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"45 minutes" Top 100 Album des Jahres 2013
Bei den Album-Charts sind keine Best Of-Alben, V/A-Compilations oder Re-Releases berücksichtigt worden.

01. Maria Eriksson "stjäl det du behöver" (Teg Publishing)
02. Nord & Syd "som en människa" (Hybris)
03. Könsförrädare "curse all law" (Teg Publishing/Playground Music)
04. Yast "s/t" (Double Sun/Adrian Recordings)
05. Satellite Stories "pine trails" (XYZ Music)
06. French Films "white orchid" (Gaea/Playground)
07. Samuraj Cities "metallic" (Luxury)
08. Thees Uhlmann "#2" (Grand Hotel Van Cleef)
09. Underground Lovers "weekend" (Rubber Music)
10. My Bloody Valentine "m b v" (Sunshine HQ)
11. The Little Ones "the dawn sang along" (Branches Recording Collective)
12. Shout Out Louds "optica" (Merge)
13. Makthaverskan "makthaverskan II" (Luxury)
14. Tonbandgerät "heute ist für immer" (Universal)
15. The Low Frequency in Stereo "pop obskura" (Long Branch)
16. Don't Be A Stranger "s/t" (Headstomp)
17. Sad Day For Puppets "come closer (HaHa Fonogram)
18. Beach Fossils "clash the truth" (Captured Tracks)
19. Cocoanut Groove "how to build a maze" (Plastilina)
20. Wild Nothing "empty estate" (Captured Tracks)
21. Lars Ludvig Löfgren "sugar hill" (A West Side Fabrication)
22. The New Tigers "secondary city" (Soliti)
23. Veronica Falls "waiting for something to happen" (Bella Union)
24. Best Coast "fade away" (Jewel City)
25. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin "fly by wire" (Polyvinyl)
26. Los Campesinos! "no blues" (Wichita)
27. No Favours "s/t" (Tendervision Recordings)
28. Junip "s/t" (City Slang/Mute)
29. Anton Kristiansson "fred på jorden" (Luxury)
30. Sibille Attar "sleepyhead" (Stranded Rek)
31. Razika "pa vei hjem" (Warner Music)
32. Hellsongs "these are evil times" (Tapete)
33. Mattias Alkberg "mattias alkberg begravning" (Teg Publishing)
34. Math And Physics Club "our hearts beat out loud" (Matinée)
35. The Embassy "sweet sensation" (International)
36. Ljus "s/t" (Human & Mach)
37. Stornoway "tales from terra firma" (4AD)
38. Heavenly Beat "prominence" (Captured Tracks)
39. Kitchens Of Distinction "folly" (3 Loop Music)
40. Mire Kay "a rising tide lifts all boats" (Tendervision Recordings)
41. Northern Portrait "ta! (Matinée)
42. Elephant Stone "s/t" (Hidden Pony)
43. Britta Persson "if i was a band my name would be forevers"
(Selective Notes)
44. The Kissaway Trail "breach" (Yep Roc)
45. Big Fox "now" (Hybris)
46. Club 8 "above the city" (Labrador)
47. Friska Viljor "remember our name" (Crying Bob)
48. Camera Obscura "desire lines" (4 AD)
49. Miss Li "wolves" (National)
50. Joanna Gruesome "weird sister" (Slumberland)
51. Kakkmaddafakka "six months is a long time" (Vertigo)
52. Mona & Maria "my sun" (Jansen Plateproduksjon)
53. Yo La Tengo "fade" (Matador)
54. Ida Maria "love conquers all" (Universal)
55. Shine 2009 "our nation (Cascine)
56. Frankie Rose "herein wild" (Fat Possum)
57. The Boy Least Likely To "the great perhaps" (Rough Trade)
58. Syket "can you keep a secret?" (Baseline Music)
59. The Spook School "dress up" (Fortuna Pop!)
60. Holograms "forever" (Captured Tracks)
61. Most Valuable Players "left" (Kalligrammofon)
62. Thus Owls "harbours" (Hoob)
63. Ex Cops "true hallucinations" (Other Music)
64. Panda Riot "northern automatic music" (Saint Marie)
65. New Found Land "s/t" (Fixe)
66. Crystal Stilts "nature noir" (Sacred Bones/Insound)
67. Vit Päls "ägd" (Playground Music)
68. Monnone Alone "together at last"
(Lost And Lonesome/We Were Never Being Boring)
69. Saturday Looks Good To Me "one kiss ends it all" (Polyvinyl)
70. Wild Honey "big flash" (Lovemonk)
71. Rogue Wave "nightingale floors" (Vagrant)
72. Ólöf Arnalds "sudden elevation" (One Little Indian)
73. Death And Vanilla "s/t" (Hands In The Dark/Kalligrammofon)
74. The Fiery Piano "second space/a nod to nordic indie" (Mega Mountain)
75. MF/MB "colossus" (Adrian)
76. Karoline Hausted "echoes" (Songcrafter Music)
77. Skriet "shanana" (Novoton)
78. Yuck "glow & behold" (Fat Possum)
79. Jenny Wilson "demand the impossible!" (Gold Medal R)
80. The Heavy Blinkers "health" (Independent)
81. I Used To Be A Sparrow "you are an empty artist" (Paperwings Music)
82. Swim Deep "where the heaven are we" (Sony)
83. Sin Fang "flowers" (Morr Music)
84. Postiljonen "skyer" (Best Fit Recordings)
85. Young Dreams "between places" (News)
86. EF "ceremonies" (End The Sound)
87. Paperfangs "past perfect" (Soliti)
88. Flunk "lost causes" (Beatservice)
89. Yamon Yamon "uisu" (Tendervision Recordings)
90. Silver Screen "when you and i were very young" (Plastilina)
91. Maps "vicissitude" (Mute)
92. Museum Of Bellas Artes "pieces" (Best Fit Recordings)
93. The Grand Opening "don't look back into the darkness" (Tapete)
94. Upset "she's gone" (Don Giovanni)
95. The Electric Soft Parade "idiots" (Helium/Rough Trade)
96. The Bicycles "stop thinking so much" (Fuzzy Logic Recs)
97. Low "the invisible way" (Sub Pop)
98. Everyday Mistakes "obscure lanes" (Novoton)
99. Cold Mailman "heavy hearts" (Beyond)
100. The Mary Onettes "hit the waves" (Labrador)

"45 minutes" Top 100 Singles des Jahres 2013
Bei den Single-Charts sind vor allem VÖs in die Wertung eingeflossen, die als eigenständige Single oder EP (also keine Album-Auskopplungen, Vorab- oder Re-Releases) erschienen sind. In Ausnahmefällen lagen die kompletten Alben nicht vor.

01. Lovelovelove "eye see you" (Kakao Musikk)
02. Love Dance "elevate" (Beko)
03. Westkunst "summer 3d/weekends" (Luxury)
04. Bromma Disco "t j m" (Bulan)
05. Alpaca Sports "a million times/as long as I have you" (Luxury)
06. Black Twig "pastel blue" (Soliti)
07. Star Horse "lust" (white)
08. Television Keeps Us Apart "death by sister five" (Lit De Parade)
09. The Sun Days "you can¹t make me make up my mind" (Luxury)
10. Simian Ghost "autumn slowmo (for the dejected realist)" (Playground Music)
11. Cosines "hey sailor boy!" (Fika Recordings)
12. Alpaca Sports "he doesn¹t even like you" (Luxury)
13. Saigon "ready for romance" (white)
14. Alvvays "adult diversion" (white)
15. Black Guillemot "1910" (Ramberget Recordings)
16. Away "william" (Newtimes)
17. Parker Lewis "vi är vår egen armé" (white)
18. Be Forest "colours" (We Were Never Being Boring)
19. Culkin "sphynx" (Haha Fonogram)
20. Desperate Journalist "cristina" (white)
21. Fanfarlo "the sea" (New World)
22. A Nighthawk "here we are, out in the open" (Ingrid)
23. No Coda "numbers" (Nomethod/Playground Music)
24. Fylgia Calling "welcome mat malmö" (white)
25. Toilet "black oil" (Rundgång)
26. Ballet School "boys again" (Bella Union)
27. Hökartorget "adhd-skalle" (white)
28. School "so long" (Luxury)
29. Finnmark! "we're not köping" (February)
30. Nixon "this town" (Cloudberry)
31. Sentimental Pet "shaking to the bone" (A West Side Fabrication)
32. Moscow Olympics "reprise" (Beko)
33. Les Issambres "turpentine" (Fifth Week)
34. Alpaca Sports "telephone" (Luxury)
35. Solander "all opportunities" (Tendervision Recordings)
36. Boris Och The Jeltsins "k.a.i.r.o" (Haha Fonogram)
37. Delay Trees "perfect heartache" (Soliti)
38. Fou De Toi "fall out" (Seawiik Music)
39. Alvvays "archie, marry me" (white)
40. Popterror "skogsbilväg" (A West Side Fabrication)
41. Away "out of my sight" (Newtimes)
42. Night Flowers "single beds/north" (white)
43. Simian Ghost "a million shining colours" (Playground Music)
44. De Montevert "kärleken brinner" (Nomethod)
45. Little Children "in hau" (Declared Goods)
46. Making Marks "barcodes" (Fika Recordings)
47. Hökartorget "även en idiot" (white)
48. Amason "went to war" (Ingrid)
49. Vulkano "vision tricks" (white)
50. Shinies "tangle" (Dirty Bingo)
51. Johan Hedberg "nackamasterna" (Labrador)
52. Dutch Barn "about time" (Eardrums Pop)
53. Desperate Journalist "organ" (Fandango)
54. With A Light Heart "lost a sea" (white)
55. The Lieblings "it's all gonna fall" (GAEA)
56. Be Forest "captured heart" (We Were Never Being Boring)
57. Stornoway "you don't know anything" (4AD)
58. No Coda "holy war" (Nomethod/Playground Music)
59. If They Ask, Tell Them We're Dead "snakebite" (Stargazer)
60. Select All Delete Save As "modern life is war" (SADSA)
61. Honeymilk "situations of you" (white)
62. Big Deal "swapping spit" (Mute Artist Ltd)
63. Weekend "oubliette" (Slumberland)
64. Thea & The Wild "hots for you" (white)
65. Marching Band "and i've never seen anything like that" (U&L)
67. Caracol "shiver" (Indica)
68. Korallreven With Cornelius "try anything once" (Rallye)
69. Alaska "the annie" (Record Union)
70. The Royal Concept "royal" (Universal Republic)
71. Boa "time flies" (Creepy Child/Jämmerdosa)
72. Lacrosse "50 procent of you love" (Tapete)
73. Ismael "vintergatan" (Viskningar Och Vrål)
74. [Sek] "sätta allt" (Sound Of Wool/Jämmerdosa)
75. Highasakite "since last wednesday" (Propeller Recordings)
76. Roth "birdsfly" (white)
77. Divehoney "for sure" (white)
78. Dråpe "memories" (Riot Factory)
79. Lisa Bouvier "every year until we die" (Cath 'n' Dad)
80. Magnus Ekelund & Stålet "hjärtan av stål" (Teg Publishing)
81. Skilla "dancing on my own" (Or Die)
82. Little Children "falling" (Declared Goods)
83. Lord Nelson "fired up!" (Niwi)
84. Delta Dreamflight "vacations" (white)
85. Tennis "small sound" (Communion)
86. The Silent Love "rainy season" (white)
87. Lowpines "venue blues" (white)
88. Great Hare "like flowers" (white)
89. Dead Young Friends "inside your head" (white)
90. Eva On The Western Castle Island "the won way" (Eardrums Pop)
91. Flowers "when you lie" (Cloudberry)
92. Lost Tapes "the won way" (Eardrums Pop/Cloudberry)
93. The Ropes "the man who refused to be born" (Sinlo)
94. Caténine "in your ruin" (February)
95. Black Hearted Brother "this is how it feels" (Slumberland)
96. The Art Club "sorry" (Cool For Cats)
97. Ceremonies "promises" (white)
98. Earth First "to the night" (Cloudberry)
99. Big Wave "gw bridge" (Art Is Hard)
100. JJ "fågelsången" (Sincerely Yours)