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"45 minutes" Top 100 Album des Jahres 2017
Bei den Album-Charts sind keine Best Of-Alben, V/A-Compilations oder Re-Releases berücksichtigt worden.

01. Hater "you tried" (Punk Slime Recordings)
02. Underground Lovers "staring at you staring at me" (Rubber)
03. Gingerlys "s/t" (Topshelf)
04. Katohjärta "inget kommer ordna sig" (Det Svenska Musikundret/Hybris)
05. Beach Fossils "somersault" (Bayonet/Secretly Publishing)
06. Last Leaves "other towns than ours" (The Lost And Lonesome)
07. Bedroom Eyes "greetings from northern sweden" (Startracks)
08. Gold Class "drum" (Felte)
09. Fazerdaze "morningside" (Flying Nun)
10. Hazel English "just give in/never going home" (Marathon Artists Limited)
11. Simen Mitlid "everything is the shame" (Koke Plate)
12. Ciggie Witch "mad music" (The Lost And Lonesome/Matinée Recordings)
13. Shout Out Louds "ease my mind" (Merge)
14. Infinity Girl "somewhere nice, someday" (white)
15. Alvvays "antisocialites" (Polyvinyl)
16. Delay Trees "let go" (Soliti)
17. Husky "punchbuzz" (Nevado Music/Embassy Of Music)
18. Burning Hearts "battlefields" (Solina)
19. Los Campesinos! "sick scenes" (Wichita)
20. Säkert! "däggdjur" (Razzia/Family Tree Music AB)
21. Caroline Says "50,000,000 elvis fans can't be wrong" (Western Vinyl)
22. Kakkmaddafakka "hus" (Bergen Mafia)
23. Slowdive "s/t" (Dead Oceans)
24. Mattias Alkberg "åtminstone artificiell intelligens" (Teg Publishing)
25. The Northern East "harpsi shimmer" (Nordmark)
26. Kettcar "ich vs. wir" (Grand Hotel Van Cleef)
27. Ride "weather diaries" (Wichita Recordings/Pias)
28. Airiel "molten young lovers" (Shelflife)
29. Francisco The Man "bodies in the sun" (white)
30. Kraftklub "keine nacht für niemand" (Vertigo)
31. Pia Fraus "field ceremony" (Seksound)
32. Water From Your Eyes "long days, no dreams" (white)
33. Anna Ternheim "all the way to rio" (BMG)
34. Dolce "av liv och grönska" (Nomethod/Startracks)
35. Christiane Rösinger "lieder ohne leiden" (Staatsakt)
36. Day Wave "the days we had" (Harvest)
37. Hoops "routines" (Fat Possum)
38. Star Tropics "lost world" (Shelflife/Fastcut)
39. Jens Lekman "life will see you now" (Secretly Canadian)
40. Satellite Stories "young detectives" (MxyZ Music H.B)
41. It's For Us "come with me" (Luxury)
42. Solen "känslor säljer/miljonär" (Playground Music)
43. Guggi Data "pop/rock" (Luxury)
44. Panda Riot "infinity maps" (white)
45. Simian Ghost "s/t" (Heist Or Hit)
46. Makthaverskan "makthaverskan III" (Run For Cover)
47. Pale Honey "devotion" (Bolero)
48. Milk Teddy "time catches up with milk teddy" (The Lost And Lonesome)
49. Casper Skulls "mercy works" (Buzz)
50. Agent Blå "s/t" (Luxury)
51. Cigarettes After Sex "s/t" (Partisan)
52. Misty Coast "s/t" (white)
53. The Luxembourg Signal "blue field" (Shelflife)
54. Imitating Aeroplanes "planet language" (Propeller Recordings)
55. Real Estate "in mind" (Domino)
56. Pete Fij & Terry Bickers "we are millionaires" (Broadcast Recording)
57. Jay-Jay Johanson "bury the hatchet" (Kuroneko Music Group/A.R.T)
58. Mats Wawa "mild nights" (Ville Vesten Plateforening)
59. Blush "s/t" (Arrowhawk)
60. Hans Maria Richter "die welt zu gast beim feind" (Chateau Lala)
61. Kommode "analog dance music" (Brilliance)
62. Easy "a heartbeat from eternity" (A Turntable Friend)
63. Frankie Rose "cage tropical" (Slumberland)
64. She Sir "rival island" (Shelflife)
65. Holy Holy "paint" (Wonderlick)
66. The Clientele "music for the age of miracles" (Tapete)
67. Amy O "elastic" (Winspear)
68. Sea Pinks "watercourse" (CF)
69. The Raveonettes "2016 atomized" (Beat Dies)
70. Loney Dear "s/t" (Real World)
71. The New Pornographers "whiteout conditions" (New P's LLC)
72. 31Ø8 "31Ø8 (blue)" (Jigsaw)
73. Monster Movie "keep the voices distant" (Graveface & Curiosities)
74. Life On Venus "encounters" (Shelflife)
75. Holy Family "values" (Melodic)
76. The Charlatans "different days" (BMG)
77. Marc Elston ²i¹ll build a better castle² (white)
78. Henrik Berggren "wolf's heart" (Woah Dad!)
79. Hand Habits "wildly idle (humble before the void)" (Woodsist)
80. Sleep Party People "lingering" (Joyful Noise Recordings)
81. Moto Boy "new music" (Kailudvig)
82. Tennis "yours conditionally" (Mutually Detrimental)
83. Sodastream "little by little" (white)
84. The Creases "tremolow" (Libaration Music)
85. Love Sport "dull tracks" (Soliti)
86. The Popguns "sugar kisses" (Matinée Recordings)
87. The White Album "songs from the sun" (Warner)
88. Hajk "s/t" (Jansen Plateproduksjon)
89. Sondre Lerche "pleasure" (House Of Hassle)
90. Seasurfer "under the milkyway ... who cares?" (Saint Marie)
91. Rostam "half-light" (Nonesuch)
92. Sløtface "try not to freak out" (Propeller Recordings)
93. Kane Strang "two hearts and no brain" (Dead Oceans)
94. Marika Hackman "i¹m not your man" (AMF/Sub Pop)
95. The Arctic Flow "umbrella" (594392 Records DK)
96. Lotte Kestner "off white" (Saint Marie)
97. Jennie Abrahamson "Reverseries" (Hot Sweet The Sound)
98. Novella "change of state" (white)
99. Molly Nilsson "Imaginations" (Dark Skies Association)
100. Orange Crate Art "quantum distortion in empty space" (white)

"45 minutes" Top 100 Singles des Jahres 2017
Bei den Single-Charts sind vor allem VÖs in die Wertung eingeflossen, die als eigenständige Single oder EP (also keine Album-Auskopplungen, Vorab- oder Re-Releases) erschienen sind. In Ausnahmefällen lagen die kompletten Alben nicht vor.

01. Hater "red blinders" (Fire)
02. Cina Polada "gloom ep" (Strangers Candy)
03. Terry Vs. Tori "leap day ep" (Spirit Goth)
04. Say Sue Me "good for some reason" (Damnably)
05. Makeout Point "indie girlfriend" (white)
06. Water From Your Eyes "feels a lot like ep" (white)
07. Hater "coming down" (Punk Slime Recordings)
08. Magnus Carlson "mitt hjärta" (Amigo/Cosmos Music)
09. Verandan "verandan ep" (Soliti)
10. The Modern Times "motörhead" (Drabant Music)
11. Four Eyes "my athens" (white)
12. Are You Having Fun Yet "s/t" (white)
13. Kathinka "peace and love" (Kontrabande)
14. Honeymilk "havslåten" (Birds)
15. First Aid Kit "you are the problem here" (Jagadamba/Columbia)
16. Eldoradio "china house" (Welfare Sounds & Records)
17. Delay Trees "don't be afraid" (Soliti)
18. Elva "tailwind/dreaming with our feet" (Where It's At Is Where You Are)
19. The Primitives "new thrills ep" (Elefant)
20. Anna Burch "2 cool 2 care" (Heavenly Recordings)
21. The Embassy "background music for action people" (International Ltd.)
22. I Was A King "just a friend" (Coastal Town Recordings)
23. Hvitmalt Gjerde "utenfor" (TIK/Playground)
24. Closing Eyes "close to me" (Eget Selskap)
25. Duschpalatset "sjöstjärna" (Nomethod)
26. Seapony "be here again ep" (Burrito Thirty)
27. Great News "never get my love" (Eget Selskap)
28. Twelve Steps "this is u.s.a." (white)
29. Rain On Monday "kill my love" (Spinnup)
30. We. The Pigs "#2 ep" (Discos De Kirlian)
31. The Darling Buds "evergreen ep" (Odd Box)
32. Ludvig Moon "all our friends ep" (Riot Factory)
33. Hjerteslag "kong oscars gate" (Eget Selskap)
34. Worst Place "dreamer" (Art Is Hard)
35. Foammm "sailor doom" (Sheep Chase)
36. Seazoo "shoreline" (white)
37. Orouni "somewhere in dreamland" (Les Disques Pavillon)
38. Luxury Death "glue ep" (Punk Slime Recordings)
39. Battery Point "star ep" (white)
40. Echo Ladies "nothing ever lasts" (Hybris)
41. Line & Circle "vicious folly ep² (Grand Gallop)
42. William Adam "chimär ep" (Nomethod)
43. Les Big Byrd "two man gang" (Punk Slime Recordings)
44. Plume Of Feathers "one year on" (white)
45. Between Mountains "little sunny flower" (white)
46. Love Dance "cul-de-sac" (Brilliance)
47. Holy "heard her" (Punk Slime Recordings)
48. Tomiji "tomiji ep" (Kocliko)
49. No Vacation "mind fields" (Topself)
50. Shifty Cruz "vile" (A West Side Fabrication)
51. Boy Pablo "roy pablo" (777)
52. Tuvaband "mess ep" (Brilliance)
53. Roan "runaway" (white)
54. Shine 2009 "happy" (Cascine)
55. Closing Eyes Feat. Emil Nikolaisen "bambole" (Eget Selskap)
56. Jay-Jay Johanson "advice to my younger self ep" (29 Music)
57. Belle And Sebastian "how to solve our human problems (part 1)" (Matador)
58. Melby "melby ep" (Rama Lama)
59. The Spook School "someone to spend christmas with" (Slumberland)
60. The Radio Dept. "teach me to forget ep" (Labrador)
61. Old Amica "juli göteborg" (white)
62. Steve Buscemi's Dreamy Eyes Ft. Matilda Wiezell "closer" (Rama Lama)
63. Guggi Data "au pair" (Luxury)
64. Natalie Migdal "i¹ve run out of words" (Raccoon Recordings)
65. Geowulf "relapse-ep" (37 Adventures)
66. Chemtrails "watch evil grow" (Punk Slime Recordings)
67. Maria Leck "adrenaline" (white)
68. Soda Fountain Rag "keep my headphones on ep" (Kocliko)
69. AstroMike Gordon "i will save you maryanne" (Paltunes)
70. Litku Klemetti "yöt on unta varten" (Luova)
71. Duschpalatset "drönare" (Nomethod)
72. Company Ink "eat your ropes" (white)
73. Tennis "we can die happy" (Mutually Detrimental)
74. Havet "bipolär ep" (Rehn Music Group)
75. Tesse "i¹ll tell you in the morning" (Independent)
76. Seafang "solid gold ep" (Emotional Response)
77. Rheya "franchise" (white)
78. Pöllöt "almanakka" (Svart)
79. Makeout Point "audrey" (white)
80. Honeymilk "trip" (Birds)
81. Anna Burch "asking 4 a friend" (Heavenly Recordings)
82. The Perfect English Weather "english winter ep" (Matinée Recordings)
83. Francis "swing" (Strangers Candy)
84. Panda Panda "slacker" (Riot Factory)
85. Afterpartees "life is easy" (Excelsior)
86. The Whooperups "sensible daydreams ep" (Everything Sucks Music)
87. Hey Elbow "tell me" (Adrian)
88. Geowulf "drink too much" (37 Adventures)
89. Men I Trust "i hope to be around" (white)
90. No Vacation "yam yam" (Topself)
91. The Keep Left Signs "tomorrow ep" (Kocliko)
92. Seazoo "roy's world" (white)
93. Club 8 "breathe" (Labrador)
94. Paul Thomas Saunders "christmas the sequel" (RT 60 Recordings)
95. Remington Super 60 "indie pop for kids vol.1" (Cafe Superstar)
96. Alice Boman "dreams" (Adrian)
97. Night Moves "carl sagan ep" (Domino)
98. Torg "forever elevator" (white)
99. Swap Babies "furnished man-ep" (Dubious)
100. Pom Poko "it¹s a trap" (white)