoliv" (Air Music)
58. This Is Ivy League "s/t" (Twentyseven)
59. First Floor Power "the jacket" (Crunchy Frog)
60. Peter Morén "the last tycoon" (Quarterstick)
61. Envelopes "here comes the wind" (Brille)
62. Stereolab "chemical chords" (Duophonic/4AD)
63. Ra Ra Riot "the rhumb line" (Barsuk)
64. Robert Church & The Holy Community "le rouge" (Series Two)
65. Pants Yell! "alison statton" (Soft Abuse)
66. The Charade "keeping up appearances" (Skipping Stones)
67. Paper "an object" (Novoton)
68. Tokyo Police Club "elephant shell" (Memphis Industries)
69. Hästpojken "caligula" (Roxy)
70. Peter Bjorn And John "seaside rocks" (Wichita)
71. Håkan Hellström "för sent för edelweiss" (Dolores)
72. Georgie James "places" (Saddle Creek)
73. Audrey "the fierce and the longing" (Tendervision)
74. Kiki Pau "let's rock" (Pyramid/Johanna Kustannus)
75. Emil Jensen "s/t" (Adrian)
76. 18th Dye "amorine queen" (Crunchy Frog)
77. Los Campesinos! "we are beautiful, we are doomed" (Wichita/Arts & Kraft)
78. Britta Persson "kill hollywood me" (Amigo Sverig)
79. Celestial "crystal heights" (Music Is My Girlfriend/Lavender Recordings)
80. Parker Lewis "s/t" (Made For It)
81. Ballboy "i worked on the ships" (Pony Proof)
82. The Baskervilles "twilight" (Secret Crush)
83. Pelle Carlberg "the lilac time" (Labrador)
84. Fosca "the painted side of the rocket" (But Is It Art?)
85. Bakers At Dawn "best of bakers at dawn" (Series Two)
86. Alibi Tom "scrapbook" (Talking Music)
87. Would-Be-Goods "eventyr" (Matinée)
88. Firefox AK "if i were a melody" (Razzia)
89. De La Mancha "atlas" (Crying Bob)
90. Klas "to sleep and love" (Series Two)
91. The Tremolo Beer Gut "nous sommes the tremolo beer ..." (Crunchy Frog)
92. The Kid "transient blood" (Hybris)
93. Hari And Aino "s/t" (Plastilina)
94. 22-Pistepirkko "(well you know) stuff is like we yeah!" (Bone Voyage)
95. Piroth "prima ballerina" (Oma Gusti)
96. Lasse Lindh "pool" (Groover)
97. Markus Krunegård "markusevangeliet" (V2)
98. Folke "s/t" (Finest Quality)
99. Birds On Holiday "in foreign countries" (Sandboxtree)
100. The Morning Paper "it¹s getting clearer" (Skipping Stones)

"45 minutes" Top 100 Singles des Jahres 2008
Bei den Single-Charts sind vor allem VÖs in die Wertung eingeflossen, die als eigenständige Single oder EP (also keine Album-Auskopplungen, Vorab- oder Re-Releases) erschienen sind. In Ausnahmefällen lagen die kompletten Alben nicht vor.

01. Sad Day For Puppets "just like a ghost" (HaHa Fonogram)
02. The Radio Dept. "freddie and the trojan horse" (Labrador)
03. Palpitation "i'm happy now" (white)
04. Air France "no way down" (Sincerely Yours)
05. Kusowsky "något speciellt" (white)
06. The Embassy "state '08" (Service)
07. Hiawata! "blacks on blondes" (Sellout!)
08. Nacional "yorkshire/telephone" (Art/Goes/Pop)
09. Ironville "roses" (white)
10. Toy Fight "high noon" (City Slang)
11. The Ruling Glass "flowers" (Fandango)
12. The Greencoats "the spring" (Tomt Recordings)
13. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart "everything with you" (Slumberland)
14. My Autumn Sons "the blue album" (white)
15. Giant Boar "in your heart" (white)
16. Du Pacque "walk straight" (white)
17. Kuryakin "still here" (Shelflife)
18. The Garlands "why did i trust you" (CloudberryFridlyst/Cosy)
19. Erik Halldén "if i ever get married" (Bedroom/My Secret Garden)
20. Kusowsky "mot centrum" (white)
21. The Sound Of Arrows "danger!" (Labrador)
22. Northern Fields "never take the beauty" (white)
23. Hatcham Social "so so happy making" (WaKS)
24. Northern Portrait "napoleon sweetheart" (Matinée)
25. Sally Suicide "black pop" (white)
26. Tam Tapir "neon" (Ssschuitt/Vesper Recordings)
27. Samuraj Cities "washed up" (Imperial)
28. Japan Air "stars" (Cloudberry)
29. New Found Land "leave it behind" (white)
30. Schizo Fun Addict "dream of the portugal keeper" (Bracken)
31. Svart "älskade älskade du" (white)
32. Vit Päls "turning torso" (Canarie)
33. Parken "jag har varit vilsen, lisa" (Flour And Fauna)
34. Sweet Sweet Concorde "benji and me" (Series Two)
35. Bombay Bicycle Club "evening morning" (Young And Lost Club)
36. Taken By Trees "sweetness" (Rough Trade)
37. Moto Boy "for martha" (Songs I Wish I Had Written)
38. First Aid Kit "drunken trees" (Rabid)
39. Je Suis Animal "painted in my face" (Cloudberry)
40. Death & Vanilla "run rabbit run" (white)
41. Jonna Lee "this war" (Razzia)
42. Smile "satellite blues" (Dolores)
43. Hyper Plastic "forty year old daddies" (Novoton)
44. Bonnie And Clyde "the great tram robbery" (Bonjour Recordings)
45. Giant Boar "about dreams" (I Made This)
46. Maribel "washed up" (Oslo Grammofon)
47. Fredrik "holm" (Pol/Jezebel)
48. Koop "strange love" (Playground)
49. Voices Break The Silence "its not personal sonny" (white)
50. Fanfarlo "harold t. wilkins" (White Heat)
51. Tikkle Me "butterflies in my tummy" (Team)
52. Franke "skinnad/90-60-90" (Luxury)
53. Skansros "drömmen om amerika" (Luxury)
54. Pets "a good day for telling lies" (April 77)
55. The Carrots "doing our part" (Elefant)
56. Strawberry Fair "sings ¹i can¹t do anything¹" (Jenny Franzén)
57. The Margarets "sally" (white)
58. Psychic Stunts "101 pick up lines" (Gården Recordings)
59. Indurain "what you get for being naive" (Plastilina)
60. Regina "saanko jaada yoksi" Next Big Thing)
61. Fanfarlo "you are one of the few outsiders who really ..." (Fandango)
62. Palpitation "i lost and died" (Hide & Seek)
63. Tomas Halberstad "travel as i wait" (white)
64. Darcy "i'm the one" (A West Side Fabrication)
65. The School "all i wanna do" (Elefant)
66. The Voyage "kitten in the snow" (white)
67. The Legends "seconds away" (Labrador)
68. The Exploding Boy "40 days" (Ad Inexplorata)
69. Sharesprings "unclouded" (white)
70. Oslo Oscillator "lagoon ll" (white)
71. The Servants "present" (white)
72. The Second Band "no song" (Orange Grammofon)
73. Lothar "malone" (white)
74. Lichtenstein "apathy" (Fraction Discs)
75. The Argument "forget about the politics" (white)
76. Boris Och The Jeltsins "lyckliga dagar" (white)
77. Jonquil "whistle low" (Try Harder/Acuarela)
78. Oliver North Boy Choir "holy wars" (Crunchy Frog)
79. The Rifles "robin hood" (679)
80. Delacroix "wait is all we do" (white)
81. Convoj "cultural legacy" Sound And Friends Network)
82. Inuit "ring ring a ling" (white)
83. Samtidigt Som "denna sida mot fienden" (Luxury)
84. The Big Picture "songs from a hard sleeper" (Series Two)
85. Bodebrixen "keychain" (Good Tape)
86. Biker Boy "april song" (Hybris)
87. The Soundtrack Of Our Lives "utopia" (Warner)
88. ... And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead "festival thyme" (Superball)
89. Jeniferever "concrete and glass" (Drowned In Sound)
90. Kid Shelleens "the paternoster song" (Damn Good Coffee)
91. The Raveonettes "beauty dies" (Vice)
92. Ikons "guns" (Service)
93. The Organ "thieves" (Mint)
94. Little Red Snapper "call me on tuesday " (A West Side Fabrication)
95. The Kooks "always where i need to be" (Virgin)
96. Division Of Laura Lee "central park" (I Made This)
97. They Live By Night "catching up" (Razzia)
98. Cheap Beat "club cheap beat" (white)
99. Film On Four "s/t" (Tom Bone Music)
100. Fuck Dress "suburban nietzsche freak" (Nr One)