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"45 minutes" Top 100 Album des Jahres 2012
Bei den Album-Charts sind keine Best Of-Alben, V/A-Compilations oder Re-Releases berücksichtigt worden.

01. The Garlands "s/t" (Shelflife)
02. DIIV "oscine" (Captured Tracks)
03. This Many Boyfriends "getting a life with"
(Thee Sheffield Phonographic Corporation)
04. Burning Hearts "extinctions" (Solina)
05. The Setting Son "before i eat my eyes & ears" (Bad Afro)
06. Satellite Stories "phrases to break the ice" (XYZ Berlin Music)
07. First Love, Last Rites "wasted hearts" (Nomethod)
08. Black Twig "paper trees" (Soliti Music)
09. Seapony "falling" (Sub Pop!)
10. Exlovers "moth" (Rough Trade)
11. Wild Nothing "nocturne" (Captured Tracks)
12. Evening Lights "the disappointment" (Shelflife)
13. Maribel "reveries" (Splendour)
14. Fanfarlo "rooms filled with light" (Atlantic)
15. El Perro Del Mar "pale fire" (Memphis Industries)
16. Allo Darlin' "europe" (Slumberland / Fortuna Pop!)
17. Jens Lekman "i know what love isn't" (Secretly Canadian)
18. Peter Moren "pyramiden" (Ingrid)
19. Shrag "canines" (Fortuna Pop)
20. Popterror "svartåsen" (Mordviken)
21. Kirsten & Marie "newspeak" (Playground Music)
22. Bears "greater lakes" (Misra)
23. Bob Hund "låter som miljarder" (Sousafon)
24. The Raveonettes "observator" (Beat Dies)
25. Best Coast "the only place" (Mexican Summer)
26. First Aid Kit "the lion¹s roar" (Wichita Recordings)
27. Woodlands "s/t" (Ingrid)
28. Frida Hyvönen "to the soul" (Universal)
29. De Montevert "vanner and ovanner / friends and enemies" (Nomethod)
30. Lorelei "enterprising sidewalks" (Slumberland)
31. The Wedding Present "valentina" (Stickman/Soulfood)
32. Pop Singles "all gone" (white)
33. Happy Hands Club "parking lot" (Luxury)
34. Billie The Vision And The Dancers "while you were asleep"
(Love We Pay The Bills)
35. Parlours "all is here" (white)
36. Simian Ghost "youth" (Playground Music)
37. Taken By Trees "other worlds" (Secretly Canadian)
38. Liechtenstein "fast forward" (Fraction Discs)
39. Culkin "several sundays" (Haha Fonogram)
40. Before The Show "years & years & years" (Pony Rec)
41. Highasakite "all that floats will rain" (Riot Factory)
42. Miss Li "tangerine dream" (National)
43. The Fresh And Onlys "long slow dance" (Mexican Summer)
44. Kråkesølv "alle gode ting" (Musikkoperatørene AS)
45. Oh My O "sail away" (Despotz)
46. Stealing Sheep "into the diamond sun" (Heavenly Recordings)
47. Easy "popcorn graffiti" (Playground Music)
48. Caviare Days "s/t" (Label 259)
49. Still Flyin' "on a bedroom wall" (Rough Trade)
50. Little Marbles "vi kan gora det hur du vill" (National)
51. La Sera "sees the light" (Hardly Art)
52. The Bombhappies "a good fire" (Gården Recordings)
53. School Of Seven Bells "ghostory" (Vagrant)
54. Summer Heart "about a feeling" (Nomethod)
55. Björn Kleinhenz "the fall of discontent" (Gold Robot)
56. Hospitality "s/t" (Merge)
57. Heavenly Beat "talent" (Captured Tracks)
58. It's A Musical "for years and years" (Morr Music)
59. Broken Water "tempest" (Hardly Art)
60. Holmes "burning bridges" (Black Star Foundation)
61. Cats On Fire "all blackshirts to me" (Soliti)
62. Blood Music "the fire and the flame" (Hybris)
63. Vit Päls "nånstans ska man va" (Pit Väls/Playground Music)
64. Frankie Rose "interstellar" (Slumberland)
65. Markus Krunegård "mansklig varme" (Universal)
66. Tennis "young and old" (ATP Recordings)
67. Ringo Deathstarr "mauve" (Club AC30/Pledge Music)
68. Melpo Mene "behind the trees" (Extension Music)
69. Christian Hjelm "før vi blev lette" (Playground Music)
70. Laetitia Sadier "silencio" (Drag City)
71. Yo La Tengo "ohm" (Matador)
72. The Good Legs "we are men - we travel distance" (white)
73. Reverend Big O "when there is only light to believe in/hope for"
(23 Seconds Netlabel)
74. Delay Trees "doze" (Soliti)
75. The Wave Pictures "Long Black Cars" (Moshi Moshi)
76. Holograms "s/t" (Captured Tracks)
77. You Say France & I Whistle "angry men" (SPV Recordings)
78. I Used To Be A Sparrow "luke" (white)
79. Let's Say We Did "s/t" (Nesna)
80. Smile "a flash in the night" (Ingrid)
81. The School "reading to much into things like everything" (Elefant)
82. California Wives "art history" (Vagrant)
83. Big Wave Riders "life less ordinary" (Soliti Music)
84. Sweet Bulbs "cybergaze" (Blaxkburn Recordings)
85. The Late Call "pale morning light" (Tapete)
86. Pal "weeks" (white)
87. Snøskred "whiteout" (EMI)
88. Masha Qrella "analogies" (Moor Music)
89. Vädret "löven dansar balett där ute" (Ramberget Recordings)
90. Amanda Mair "s/t" (Labrador)
91. Bye Bye Bicycle "nature" (Selective Notes)
92. Bat For Lashes "the haunted man" (Parlophone)
93. Kent "jag är inte rädd för mörkret" (Universal)
94. Ghost Lake "late spring morning sunlight" (white)
95. Turn Off Your Television "humble waves" (white)
96. Social Studies "eveloper" (Antenna Farms)
97. Hollows "vulture" (Trouble In Mind)
98. Stars "the north" (ATO / Soft Revolution)
99. Hills "s/t" (white)
100. EK "vårkänslor" (white)

"45 minutes" Top 100 Singles des Jahres 2012
Bei den Single-Charts sind vor allem VÖs in die Wertung eingeflossen, die als eigenständige Single oder EP (also keine Album-Auskopplungen, Vorab- oder Re-Releases) erschienen sind. In Ausnahmefällen lagen die kompletten Alben nicht vor.

01. Maria Eriksson "stjäl det du behöver" (Teg Publishing)
02. Nord & Syd "min arm" (Hybris)
03. Alpaca Sports "just for fun" (Luxury/Dufflecoat/Susy)
04. French Films "when people like you filled the heavens" (GAEA)
05. Cave Cat "deception" (Luxury)
06. Simian Ghost "autumn slowmo" (white)
07. Westkunst "s/t" (Luxury)
08. The Violent Sea "against the current" (white)
09. Roth "kings of the wild" (withe)
10. Be Forest "hanged man" (Headphonesman)
11. Pushy Parents "secret secret" (Elefant)
12. Beach Fossils "shallow/lessons" (Captured Tracks)
13. Love Dance "bergen, again 10. jan" (white)
14. Red Shoe Diaries "ice & snow" (Fika Recordings)
15. By The Sea "dream waters" (Shelflife)
16. Boa Constrictor "on my way to die" (white)
17. The Royal Concept "gimme twice" (Universal Republic)
18. Oh! Custer "the shelf her boyfriend made" (Cloudberry)
19. Hanne Kolstø "carousel" (Flash Black)
20. The Shutes "echo of love" (Cross Keys)
21. Burnt Palms "in my mind" (Bandcamp)
22. Cocoanut Groove "colours" (Fraction Disc)
23. Trails And Ways "mtn tune" (white)
24. In These Woods "ghost" (Nomethod)
25. Shout Out Louds "blue ice" (Epic)
26. Television Keeps Us Apart "is it really true" (white)
27. Novella "don't believe any rand" (Italian Beach Babes)
28. The Violent Sea "dissonant choirs" (white)
29. Northern Portrait "happy nice day" (Matinée)
30. Star Horse "kiss a smile" (white)
31. Bart And Friends "i was" (Matinée)
32. Nord & Syd "men åh" (Hybris)
33. Fll "quarter past (midsummers eve)" (Esplanaden Fonogram)
34. Afraid Of Stairs "i lit up" (white)
35. Martin Senter "jag är en vilsen" (white)
36. Sun Sister "growing ur hair out" (white)
37. Niva "dirty water" (Hybris)
38. Sambassadeur "memories" (Labrador)
39. Museum Of Bellas Artes "bear cubs" (Force Majeure)
40. Alpaca Sports "she'll come back for indian summer"
41. Panda Riot "in the forest (some kind of night fills your head)" (Saint Marie)
42. Yast "stupid" (Adrian)
43. Neøv "windvane" (Fullsteam)
44. Tiger Tape "stanna för alltid, gå härifrån" (Lo And Behold Recordings HB)
45. Black Guillemot "knut hamsun" (Record Union)
46. Making Marks "ticket machine" (Fika Recordings)
47. Nord & Syd "björkar" (Hybris)
48. Springfactory "enough about you" (white)
49. Paris "say it" (Parismusic/Monza Publishing)
50. Light Parade "moonlight run" (A West Side Fabrication)
51. Vulkano "choir of wolves" (Those Dancin)
52. The Embassy "roundkick" (International Inc)
53. Sibille Attar "the flowers bed" (Stranded)
54. Alpaca Sports "i was running" (Luxury/Dufflecoat/Susy)
56. Postiljonen "how will i know / all that we had lost" (Postiljonen Music)
57. Moto Boy "lubiewo ­ kärleksön" (Songs I Wish I Had Written)
58. The Belljars "s/t" (white)
59. Brödet "chloe dancer" (white)
60. The Holliday Crowd "over the bluffs" (Shelflife)
61. Nixon "this town" (Cloudberry)
62. Cut Your Hair "utah in pictures" (Mushroom Pillow)
63. A Nighthawk "until i faltered i wasn't free" (Ingrid)
64. Grandma's Tea Party "a wireman told me" (white)
65. Halasan Bazar "tin foiled" (white)
66. Friska Viljor "bite your head off" (Crying Bob)
67. Youth Pictures Of Florence Henderson "small changes we hardly notice"
(Count Your Lucky Stars/Siste Sukk)
68. JJ "nº 4" (Secretly Canadian)
69. Theo Berndt "it's complicated" (This Time)
70. Bonne Idée "ep3" (Luxury)
71. Los Campesinos! "kindle a flame in her heart" (Wichita)
72. Yokola "all you see" (white)
73. Delta Dreamflight "we believe in you " (white)
74. The Mary Onettes "love forever" (Labrador)
75. Shpy "springs" (white)
76. No Favours "hands and hearts" (Tendervision Recordings)
77. No Sleep "the thing the kids call rock n' roll" (white)
78. All Will Be Quiet "wide eyes and space flights" (Lionheart)
79. Standard Fare "girlfriend" (Wiaiwya)
80. Symfoniorkestern "prestationsångest over tillvaron" (white)
81. Coco Morier "strangers may kiss" (Ingrid)
82. Ditt Inre "månljus (saknad)" (Cascine)
83. Henrik José "the little things" (23 Seconds Netlabel)
84. Cave Cat "the abject" (Luxury)
85. Disaster In The Universe "beach house" (New Times)
86. Anchorless "awry aesthetics" (Play/Rec)
87. Lovisa Lindström "the time that should be mine" (Lilo Music)
88. Musique Le Pop "time changes" (Cafe Superstar)
89. World Tour "forever tonight" (Hybris)
90. Young Dreams "s/t" (Modular)
91. Bell "dialtone" (white)
92. Gap Dream "58th st fingers" (Burger)
93. Paper "back to bagarmossen" (Novoton)
94. The Dope "mother's boy toyed with an idea" (Devil Duck)
95. Pretties For You "silver lining" (A West Side Fabrication)
96. Athletes "time" (white)
97. Eternal Summers "millions" (Kanine)
98. Fredrik William Olsen "ikke redd" (white)
99. This Vision "20th century" (Devotion)
100. Anchorless "silent lectures" (Play/Rec)