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"45 minutes" Top 100 Album des Jahres 2016
Bei den Album-Charts sind keine Best Of-Alben, V/A-Compilations oder Re-Releases berücksichtigt worden.

01. Farväl Till Ungdomen "öronbedövande mörker" (Luxury)
02. Big Wave Riders "endless summer" (Soliti)
03. The Radio Dept. "running out of love" (Labrador)
04. Maria Andersson "succession" (Woah Dad!)
05. Stilla Havet "början på ett slut" (Novoton)
06. Black Twig "blaze on a plain" (Soliti)
07. The Amazing "ambulance" (Partisan)
08. Francis Moon "onwards" (Dirty Glasses)
09. Olov Antonsson "nere och ute i ac län" (Gaphals)
10. Flyying Colours "mindfullness" (Club AC30)
11. Chain Wallet "s/t" (Jansen Plateproduksjon)
12. Weeping Willows "tomorrow became today" (Razzia)
13. Moddi "unsongs" (Propeller Recordings)
14. Peter Bjorn And John "breakin' point" (Ingrid)
15. Diiv "Is The Is Are" (Captured Tracks)
16. Laakso "grateful dead" (Adrian Recordings)
17. El Perro Del Mar "kokoro" (Ging Ging Recordings)
18. Holi "drifting on a timeline" (Luxury)
19. Sea Pinks "soft days" (CF)
20. Case/Lang/Veirs "s/t" (Anti)
21. Bob Hund "dödliga klassiker" (Woah Dad!)
22. Tellef Raabe "idiographic" (Riot Factory)
23. Promise And The Monster "feed the fire" (Bella Union)
24. Hilma Nikolaisen "puzzler" (Fysisk Format)
25. Oscar "cut and paste" (Wichita Recordings)
26. Amanda Bergman "docks" (Ingrid)
27. Ebbot Lundberg & The Indigo Children "for the ages to come"
(Haldern Pop Recordings)
28. Alice B "så unga" (Luxury)
29. Tibet "above the moon" (Alcopop!/Rat Trap Recordings)
30. Songs For Walter "s/t" (Bleeding Gold)
31. Andreas Mattsson "solnedgången" (Woah Dad!)
32. Tiger Lou "the wound dresser" (Startracks)
33. Die Höchste Eisenbahn "wer bringt mich jetzt zu den anderen" (Tapete)
34. Ludvig Moon "kin" (Riot Factory)
35. Wesen "wall of pain" (Hidden Trail)
36. Trails And Ways "own it" (white)
37. Soda Fountain Rag "extra life" (We Were Never Being Boring)
38. Francis "marathon" (Strangers Candy)
39. Wild Nothing "life of pause" (Bella Union)
40. Hurula "vapen till dom hopplösa" (Universal Music AB)
41. Rogue Wave "delusions of grand fur" (Easy Sound Recording Company)
42. California Snow Story "some other places" (Shelflife)
43. The Holliday Crowd "s/t" (Shelflife)
44. MJ Hibbett & The Validators "still valid" (Artists Against Success)
45. Amber Arcades "turning light" (Heavenly)
46. Skiing "another wave" (white)
47. The Megaphonic Thrift "få meg til verden i tide" (Old Flame)
48. La Sera "music for listening to music to" (Polyvinyl)
49. Light Fantastic "out of view" (Spiritual Pajamas)
50. Postiljonen "reverie" (Hybris)
51. Tele Novella "house of souls" (Yellow Year)
52. Soviet Soviet "endless" (Felte)
53. Veronica Maggio "den första är alltid gratis" (Universal Music AB)
54. Marching Band "heart jewel" (Uncomfortably Numb)
55. Les Bicyclettes De Belsize "the advent calendar" (white)
56. Barbarisms "browser" (Control Freak Kitten)
57. Dylan Mondegreen "every little step" (Shelflife)
58. Immanu El "hibernation" (Glitterhouse)
59. Basia Bulat "good advice" (Secret City)
60. Honeyblood "babes never die" (FatCat)
61. Tight Eye "forget-me-not" (We Were Never Being Boring)
62. Hideous Towns "disquiet living" (The Lost And Lonesome)
63. The Wedding Present "going, going..." (Scopitones)
64. Gurr "in my head" (Duchess Box)
65. Ra Ra Riot "need your light" (Barsuk)
66. Teenage Fanclub "here" (PeMa)
67. Snøskred "empty house" (Riot Factory)
68. Death Valley Rally "northern lights" (white)
69. Little Children "f.f" (Cosmos Music)
70. Mondo Fumatore "the yeah the yeah and the yeah" (Rewika)
71. The Frank And Walters "songs for the walking wounded" (Stargazer)
72. Charlie Hilton "palana" (Captured Tracks)
73. Kakkmaddafakka "kmf" (Believe Digital/Soulfood)
74. Tacocat "i hate the weekend" (Hardly Art)
75. Still Flyin' "perfect future" (The Lost And Lonesome)
76. Frida Hyvönen "kvinnor och barn" (Mono Music)
77. There Is No Mountain "luna" (white)
78. Pascal Pinon "sunder" (Morr Music)
79. Telemann "brilliant sanity" (Moshi Moshi)
80. Kent "då som nu för alltid" (RCA)
81. Tears Run Rings "in surges" (Deep Space Recordings)
82. Josefin Öhrn And The Liberation "mirage" (Gone Beyond)
83. Redspencer "perks" (Deaf Ambitions)
84. Still Parade "concrete vision" (Heist Or Hit)
85. Hurry "guided mediation" (Lame-O)
86. Bolywool "hymnals & bombs" (Novoton)
87. Lisa Hannigan "at swim" (Hoop Recordings/Play It Again Sam)
88. Palms On Fire "where are the grey clouds going" (Shelflife)
89. Brothers In Law "raise" (We Were Never Being Boring)
90. Sunflower Bean "human ceremony" (Fat Possum)
91. Lindy Vopnfjörd "frozen in time" (white)
92. Swaying Wires "i left a house burning" (Battle Worldwide/Soulfood)
93. Cheap Star "songs for the farrelly brothers" (Remi Vassiere)
94. Snowblink "returning current" (Returning Current)
95. Frøkedal "hold on dreamer" (Propeller Recordings)
96. Emil Landman "an unexpected view" (V2)
97. Moon City Boys "i need more" (Törncrantz Musik)
98. Låtsaspoeten "två steg fram" (Jon Rinneby)
99. Haley Bonar "impossible dream" (Gndwire/Thirty Tigers)
100. Pg.lost "versus" (Pelagic)

"45 minutes" Top 100 Singles des Jahres 2016
Bei den Single-Charts sind vor allem VÖs in die Wertung eingeflossen, die als eigenständige Single oder EP (also keine Album-Auskopplungen, Vorab- oder Re-Releases) erschienen sind. In Ausnahmefällen lagen die kompletten Alben nicht vor.

01. Eggstone "like so" (Sousafon)
02. Mumrunner "gentle slopes ep" (Soliti)
03. Stephen's Shore "ocean blue ep" (Cloudberry)
04. Hater "mental haven" (PNKSLM Recordings)
05. Farväl Till Ungdomen "tredje världskriget" (Luxury)
06. Katohjärta "katohjärta" (Det Svenska Musikundret/Hybris)
07. Havet "såna som aldrig blir kära" (Rehn Music Group)
08. Luxury Death "painkiller" (Art Is Hard)
09. Delay Trees "brightest eyes" (Soliti)
10. Airiel "cloudburst" (Shelflife)
11. The New Tigers "vindications ep" (Soliti)
12. The Seed Coat "reflections of your mind" (Fonomonik)
13. Matti Bye "elephants made the piano ep" (1631 Recordings)
14. The Color Waves "play along" (white)
15. Panda Panda "millions ep" (Riot Factory)
16. Lightning In A Twilight Hour "and all the ships at sea" (Elefant)
17. Lush "blind spot ep" (Edamame)
18. Majoriteten "ikväll har vi staden för oss själva" (white)
19. Summer Heart "colours ep" (Drömljud Recordings)
20. Finnmark! "cycling" (Beko)
21. Swimming Tapes "set the fire/souvenirs" (Flying Vinyl)
22. Terry Vs. Tori "terry vs. tori ep" (Beko)
23. Nord & Syd "alla mina vänner" (Bird)
24. Day Wave "wasting time" (Harvest)
25. Allo Darlin¹ "hymn on the 45" (Fortuna Pop)
26. Pia Fraus "autumn winds" (SekSound)
27. Dolce "säg nåt vanligt" (Nomethod)
28. Liv "wings of love" (Ingrid)
29. Holy Now "sorry i messed up ep" (Luxury)
30. Delagoon "somehow" (Hybris)
31. Luxury Death "i feel your pain" (PNKSLM Recordings)
32. Senilità "back to the frozen lake" (Beko)
33. La Sera "queens ep" (Polyvinyl)
34. Hater "radius ep" (PNKSLM Recordings)
35. Agent Blå "frustrerad" (Luxury)
36. Day Wave "hard to read" (Fat Possum)
37. Boys "happy hour" (PNKSLM Recordings)
38. Diet. "the rip" (Beko)
39. Sonic Visions "lights go out" (Soliti)
40. Plaza "youth" (Beyond The Wall)
41. A Novel Resort "island of atlas ep" (Jigsaw)
42. Samū "in my head" (No Forevers)
43. School ¹94 "bound ep" (Luxury)
44. Innerspace Orchestra "one way glass" (Smile Recordings)
45. Seabirds "independent horses" (Matinée Recordings)
46. Satellite Stories "miracle" (Universal)
47. Burning Hearts "work of art" (8raita)
48. Misty Coast "funny world" (Brililance Records/Diamond Club)
49. Luxury Death "radiator face" (PNKSLM Recordings)
50. Axel Flóvent "your ghost" (Epic)
51. Pale Honey "real thing" (Bolero Recordings)
52. Los Campesinos! "i broke up in amarante" (Wichita Recordings)
53. The Perfect English Weather "isobar blues" (Matinée Recordings)
54. Dear Tracks "soft dreams ep" (Track And Field/Furious Hooves)
55. The Northern East "made out of chrome" (Nordmark)
56. Sonic Visions "into yesterday" (Soliti)
57. Holy Now "wishlist" (Lazy Octopus)
58. Oktoberklubben "everyday" (West Coast Recordings)
59. The Seashells "thoughtlessness" (Cloudberry)
60. Light Parade "vanity" (Modernshortcuts)
61. Virkelig "uansett ka" (white)
62. Makeout Point "the place where we used to live" (Haerskarteknologi)
63. Del III "guds dotter ep" (Repulsiv)
64. Peter Morén "rytmen i blodet" (Ingrid)
65. Simian Ghost "fun" (Nomethod)
66. Callmekat "mouth of time ep" (Caroline/Total Heaviosity Music)
67. Skiing "mother of the unicorn ep" (white)
68. JaKönigJa "woher kommst du?" (Buback Tonträger)
69. Viola Beach "boys that sing/like a fool" (Communion Group Ltd)
70. Sleepy "edelweiss" (white)
71. Dream Wife "ep 01" (Lucky Number Music)
72. Tokyo Police Club "melon collie and the infinite radness, pt. 1 ep"
(Team 8 Recordings/Dine Alone Music Inc.)
73. Galants "galants ep" (Jingsaw)
74. Drangsal "allan align" (Universal)
75. We Show Up On Radar "today my worry is" (Hello Thor)
76. T.O.Y.S "g-a-c" (Odd Box)
77. Boys "all my friends" (PNKSLM Recordings)
78. The Mary Onettes "juna" (Cascine)
79. The Tapestry "we talk" (Playing With Sound)
80. Pale Spectres "d(r)iving" (Cloudberry)
81. Wild Fauna "crooked smile" (white)
82. Delay Trees "its not who you are" (Soliti)
83. Joana Serrat Feat. Neil Halstead "cloudy heart" (Loose Music)
84. Cat Princess "the sun also rises" (Spinnup)
85. Oldboy "where am i going" (Spinnup)
86. Black Honey "headspin ep" (Foxfive)
87. Oxen "releases ep" (This Is Scandinavia/Spinnup)
88. Magic Potion "cola boyys" (PNKSLM Recordings)
89. Strange Hellos "broken teenage heart" (Diamond Club)
90. Sonic Visions "lost in between" (Soliti)
91. Stars In Coma "the world is always ending ep" (599238 Records DK)
92. Loney, Dear "hulls" (Haldern Pop Recordings)
93. Sonic Visions "lost in between" (Soliti)
94. Goat "i sing in silence" (Rocket Recordings)
95. The Pooches "heart attack" (Lame-O)
96. Sløtface "sponge state ep" (Propeller Recordings)
97. Håkan Hellström "din tid kommer" (Tro Och Tvivel/Woah Dad!)
98. Slowes "something special" (Noon Pacific)
99. Pinemen "predictions" (PNKSLM Recordings)
100. Rebecka Bodén "deeper than the sea ep" (Havtorn/Bengans)