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"45 minutes" Top 100 Album des Jahres 2014
Bei den Album-Charts sind keine Best Of-Alben, V/A-Compilations oder Re-Releases berücksichtigt worden.

01. LoveLoveLove "kaleidoscope" (Kakao Musikk)
02. Beezewax "tomorrow" (Sellout! Music)
03. Hello Saferide "the fox, the hunter and hello saferide" (Razzia)
04. Farväl Till Ungdomen "s/t" (Luxury)
05. Honeyblood "s/t" (FatCat)
06. The Luxembourg Signal "s/t" (Shelflife)
07. Literature "chorus" (Slumberland)
08. I Was A King "isle of yours" (K.Dahls/Warner Music)
09. Albert "s/t" (white)
10. Bombay Bicycle Club "so long, see you tomorrow" (Island)
11. Craft Spells "nausea" (Captured Tracks)
12. The Hobbes Fanclub "up at lagrange" (Shelflife)
13. Black Twig "heliogram" (Soliti)
14. Lisa "s/t" (Johanna Kustannus)
15. Simian Ghost "the veil" (Nomethod/Playground)
16. The New Tigers "the badger" (Soliti)
17. Neøv "orange morning" (Fullsteam)
18. Be Forest "earthbeat" (We Were Never Being Boring)
19. No Coda "the entire cast" (Nomethod)
20. Kraftklub "in schwarz" (Vertigo/Capitol)
21. Elephant Stone "the three poisons" (V2)
22. Weeping Willows "the time has come" (Razzia)
23. Real Estate "atlas" (Domino)
24. The Forest & The Trees "missions" (Best Fit Recordings)
25. Ringo Deathstarr "god's dream" (Neon Sigh/Noyes)
26. Dödsfest "det sista äventyret" (Novoton)
27. Fanfarlo "let's go extinct" (New World)
28. Obsi "s/t" (Hoob)
29. Johan Hedberg "paradiset" (Labrador)
30. Alpaca Sports "sealed with a kiss" (Dufflecoat)
31. Thus:Owls "turning rocks" (Secret City)
32. Laetitia Sadier "something shines" (Drag City)
33. Allo Darlin' "we come from the same place" (Fortuna Pop)
34. The Zebras "siesta" (Jigsaw)
35. Comet Gain "paperback ghosts" (Fortuna Pop)
36. Mattias Alkberg "södra sverige" (Teg Publishing)
37. The Primitives "spin-o-rama" (Elefant)
38. La Sera "hour of the dawn2 (Hardly Art)
39. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart "days of abandon" (Yebo Music)
40. Sleep Party People "floating" (Blood And Biscuits)
41. Wuthering Height "dropped minds" (Record Union)
42. A Sunny Day In Glasgow "sea when absent" (Lefse)
43. Delay Trees "readymade" (Soliti)
44. Moto Boy "keep your dark" (Songs I Wish I Had Written)
45. Chris Farren "like a gift from god or whatever" (white)
46. Making Marks "a thousand half-truths" (Fika Recordings)
47. She Sir "no guitars" (Shelflife)
48. By The Sea "endless days, crystal sky" (War Room)
49. Team Me "blind as night" (Propeller Recordings)
50. Solen "till dom som bryr sig" (Playground)
51. The Dø "shake shook shaken" (Embassy Of Music/Get Down!/Wagram)
52. Juni Järvi "om en vecka, kanske ett år" (Everlasting)
53. Albatross "groovers' maneuvers" (A West Side Fabrication)
54. The Raveonettes "pe'ahi" (Beat Dies)
55. Spearmint "news from nowhere" (Hitback)
56. Astro Mike Gordon "s/t" (Paltunes)
57. Youngteam "fading into night" (Northern Star)
58. Oh My! "slow moves" (white)
59. Solander "monochromatic memories" (A Tendervision Recording)
60. Heavenly Beat "eucharist" (Captured Tracks)
61. Erlend Øye "legao" (Bubbles)
62. Highasakite "silent treatment" (Propeller Recordings)
63. Jennie Abrahamson "gemini gemini" (How Sweet The Sound)
64. The Mary Onettes "portico" (Labrador)
65. Hanne Kolstø "forever maybe" (Jansen Plateproduksjon)
66. Oh My O "all at once" (Comedia)
67. God Help The Girl "s/t (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)" (Milan)
68. Lacrosse "are you thinking of me every minute of every day?" (Tapete)
69. New Moscow "telling birds how to fly" (Ulmekärr)
70. Les Big Byrd "they worshipped cats" (A Recordings)
71. Lykke Li "i never learn" (LL Recordings)
72. Tahiti 80 "ballroom" (Human Sounds/Minty Fresh)
73. First Aid Kit "stay gold" (Columbia)
74. Bolywool "já" (Novoton)
75. Sea Pinks "dreaming tracks" (CF)
76. Weeping Willows "christmas time has come" (Razzia)
77. Hiawata! "the darkside" (Bolibompa)
78. JJ "v" (Secretly Canadian)
79. Sondre Lerche "please" (Mona)
80. Tennis "ritual in repeat" (Communion)
81. Summer Camp "beyond clueless" (Moshi Moshi)
82. Engineers "always returning" (KScope)
83. The Confusions "s/t" (Massproduktion)
84. Fireflies "in dreams" (Jigsaw)
85. Adna "night" (Despotz)
86. The Steinbecks "kick to kick with the steinboks" (Matinée/Popboomerang)
87. Tokyo Police Club "forcefield" (Memphis Industries)
88. Flowers "do what you want to, it's what you should do (Fortuna Pop)
89. The Go Find "brand new love" (Morr Music)
90. Children "leaving home" (Fleet Union)
91. Good Omens "by open plain" (Nordic Notes)
92. Scandinavian Music Group "terminal 2" (Cortison)
93. Ourlives "den of lions" (Spartan)
94. Vulkano "live wild die free" (Vulkanomusik)
95. The Hit Parade "cornish pop songs" (JSH)
96. Smoke Fairies "wild winter" (Full Time Hobby)
97. Einar Stray Orchestra "politricks" (Groove Attack)
98. Sondre Lerche "please" (Mona)
99. Tikkle Me "what is real" (Gaphals)
100. Smoke Fairies "wild winter" (Full Time Hobby)

"45 minutes" Top 100 Singles des Jahres 2014
Bei den Single-Charts sind vor allem VÖs in die Wertung eingeflossen, die als eigenständige Single oder EP (also keine Album-Auskopplungen, Vorab- oder Re-Releases) erschienen sind. In Ausnahmefällen lagen die kompletten Alben nicht vor.

01. Farväl Till Ungdomen "pestens tid" (Luxury)
02. Gingerlys "jumprope ep" (Shelflife)
03. Last Lynx "rifts ep" (SoFo)
04. Southern "cool kid" (Marathon Artists)
05. Haleiwa "wall of blue sky/habour" (Sunstone)
06. The Hanged Man "first time dreaming" (Kning Disk/Telegram Studios)
07. School "easier" (Luxury)
08. Flyying Colours "not today" (Shelflife)
09. Tigercats "junior champion" (Fortuna Pop)
10. Los Campesinos! "when christmas comes" (Turnstile)
11. Amason "älgen" (Ingrid)
12. Satellite Stories "the trap" (Soliti)
13. Björns Vänner "märker ni ingenting alls? ep" (Adrian)
14. The Sun Days "(get him) off your mind" (Luxury)
15. Star Horse "don't get closer/100 eyes" (white)
16. Franny & Zooey "bottled up and ready to go" (Dufflecoat)
17. Krachmacher "flamingo/life is blood" (white)
18. Lars Ludvig Löfgren "tuggummi & sommarregn" (A West Side Fabrication)
19. The Amazing "picture you" (Partisan)
20. Martha "dust, juice, bones and hair" (Fortuna Pop)
21. Kråkesølv "e du med mæ" (Jansen Plateproduksjon)
22. Veronica Falls "nobody there/i need you around" (Beachy Head)
23. Love Sport "gol!! ep" (Soliti)
24. José González "every age" (Imperial)
25. Flyying Colours "flying colours ep" (Shelflife/Mascot Label Group)
26. Blessin' "mono" (Art Is Hard)
27. Little Children "by your side" (Kning Disk)
28. Cozy Catastrophes "way last june" (February)
29. Blades Club "out to sea ep" (white)
30. Summer Heart "sleep" (Sommarhjärta)
31. 20 Years Of Wednesday "time" (white)
32. Farväl Till Ungdomen "jordens undergång" (Luxury)
33. David Josephson "moln på vift" (A West Side Fabrication)
34. The Radio Dept. "death to fascism" (Labrador)
35. Ida Maria "accidental happiness" (Republic)
36. Wildhoney "seventeen forever ep" (Photobooth)
37. Amason "duvan" (Ingrid)
38. Working "more weight ep" (Shelflife)
39. Big Deal "sakura ep" (Mute)
40. Amason "duvan" (Ingrid)
41. Little Children "hey hey" (Kning Disk)
42. Twerps "back to you" (Chapter Music)
43. Die Nerven "angst" (This Charming Man)
44. Lowly "stones in the water" (One Little Indian/WinWin)
45. Kråkesølv "minifom" (Jansen Plateproduksjon)
46. Haley Bonar "heaven's made for two" (Graveface)
47. Cats Of Transnistria "san francisco" (Soliti Music)
48. Sekuoia "waves" (white)
49. Alf "blå parkas blos ep" (Toomanynotes)
50. Donovan Blanc "hungry a long time" (Captured Tracks)
51. Younghusband "left of the rocks" (Sonic Cathedral)
52. Dirk Vilhelm "the safest of places" (white)
53. Rah Rah "good winter" (Devil Duck)
54. Desperate Journalist "happening" (Fierce Panda)
55. Night Flowers "night flowers ep" (Dirty Bingo)
56. The Casket Girls "same side" (Graveface)
57. School "head over here" (Luxury)
58. Dokument #3 "term ep" (white)
59. Ra "these days " (Adrian/Rundgång)
60. Heart-Sick Groans "black hair typography" (white)
61. Duellen "vimmel/på väg" (A West Side Fabrication)
62. Star Horse "spend the night" (white)
63. Reveries "rows" (white)
64. Saigon "golden" (Nomethod)
65. Twerps "shoulders" (Chapter Music)
66. Chirping "lux ep" (white)
67. Lars Ludvig Löfgren "tropiska hav" (A West Side Fabrication)
68. Niva "forest view ep" (Hybris)
69. Happy Hands Club "wild life" (Luxury)
70. Tiger Lou "homecoming" (Startracks)
71. Kid Wave "all i want" (Heavenly Recordings)
72. Júníus Meyvant "color decay" (Record)
73. Summer Heart "u got all i'm looking 4" (Sommarhjärta)
74. The Yearning "if i can't have you" (Elefant)
75. David Josephson "drömmaskinen" (A West Side Fabrication)
76. Fou De Toi "island" (Seawiik Music)
77. Bolywool "fanø/mynd" (Novoton)
78. Hey Elbow "martin" (Adrian)
79. The Shy Lips "she was born in bahia" (Record Union)
80. Markus Krunegård "let's go nu är jag din yo" (Ärlinge Markus/Universal)
81. Most Valuable Players "do you think i¹m weird yet?" (Zeon Light)
82. School "like you" (Luxury)
83. Oh Wonder "all we do" (white)
84. Alice Boman "ep II" (Adrian)
85. Last Days Of April "someone for everyone" (Startracks)
86. Chirping "ambitions" (white)
87. Dokument #3 "flimrar" (white)
88. Little Children "my only friend" (Kning Disk)
89. Tontine "montreal" (white)
90. Lars Ludvig Löfgren "nothing is more beautiful than a dream"
(A West Side Fabrication)
91. Pretties For You "we have our reasons" (Luxury)
92. Üni Foreman "gold" (Nomethod)
93. The Snow "memory loss" (Captured Tracks)
94. Niva "change of weather" (Hybris)
95. Young Lovers "young lovers ep" (white)
96. Tussilago "say hello" (Ingrid)
97. Wouie "it is what it is" (white)
98. Dwntwn "till tomorrow" (Jullian)
99. Cosines "out of the fire" (Fika Recordings)
100. World Tour "surreal" (Emotion)