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"45 minutes" Top 100 Album des Jahres 2009
Bei den Album-Charts sind keine Best Of-Alben, V/A-Compilations oder Re-Releases berücksichtigt worden.

01. Burning Hearts "aboa sleeping" (Shelflife)
02. Fanfarlo "reservoir" (white)
03. Mixtapes & Cellmates "rox" (Nomethod)
04. Lars Ludvig Löfgren "heterochromia" (Häleri)
05. Kråkesølv "trådnøsting" (Diger)
06. [ingenting] "tomhet, idel tomhet" (Labrador)
07. Maribel "aesthetics" (Quince)
08. Taken By Trees "east of eden" (Rough Trade)
09. Regina "puutarhatrilogia" (Pyramid/Johanna Kustannus)
10. Björn Kleinhenz "b.u.r.m.a." (Devil Duck)
11. Craig Ramsey "parting gift for a party girl" (white)
12. Adiam Dymott "s/t" (Razzia)
13. Cilihili "not listening" (Margit Music)
14. The Guild League "speak up" (Matinée)
15. Peter Bjorn And John "living thing" (V2)
16. Mattias Alkberg "nerverna" (A West Side Fabication)
17. Wake The President "you can't change that boy" (Electric Honey)
18. Tutankamon "s/t" (Playground Music)
19. Hiavata! "these boys and this band is all i know" (Sellout Music)
20. Moll Flanders "if you can't understand what you don't ..." (Crying Bob)
21. Samuraj Cities "mixed up record collections" (Imperial Recordings)
22. The Bear Quartet "89" (Adrian)
23. Florence Valentin "spring ricco" (Startracks)
24. Kommun "s/t" (Hybris)
25. Friska Viljor "for new beginnings" (Haldern Pop)
26. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart "s/t" (Slumberland)
27. The Answering Machine "another city, another sorry" (Heist Or Hit)
28. Camera Obscura "my maudlin career" (4AD)
29. Sweet Sweet Concorde "life in the canopy" (Series Two)
30. Kusowsky "hjärtlös" (Adore Music)
31. Ironville "welcome to ironville" (Hare Tracks/Playground Music)
32. God Help The Girl "god help the girl" (Rough Trade/ Beggars)
33. Stella Rocket "to the brids" (Fashion Police)
34. Jonathan Johansson "en hand i himlen" (Hybris)
35. The Legends "over and over" (Labrador)
36. Cats On Fire "our temperance movement" (Pyramid/Johanna Kustannus)
37. Aerial "put it this way in headlines" (Nomethod)
38. Loney, Dear "dear john" (Polyvinyl)
39. Thus:Owls "cardiac malformations" (Hoob)
40. Bob Hund "folkmusik för folk som inte kan bete sig som folk" (Sousafon)
41. Brothers Of End "the end" (Konjaga/Playground Music)
42. The Longcut "open hearts" (Melodic)
43. My Autumn Sons "perfect" (Series Two)
44. Pia Fraus "after summer" (Clairecords)
45. Lacrosse "bandages for the heart" (Tapete)
46. Boris Och The Jeltsins "låt det blöda" (Ha Ha Fonogram)
47. Tam Tapir "nordpol" (Ssschuitt/Vesper Recordings)
48. Chuck Morgan "patchworks" (Series Two)
49. The Fine Arts Showcase "dolophine smile" (Adrian)
50. El Perro Del Mar "love is not pop" (Licking Fingers)
51. Jeniferever "spring tides" (Monotreme)
52. bergen "gegenteil von stadt" (K&F/Broken Silence)
53. Dag För Dag "boo" (Haldern Pop Recordings)
54. Franke "det krävs bara några sprickor för att skapa ett mönster" (Luxury)
55. Kings Of Convenience "declaration of dependence" (Source)
56. Klaus Says Buy The Record "lights out" (Smal Town)
57. Jay-Jay Johanson "self-portrait" (EMI)
58. Northern Portrait "criminal art lovers" (Matinée)
59. Jenny Wilson "hardships" (Gold Medal Recordings)
60. Toy Fight "peplum" (City Slang)
61. Lowood "over and over" (North Of No South)
62. Hatcham Social "you dig the tunnel, i'll hide the soil" (Fierce Panda)
63. Reverie Sound Revue "s/t" (Bommpa)
64. Lake Heartbeat "trust in numbers" (Service)
65. Bombay Bicycle Club "i had the blues but i shook ..." (Mmm.../Island)
66. The Postmarks "memoirs at the end of the world" (Unfiltered)
67. Summer Cats "songs for tuesdays" (Slumberland)
68. The Mary Onettes "islands" (Labrador)
69. Gustaf Spetz "goodnight mr spetz" (Imperial)
70. Psychic Stunts "panic in motion" (Gården Recordings)
71. Little Dragon "machine dreams" (Peacefrog)
72. Matt And Kim "grand" (Fader/Nettwork)
73. Samtidigt Som "flykt, kärlek och broderskap" (Luxury)
74. The Raveonettes "in and out of control" (Vice/Fierce Panda)
75. Christopher Sander "hej hå" (Vesper Recordings)
76. Björn Kleinhenz "head held high on fearsome pride" (white)
77. Jonna Lee "this is ..." (Razzia)
78. The Setting Son "spring of hate" (Bad Afro)
79. Animal Kingdom "signs and wonders" (Warner)
80. The Hidden Cameras "origin: orphan" (Arts And Crafts)
81. Mew "no more stories are told today, i'm sorry, they washed away" (Sony)
82. Malcolm Middleton "waxing gibbous" (Full Time Hobby)
83. Savoir Adore "in the wooded forest" (Cantora)
84. Engineers "three fact fader" (Kscope)
85. Taxi Taxi! "still standing at your back door" (Rumraket)
86. Headlights "wildlife" (Polyvinyl)
87. I Was A King "s/t" (Hype City)
88. Tomas Halberstad "the anger" (Euphoria Sound)
89. Labrador "caleidoscope aeroplane" (Divine)
90. Vit Päls "det har varit ett sjukt år" (Hoob)
91. Bakers At Dawn "you must hide your love forever" (Peppermill)
92. The Most Serene Republic "... and the ever expanding ..." (Arts & Crafts)
93. Piroth "safe haven" (Oma Gusti)
94. Lichtenstein "survival strategies in a modern world" (Fraction Discs)
95. House Of Tomidas "dark times" (Brus & Knaster)
96. Revolver "music for a while" (Delabel Hostile)
97. Montt Mardié "skaizerkite" (Hybris)
98. Pats "nevada-flickan" (Bonjour Recordings)
99. Mike Downey "total hearts" (Series Two)
100. Robert Church & The Holy Community "los tres de ..." (The Fox Pop)

"45 minutes" Top 100 Singles des Jahres 2009
Bei den Single-Charts sind vor allem VÖs in die Wertung eingeflossen, die als eigenständige Single oder EP (also keine Album-Auskopplungen, Vorab- oder Re-Releases) erschienen sind. In Ausnahmefällen lagen die kompletten Alben nicht vor.

01. The Embassy "you tend to forget" (Service)
02. Exlovers "you forget so easily" (Chess Club)
03. Stella Rocket "gothenburg boys" (Fashion Police)
04. Mitt Piano "små små steg" (Ramneko)
05. Skint & Demoralised "failing to see the attraction" (Mercury)
06. MFMB "heat like this" (La Bulle Sonore)
07. Culkin "pay per fist" (white)
08. The Radio Dept. "david" (Labrador)
09. Foxes! "who killed rob?" (Cat Cutter)
10. Lerkruka "lilla syster" (Killer Cobra)
11. Kathinka "luck" (white)
12. The Young Friends "north end/south end" (white)
13. Television Keeps Us Apart "a slight change of light" (Series Two)
14. Animal Five feat. Kristian Anttila "turning vorgen" (Så Länge Skutan Kan Gå)
15. Culkin "glow" (white)
16. Cut City "narcissus can wait" (Deleted Art)
17. Boa Constrictor "out of nothing" (Cloudberry)
18. Brown Recluse Sings "the soft skin" (Slumberland)
19. Skriet "fåglarna" (Novoton)
20. Skint & Demoralised "red lipstick" (Mercury)
21. Bonne Idée "where are the supremes tonight?" (Cloudberry)
22. The End Will Be Kicks "luleå los angeles la paz" (white)
23. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart "higher than the stars" (Slumberland)
24. Sambassadeur "days" (Labrador)
25. Du Pacque "talk is on" (white)
26. Bears "snowman" (Bears Pop Music)
27. Shout Out Louds "walls" (Merge)
28. The Amazing "deportation day" (Fashion Police)
29. MFMB "tune on" (La Bulle Sonore)
30. Top Sound "a matter of precision" (Friendly Noise)
31. Voxtrot "berlin without return" (Playlouder)
32. Pets "don't you say your heart's broken (We Know It's Not)" (April)
33. Ingeborg Selnes "open your heart" (Bolibompa)
34. Juni Järvi "looking at you is like looking at the sun" (Everlasting)
35. Boa Constrictor "just to soon" (white)
36. Maple Leaves "kirsty" (white)
37. Mitt Piano "du säger ingenting det säger allt" (Ramneko)
38. Delay Trees "soft construction" (The Ground)
39. Cats On Fire "the hague" (Cosy)
40. Yamon Yamon "the darker place" (Tenderversion)
41. Palpitation "red white golden stripes" (Hide & Seek)
42. Elias And The Wizzkids "oh these nights" (Hybris)
43. Top Sound "ruin a good thing" (white)
44. Afraid Of Stairs "fight the fall" (Lavender Recordings)
45. Suburban Kids With Biblical Names "#4" (Labrador)
46. Robert Church & The Holy Community "old friend" (Series Two/Egg Nog)
47. Bad Hands "bad hands" (white)
48. Buns & Beans "childhood foolishness" (white)
49. Ram Di Dam "a liar to admire" (Mock Turtle Music)
50. Cody "make you return" (Divine)
51. Death Valley Sleepers "touch stars" (white)
52. Parker Lewis "rak som en pil" (Made For It)
53. The Berndt "hurried feathers" (Pophat Music)
54. Niels Nielsen "it's all in my head" (The Cortina Collective)
55. Flashguns "locarno" (Blue Flowers)
56. The Depreciation Guild "dream about me" (Kanine)
57. The High Wire "odds & evens" (Grandpa Stan)
58. Moscow Olympics "to keep the avenues open" (Beko)
59. Erik De Vahl "you got it all" (Service)
60. South Ambulance "# 4" (Indiecater)
61. Milberg "for heavens sake" (white)
62. Love Is A Burning Thing "100 faces" (Nomethod)
63. The Forest & The Trees "to the forest! (i need some peace)" (white)
64. Stricken City "pull the house down" (Sousafon)
65. Let's Say We Did "untitled" (Nessna)
66. Symfoniorkestern "tänd eld på dig själv" (white)
67. Sounds Like Violence "transparent" (white)
68. Mew "no more stories" (Sony)
69. The Bombettes "you have no chance, lance!" (Ny Våg)
70. Coast "killing off our friends" (Aporia)
71. Yoyoyo Acapulco "the sudden death of a 7" pet" (Kitchen)
72. Lichtenstein "this must be heaven" (Slumberland)
73. Leaving Mornington Crescent "corners" (Susy)
74. Socialist Leisure Party "turktown saints/vulnerable adults" (Cloudberry)
75. The Early Days "make you smile" (white)
76. Under Electric Light "this moment" (Series Two)
77. Stereo Arcade "monday morning" (white)
78. Bakers At Dawn "s/t" (Series Two/Egg Nogg)
79. Amber Oak "turn of seasons" (A West Side Fabrication)
80. Ikons "africa" (Service)
81. Future Gravity "repo man" (white)
82. Iamuse "when she ran from me yeah" (Äggs And Tapes Recordings)
83. Aleco "i am myself" (Vesper Recordings)
84. The Sound Of Arrows "m.a.g.i.c" (Labrador)
85. Lars And The Hand Of Lights "me me me" (Crunchy Frog)
86. The Isolation "elevate me" (All Heroes Are Dead)
87. Stars In Coma "87" (white)
88. Portrait Painters "forgive/forget" (Bonjour)
89. The Upallnights "the morning after" (Lost Love)
90. Rigas "its a shame" (Flora & Fauna)
91. Frankie Rose "thee only one" (Slumberland)
92. Signed Papercuts "of my heart" (Cloudberry)
93. Thieves Like Us "really like to see you again" (Shelflife)
94. Love Is All "last choise" (What's You Rupture?)
95. Verket "dom som blev över" (A West Side Fabication)
96. Jeremy Sparrow "suburb" (Ha Ha)
97. Social Benefits "toxic friendship" (white)
98. Hari & Aino "a considerate kind of home" (Cloudberry)
99. Siri Svengler "their wine" (Compost)
100. Stuttgart "frances the ghost" (white)