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"45 minutes" Top 100 Album des Jahres 2015
Bei den Album-Charts sind keine Best Of-Alben, V/A-Compilations oder Re-Releases berücksichtigt worden.

01. Satellite Stories "vagabonds" (Soliti)
02. Beliefs "leaper" (Hand Drawn Dracula)
03. Könsförrädare "end of history" (Teg Publishing)
04. Dråpe "relax/relapse" (Riot Factory)
05. Younghusband "dissolver" (ATP Recordings)
06. Westkust "last forever" (Luxury)
07. The Go! Team "the scene between" (Memphis Industries)
08. Amason "sky city" (Ingrid)
09. The Sun Days "album" (Luxuy)
10. Yast "my dreams did finally come true" (Adrian)
11. Anna Ternheim "for the young" (Universal)
12. José González "vestiges & claws" (Peacefrog)
13. Lisa "kukaan ei oo kenenkään" (Johanna Kustannus)
14. Sunturns "christmas II" (We Were Never Being Boring)
15. Jens Lekman "postcards" (white)
16. Winter "supreme blue dream" (Lolipop)
17. Kid Wave "wonderlust" (Heavenly)
18. Seapony "a vision" (Burrito Thirty)
19. I'm From Barcelona "growing up is for trees" (Telegram)
20. Støv "s/t" (Hes)
21. Finnmark! "things always change" (Beko)
22. Stornoway "bonxie" (Cooking Vinyl)
23. Friska Viljor "my name is friska viljor" (Crying Bob)
24. Neøv "dominique" (Fullsteam)
25. Björn Kleinhenz "ursa minor" (JellyFant)
26. Tigercats "mysteries" (Fortuna Pop)
27. Swervedriver "i wasn't born to lose you" (Cobraside)
28. Jay-Jay Johanson "opium" (Le Plan)
29. Sufjan Stevens "carrie & lowell" (Asthmatic Kitty)
30. Hibou "s/t" (Barsuk)
31. Ringo Deathstarr "pure mood" (Club AC30)
32. Rah Rah "vessels" (Devil Duck)
33. Bang Gang "the wolves are whispering" (Bang EHF)
34. Anthonie Tonnon "successor" (Misra/Wild Kindness)
35. Last Days Of April "sea of clouds" (Tapete)
36. Mattias Alkberg "personer" (Teg Publishing)
37. Cloudberry Jam "we move like we are dancing"
(Farmer Boy/Misty Music AB)
38. Brideshead "never grow up" (Shelflife)
39. Alpaca Sports "when you need me the most" (Luxury)
40. Belle And Sebastian "girls in peacetime want to dance" (Matador)
41. The Eastern Sea "the witness" (white)
42. Pal "since" (Paltunes)
43. The Rollstons "swiss time" (Äänetön)
44. Novella "land" (Sinderlyn)
45. The Hermit Crabs "in my flat" (Matinée)
46. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin "the high country" (Polyvinyl)
47. The Fireworks "switch me on" (Shelflife)
48. Martin Courtney "many moons" (Domino)
49. The School "wasting away & wondering" (Elefant)
50. Gold Celeste "the glow" (Riot Factory)
51. Ra "scandinavia" (Adrian)
52. Josefin Öhrn And The Liberation "horse dance" (Rocket Recordings)
53. Trails And Ways "pathology" (Barsuk)
54. The Wombats "glitterbug" (Bright Antenna/14th Floor/Warner)
55. Best Coast "california nights" (Harvest)
56. Wildhoney "sleep through it" (Deranged)
57. Low "ones and sixes" (Sub Pop)
58. Joanna Gruesome "peanut butter" (Fortuna Pop/Slumberland)
59. The Sweet Serenades "animals" (Leon)
60. Hatcham Social "the birthday of the world" (Crocodile)
61. The Chills "silver bullets" (Fire)
62. Wavves X Cloud Nothings "s/t" (Ghost Ramp)
63. The Decemberists "what a terrible world, what a beautiful world"
(Rough Trade)
64. Salad Boys "metalmania" (Trouble In Mind)
65. The Honeydrips "in the city" (Luxury)
66. The Amazing "picture you" (Partisan)
67. Desperate Journalist "s/t" (Fierce Panda)
68. Milky Wimpshake "encore, un effort!" (Fortuna Pop)
69. The Late Call "golden" (Tapete)
70. This Is Head "s/t" (Adrian)
71. Bedroom Eyes "honeysuckle" (Midnight Werewolf)
72. Persian Rugs "this is ok for now" (Jigsaw)
73. This Love Is Deadly "want" (Loves!ck)
74. Death And Vanilla "to where the wild things are Š" (Fire)
75. Mammoth Penguins "hide and seek" (Fortuna Pop)
76. Life In Film "here it comes" (Embassy Of Music)
77. Vita Bergen "disconnection" (Kning Disk/Telegram Studios)
78. Say Lou Lou "lucid dreaming" (Cosmos)
79. Adna "run, lucifer" (Despotz)
80. Mew "+ ­" (Play It Again Sam/Rough Trade)
81. Hurricane #1 "find what you love and let it kill you" (Tapete)
82. Summer Fiction "himalaya" (Burn Brightly Music)
83. Ine Hoem "angerville" (Propeller Recordings)
84. The Legends "it's love" (Labrador)
85. Unhappybirthday "schauer" (Night-People)
86. Of Monsters And Men "beneath the skin (SKRIMSL/Republic/UMG)
88. Soda Shop "s/t" (Velvet Blue Music)
87. Oh Wonder "s/t" (Josephine Vander Gucht And Anthony West)
89. Vernier "things we do for love" (Genevieve Vernier Blouin)
90. Eternal Summers "gold and stone" (Kanine)
91. Pale Honey "s/t" (Bolero)
92. Little Xs For Eyes "s/t" (white)
93. De Montevert "s/t" (Nomethod)
94. Club 8 "pleasure" (Labrador)
95. JoCo "horizon" (Columbia)
96. Stealing Sheep "not real" (Heavenly Recordings/Pias)
97. Funeral Advantage "body is dead" (The Native Sound)
98. Stars In Coma "the ghosts were prolific in our minds" (Beko)
99. The White Birch "the weight of spring" (Glitterhouse)
100. Saigon "new world outro" (Nomethod/Playground)

"45 minutes" Top 100 Singles des Jahres 2015
Bei den Single-Charts sind vor allem VÖs in die Wertung eingeflossen, die als eigenständige Single oder EP (also keine Album-Auskopplungen, Vorab- oder Re-Releases) erschienen sind. In Ausnahmefällen lagen die kompletten Alben nicht vor.

01. Resirkulert "blåmaling ep" (Mano Music)
02. The Radio Dept."this repeated sodomy" (Labrador)
03. Mumrunner "full blossum ep" (Soliti)
04. Talking Bush "ordinary unusual ep" (Shelflife)
05. Flyying Colours "running late" (Shelflife/Club AC30)
06. Be Forest "glow" (We Were Never Being Boring)
07. Its For Us "something has to give ep" (Parismusic HB)
08. Languis "other desert cities ep" (Shelflife)
09. Promise And The Monster "time of the season" (Bella Union)
10. Star Horse "slower now" (Häxrummet)
11. Gim Kordon "vieläkin on ikävära" (Soliti)
12. Katohjärta "förlåt för igår det var kaos ep" (Det Svenska Musikundret)
13. Kalle Mattson "avalanche ep" (Home Music Co)
14. Tibet "in my head" (Easy Tiger Recordings)
15. Diiv "dopamine" (Captured Tracks)
16. Bob Hund "hjärtskärande rätt" (Bob Hund)
17. Dear Tracks "moment of clarity" (Drömljud Recordings/Track And Field)
18. Sleepy "sleepy pet" (white)
19. Little Children "traveling through darkness ep" (Cosmos Music)
20. Talking Bush "desperate" (white)
21. Oscar "daffodil days" (Wichita Recordings)
22. Dolce "gröna höjder ep" (Nomethod)
23. Dear Tracks "wildflower/connectivity" (Beko)
24. Peter Bjorn And John "high up (take me to the top)" (Ingrid)
25. Makthaverskan "witness" (Luxury)
26. Love Sport "almost doesn¹t mean you made it ep" (Soliti)
27. Isolation Berlin "aquarium ep" (white)
28. Black Twig "in league with satan" (Soliti)
29. Amason "flygplatsen ep" (Ingrid)
30. Agent Blå "strand" (Luxury)
31. Hello Saferide "the monkeys" (Razzia)
32. Anomie "anomie ep" (Father/Daughter)
33. Day Wave "headcase ep" (white)
34. 23:23 "to die on a faraway island with you ep" (Soliti)
35. Some Gorgeous Accident "winter evergreen ep" (white)
36. Terrible Feelings "cold eyes" (Double Sun/Punks Only)
37. El Perro Del Mar "an eye for gold" (white)
38. Jens Lekman "ghostwriting ep" (white)
39. Arre! Arre! "fight the system" (Rundgång)
40. Björn Kleinhenz "battles long lost ep" (white)
41. Craft Spells "our park by night" (Captured Tracks)
42. Cheatahs "murasaki ep" (Wichita Recordings)
43. Mares "allt du gör och att du finns" (Hybris)
44. Hey Elbow "real" (Adrian)
45. Still Parade "concrete vision" (white)
46. Snowy Nasdaq & Snowy Life "dolewave 2015" (Beko)
47. Anna Järvinen "affären" (Playground)
48. Day Wave "come home now/you are who you are" (House Arrest Recs)
49. Set Sail "good vibes ep" (white)
50. The Confusions "it's so quiet, it's so cold" (Massproduktion)
51. Lighthouse "we'll drown" (Repulsiv)
52. Palace Winter "medication ep" (Tambourhinoceros)
53. Sigrid Raabe "known you forever" (Petroleum)
54. Jolympix "let it go" (white)
55. Expert Alterations "expert alterations ep" (Kanine)
56. Flora Cash "snow, lights" (Icons Creating Evil Art)
57. Black Lizard "everything and nothing" (Soliti)
58. Samling "varulv" (Gaphals)
59. Helen "motorsycle" (Kranky)
60. Tender Age "get high/always" (Sinis Recordings)
61. Flowers "pull my arm" (Fortuna Pop)
62. Waves Of The Echo "dream street" (white)
63. Saltwater Sun "wild ep" (Hand In Hive)
64. Parker Lewis "sorti" (We Were Never Being Boring)
65. Navelin "side one ep" (Spinnup)
66. Black Rivers "the forest" (Ignition)
67. Comet Gain "fingerprint ritual ep" (Fortuna Pop)
68. Doorbells "ambitions ep" (Ghost Vibes)
69. Pains Of Being Pure At Heart "hell ep" (white)
70. World Tour "owe you eo" (Emotion)
71. Sweet Baboo "don't be alone (this christmas)" (Moshi Moshi)
72. Tiger Lou "california hauling" (Startracks)
73. Moon Tapes "a little bit of paris/sleepy" (white)
74. Vulkano "smiley faces" (Ingrid)
75. Paper "come on" (Höga Nord)
76. Wilderness "this world is not ours ep" (Spinnup)
77. Kindling "galaxies ep" (No Idea)
78. Boats "release ep" (white)
79. Why We Run "a moment to return" (Double Drummer)
80. High Tide 15 : 47 "s/t" (white)
81. Chain Wallet "shade" (Nabovarsel)
82. Tam Vantage "high definition" (Lost And Lonesome)
83. Ra Ra Riot "water" (Barsuk)
84. Boys."set me on fire" (white)
85. Annasara "second ep" (Paltunes)
86. Heart/Dancer "under" (Sommarhjärta)
87. Appendixes "everyday use ep" (Track And Field)
88. These Heavy Clouds "you're a bird now" (These Heavy Recordings)
89. Viola Beach "swings & waterslides" (Fuller Beans)
90. Ida Gard "when are you gonna come?" (Ida Bidstrupü Østergaard)
91. Sigh Down One "feeler" (white)
92. Tape Waves "hanging on" (Bleeding Gold)
93. Dott "car song" (Graveface)
94. Swim "next to me" (With Love Recordings)
95. The Magic Gang "she doesn't see" (Telharmonium)
96. JJ "death ep" (Sincerely Yours)
97. Best Friend "untitled" (white)
98. Axel Flóvent "forest fires ep" (Trellis)
99. Blindness "humming song" (Saint Marie)
100. Great Garb "conflicts" (Spinnup)