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"45 minutes" Top 100 Album des Jahres 2011
Bei den Album-Charts sind keine Best Of-Alben, V/A-Compilations oder Re-Releases berücksichtigt worden.

01. Peter Bjorn And John "gimme some" (Cooking Vinyl)
02. Seapony "go with me" (Hardly Art)
03. Mattias Alkberg "anarkist" (Teg Publishing)
04. Cut City "where's the harm in dreams disarmed" (Deleted Art)
05. Skint & Demoralised "this sporting life" (Heist Or Hit)
06. Thees Uhlmann "s/t" (Grand Hotel Van Cleef)
07. Bombay Bicycle Club "a different kind of fix" (Island)
08. Monostars "absolute!" (Zick Zack/Red Can)
09. Säkert! "på engelska" (Razzia)
10. Los Campesinos! "hello sadness" (Fat Possum)
11. Fredrik "flora" (Kora)
12. Regina "soita mulle" (Pyramid/Johanna Kustannus/Friendly Fire)
13. Brown Recluse "evening tapestry" (Slumberland)
14. Big Wave Riders "s/t" (Soundcloud)
15. Youngteam "daydreamer" (Northern Star)
16. French Films "imaginary future" (GAEA)
17. The Bell "great heat" (Bad Man Recording)
18. Wake The President "zumutung!" (We Can Still Picnic)
19. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart "belong" (Slumberland)
20. Du Pacque "erotique du pacque" (Versity Music)
21. The Greencoats "a blend of silk and satin" (Tompt Recordings)
22. Promise And The Monster "red tide" (Konjaga)
23. I'm From Barcelona "gimme some" (Mute)
24. Friska Viljor "the beginning of the beginning of the end" (Crying Bob)
25. Cut Off Your Hands "hollow" (Frenchkiss/Speak n Spell/51 Records)
26. Andreas Mattsson "kick death's ass" (Razzia)
27. Comet Gain "the howl of the lonely crowd" (Fortuna Pop!)
28. Let's Say We Did "s/t" (Big Rig)
29. Ringo DeathStarr "colour trip" (Club AC30)
30. Veronica Falls "s/t" (Slumberland)
31. Jeniferever "silesia" (Monotreme)
32. Loney Dear "hall music" (Polyvinyl)
33. My Little Pony "making marks" (Spoon Train Audio)
34. I Break Horses "hearts" (Bella Union)
35. Korallreven "s/t" (Acéphale)
36. Acid House Kings "music sounds better with you" (Labrador)
37. First Love Last Rites "s/t" (Nomethod)
38. Ivy "all hours" (Nettwerk)
39. Kuryakin "a new day" (Fastcut/Shelflife)
40. Those Dancing Days "daydreams and nightmares" (Wichita Recordings)
41. Tahiti 80 "the past, the present & the possible" (Human Sounds)
42. Lykke Li "wounded rhymes" (Ll Recordings)
43. The Wombats "this modern glitch" (Rykodisc/WEA)
44. Björn Kleinhenz "diago brak" (Devil Duck)
45. Little Dragon "ritual union" (Peacefrog)
46. Soley "we sink" (Morr Music)
47. The Answering Machine "lifeline" (Heist Or Hit)
48. Help Stamp Out Loneliness "s/t" (Where It?s At Is Where You Are)
49. Penny Century "friends and family" (Love And Records)
50. Frida Selander "try again baby" (Amasonora)
51. The Ladybug Transistor "clutching stems" (Fortuna Pop)
52. Bob Hund "det överexponerade gömstället" (Sousafon)
53. Kakkmaddafakka "hest" (Bubbles)
54. Big Fox "s/t" (Hybris)
55. Crystal Stilts "in love with oblivion?" (Slumberland)
56. Brothers Of End "mount inside (Konjaga/Playground)
57. Shine 2009 "realism" (Expo)
58. The Raveonettes "raven in the grave" (Vice)
59. Det Vackra Livet "s/t" (Labrador)
60. Tennis "cape dory" (Fat Possum)
61. Serenades "criminal heaven" (Universal)
62. Young Girls "s/t" (HomeSkool)
63. La Sera "s/t" (Hardly Art)
64. Stars In Coma "midnight puzzle" (KingGem)
65. The Andersen Tapes "as i write 'today' ten times" (Fraction Discs)
66. Herman Dune "strange moosic" (City Slang)
67. Jay-Jay Johanson "spellbound" (EMI)
68. MJ Hibbett "wonderful wednesday" (white)
69. Skriet "det beslutande organet" (Novoton)
70. Solander "assing mt. satu" (Tenderversion)
71. Masquer "cover my face as the animals cry" (Msqr)
72. Syket "with love" (Baseline Music/Bengtsson/Wirfält)
73. Matt And Kim "sidewalks" (Different Recordings)
74. Team Me "to the treetops!" (Propeller)
75. Fountains Of Wayne "sky full of holes" (Lojinx)
76. Firefox AK "color the trees" (Razzia)
77. Lo-Fi-Fnk "the last summer" (Popfrenzy)
78. Her Space Holiday "s/t" (No More Good Ideas)
79. Lukestar "taiga" (Phone Me)
80. Low "c'mon" (Sub Pop)
81. Real Estate "days" (Domino)
82. Christoffer Roth "best in a mes" (Razzia)
83. Immanu El "in passage" (And The Sound)
84. Sondre Lerche "s/t" (Tellé)
85. Gold-Bears "are you falling in love?" (Slumberland)
86. Azure Blue "rule of thirds" (Hybris)
87. The Joy Formidable "the big roar" (Atlantic)
88. Jenny Wilson "blazing" (Gold Medal Recordings)
89. The Drums "portamento" (Moshi Mosh)
90. The Amazing "gentle stream" (Subliminal Sounds)
91. Casiokids "aabenbaringen over aaskammen" (Polyvinyl)
92. Lasse Lindh "the tiger with no stripes" (Hallå)
93. Miss Li "beats & bruises" (National)
94. Magnet "ferrofluid" (Warner)
95. The Friend "Athletic Girls" (Drink Tonight)
96. Rubik "solar" (Fullsteam)
97. Anna Ternheim "the night visitor" (Universal)
98. Taken By Cars "dualist" (Party Bear)
99. OK Sweetheart "home" (white)
100. Pallers "the sea of memories" (Labrador)

"45 minutes" Top 50 Singles des Jahres 2011
Bei den Single-Charts sind vor allem VÖs in die Wertung eingeflossen, die als eigenständige Single oder EP (also keine Album-Auskopplungen, Vorab- oder Re-Releases) erschienen sind. In Ausnahmefällen lagen die kompletten Alben nicht vor.

01. Caroline Says "you (blue too version)" (A West Side Fabrication)
02. Symfoniorkestern "sommardepression '11" (white)
03. This Many Boyfriends "young lovers go pop!" (Angular)
04. Jens Lekman "an argument with myself" (Secretly Canadian)
05. Black Twig "death scene" (Soliti)
06. Yast "believes" (Double Sun/Hare Tracks)
07. Park Hotell "cassette single" (Teg Publishing)
08. Burning Hearts "into the wilderness" (Shelflife)
09. Exlovers "blowing kisses" (Young And Lost Club)
10. Parker Lewis "över kilsbergen" (Hej Musik!/Playground Music)
11. Beach Fossils "what a pleasure" (Capture Tracks)
12. Satellite Stories "family" (Soundcloud)
13. Maribel "jezebel jive" (Splendour)
14. Popterror "nu som då" (A West Side Fabrication)
15. Bears "eleven am" (Misra)
16. Black Twig "lake song" (Soliti)
17. Arrow Meet Francis "birds" (white)
18. Allo Darlin' "family" (Bandcamp)
19. White Wishes "today" (Shelflife)
20. The Culture In Memoriam "sisters" (A West Side Fabrication)
21. Palpitation "i'm absent, you're faraway" (Luxery)
22. Black Guillemot "knut hamsun ep" (Bandcamp)
23. Murder Mystery "problems" (white)
24. Balloon Magic "morningsep" (Shelflife)
25. Oh My! "i know you" (A West Side Fabrication)
26. De Montevert "du kommer ångra dig" (Nomethod)
27. Lucknow Pact "waiting in the sun" (Hej Musik!/Playground Music)
28. Being There! "tomorrow" MP3-Single (Young & Lost Club)
29. Fanfarlo "replicate" (Creative Commons)
30. Exlovers "starlight" (Young And Lost Club)
31. Björn Kleinhenz "right on time" (white)
32. Simian Ghost "lovelorn" (Playground Music)
33. Boco Chica "s/t" (Eardrums Pop)
34. School Of Seven Bells "the night" (Vagrant)
35. Delay Trees "before i go go" (white)
36. Light Parade "stand up (for the) light parade ep" (A West Side Fabrication)
37. Persian Rugs "always all" (Cloudberry)
38. Panter "newlyweds arrived" (Oakbridge Productions)
39. Monnone Alone "pink earrings" (Lost And Lonesome)
40. Happy Hands Club "i'm not an antidote" (Luxery)
41. Lisa Bouvier "indien är död" (Fika Recordings)
42. Annemarie "spring bus" (KingGem)
43. No Sleep "the thing the kids call rock n' roll" (white)
44. World Tour "sparks" (Cascine)
45. Little Gang "evert's song" (Skiva Promotion)
46. Kuryakin/The Sunny Street "where are you now" (Dufflecoat)
47. Pal "you're sorry" (white)
48. Shpy "springs ep" (white)
48. Oh My! "time will tell" (A West Side Fabrication)
49. Cats On Fire "my sense of pride" (Soliti)
50. Revolver "parallel lives ep" (Astralwerks)