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"45 minutes" Top 100 Album des Jahres 2018
Bei den Album-Charts sind keine Best Of-Alben, V/A-Compilations oder Re-Releases berücksichtigt worden.

01. Grüner Star "durch die zukunft richtung nacht" (Dian Recordings)
02. The Goon Sax "we're not talking" (Wichita Recordings)
03. Hater "siesta" (Fire)
04. Peter Bjorn And John "darker days" (Ingrid)
05. The Go! Team "semicircle" (Memphis Industries)
06. The Beremy Jets "careless" (Somewherecold)
07. Hästpojken "hästpojken är död" (Tamiami)
08. Tahiti 80 "the sunshine beat, vol. 1" (Human Sounds)
09. Annika Norlin/Jens Lekman "correspondence" (Secretly Canadian)
10. Palace Winter "nowadays" (Tambourhinoceros)
11. The Sidekicks "happiness hours" (Epitaph)
12. Magnus Carlson "a nordic soul" (Amigo, Cosmos Music)
13. Sobs "telltale signs" (Middle Class Cigars)
14. Many Voices Speak "tank town" (Strangers Candy/Hit City U.S.A.)
15. Satellite Stories "cut out the lights" (Playground Music)
16. Nord & Syd "80%" (Birds)
17. Say Sue Me "where we were together" (Damnably & Electric Muse)
18. Malcolm Middleton "bananas" (Triassic Tusk)
19. Stephen's Shore "september love" (Meritorio)
20. High Sunn "missed connections" (Punk Slime Recordings)
21. Frøkedal "how we made it" (Propeller Recordings)
22. Holy Now "think i need the light" (Lazy Octopus)
23. Klass II "s/t" (Luxury)
24. Snail Mail "lush" (Matador)
25. Honeymilk "i want you to be very happy" (Birds)
26. The Greeting Committee "this is it" (Harvest)
27. The Embassy "white lake" (International)
28. Gwenno "le kov" (Heavenly Recordings)
29. The Essex Green "hardly electronic" (Merge)
30. Flasher "constant image" (Domino)
31. The Holy Ghost "mountain street songs" (Sublevels)
32. Smokescreens "used to yesterday" (Slumberland)
33. The Wombats "beautiful people will ruin your life" (Excelsior Recordings)
34. Amber Arcades "european heartbreak" (Heavenly Recordings)
35. The Spook School "could it be different?" (Alcopop!)
36. Tape Waves "distant light" (Bleeding Gold)
37. Film School "bright to death" (Hauskat)
38. The Amazing "in transit" (Partisan)
39. Wallflower "ever after" (Fastcut)
40. Closing Eyes "soft years" (white)
41. Kristoffer Bolander "what never was will always be" (Tapete)
42. Night Flowers "wild notion" (Dirty Bingo)
43. Castlebeat "vhs" (Spirit Goth)
44. Statues "adult lobotomy" (Chalksounds/Nomethod)
45. Flowertruck "mostly sunny" (white)
46. The Spectors "ooh aah aah" (Noisesome Recordings)
47. Afterpartees "life is easy" (Excelsior Recordings)
48. The New Tigers "do xao" (Soliti)
49. Ljus "mörkrets prins" (Human And Machine)
50. Geowulf "great big blue" (37 Adventures)
51. Kathinka "s/t" (Apollon)
52. Caroline Says "no fool like an old fool" (Western Vinyl)
53. Markus Krunegård "i huvet på en idiot, i en bar, på en ö,
i ett hav, på en ö, i en bar, i huvet på en idiot" (Ojoy)
54. Holy "all these worlds are yours" (Punk Slime Recordings)
55. Alpaca Sports "from paris with love" (Elefant)
56. Avind "evig blenda" (Snertingdal)
57. The Beths "future me hates me" (Carpark)
58. Vacations "changes" (Campbell Burns)
59. Helltown "how to be happy" (757732 Records DK)
60. Papercuts "parallel universe blues" (Slumberland)
61. Wild Nothing "indigo" (Secretly Publishing)
62. Sugarplum Fairies "payday flowers" (Starfish)
63. Death Cab For Cutie "thank you for today" (Atlantic)
64. Clearance "at your leisure" (Topshelf)
65. Golden Drag "pink sky" (Buzz)
66. Echo Ladies "pink noise" (Hybris)
67. The Declining Winter "belmont slope" (Home Assembly Music)
68. Taken By Trees "yellow to blue" (Art:ery/Shir)
69. Hey Elbow "c0c0c0" (Adrian Recordings)
70. Kassia Klein "death to all things pop" (Luxury)
71. Watoo Watoo "modern express" (Jigsaw)
72. Postcards "i¹ll be here in the morning" (Ruptured)
73. Anna Burch "quit the curse" (Heavenly Recordings)
74. Ghost World "spin" (Svart)
75. Hurry "every little thought" (Lame-O)
76. Red Red Eyes "horology" (Wiaiwya)
77. Boys "rest in peace" (Punk Slime Recordings)
78. Testbild! "stad" (Kalligrammofon)
79. Winter "ethereality" (Laptra Discos)
80. Great News "wonderfault" (Eget Selskap)
81. Beat Degeneration "searching for some heaven" (Jigsaw)
82. Oktoberklubben "the orust tapes" (West Coast Recordings)
83. Hibou "something familiar" (Barsuk)
84. The Chills "snow bound" (Fire)
85. Vundabar "smell smoke" (Gawk)
86. Dylan Mondegreen "a place in the sun" (white)
87. Tim Burgess "as i was now" (Ogenesis)
88. TV Girl "death of a party girl" (white)
89. Pascal Babare "endless room" (white)
90. Très Oui "poised to flourish" (Shrimper)
91. The Perfect English Weather "don't you wanna
feel the rain?" (Matinée Recordings)
92. Laura Veirs "the lookout" (Bella Union)
93. Pageants "forever" (Eye Dull)
94. Rådjuret "rådjuret" (Luxury)
95. Areskog & Bergqvist "slutstationen" (Malmö Inre)
96. Sea Pinks "rockpool blue" (CF)
97. Triptides "visitors" (Requiem Pour Un Twister)
98. Math And Physics Club "lived here before" (Fika/Matinée Recordings)
99. Modern Leisure "super sad rom-com" (Staycation)
100. Eternal Summers "every day it feels like i¹m gying ..." (Nevado Music)

"45 minutes" Top 100 Singles des Jahres 2018
Bei den Single-Charts sind vor allem VÖs in die Wertung eingeflossen, die als eigenständige Single oder EP (also keine Album-Auskopplungen, Vorab- oder Re-Releases) erschienen sind. In Ausnahmefällen lagen die kompletten Alben nicht vor.

01. Company Ink "crew" (Diamond Club)
02. The Radio Dept. "your true name" (Just So!)
03. Black Guillemot "man on the moon ep" (Merge)
04. Pikekyss "vår by" (Nuud Music)
05. Battery Point "a memory for today ep" (white)
06. Foundlings "your sister" (white)
07. Between Mountains "into the dark" (white)
08. Eldoradio "cult ep" (white)
09. Wallows "spring ep" (Atlantic Recording)
10. Girl In Red "we fell in love in october" (Marie Ulven)
11. Piroshka "everlastingly yours" (Bella Union)
12. Botschaft "sozialisiert in der brd" (Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten)
13. Fontaines D.C. "winter in the sun" (Partisan)
14. Agent Blå "medium rare ep" (Luxury)
15. Honungsvägen "inga skor" (Hi Hat Music)
16. Oslo Oscillator "newlands" (Diamond Club)
17. Melby "reject" (Rama Lama)
18. Beverly Kills "fourteen" (white)
19. Sufjan Stevens "lonely man of winter" (Asthmatic Kitty)
20. Deep Cut "hanging around" (Gare Du Nord)
21. Girl In Red "chapter 1 ep" (Marie Ulven)
22. Misty Coast "eleven months" (Brilliance)
23. Relay Tapes "semblance ep" (white)
24. The Radio Dept. "going down swinging" (Just So!)
25. Fanclub "leaves" (white)
26. Hatchie "sugar & spice ep" (Heavenly Recordings)
27. Beezewax "rainbows" (Sellout! Music)
28. Mauer "come on over" (Welfare Sounds)
29. Company Ink "emotion mafia" (Bakoversveis)
30. Tears Run Rings "somewhere ep" (Shelflife Recordings)
31. I Was A King "clouds" (Coastal Town Recordings)
32. The Sideways "isle of you" (white)
33. Gus Dapperton "you think you're a comic!" (white)
34. La Lusid "empty bones" (Birds)
35. Duets And Stuff "already gone" (Bolero Recordings)
36. Burning House "tracer ep" (939028 Records DK)
37. Matty "how can he be" (white)
38. Star Horse "albatross" (Startracks)
39. Purrpurr "aldrig som dig" (Fading Trails Recordings)
40. An Horse "get out somehow" (white)
41. Launder "pink cloud ep" (white)
42. The Stillwalkers "slow moves" (939028 Records DK)
43. Lowly "wood" (Bella Union)
44. Comet Gain "if not tomorrow / i was more of a mess then" (Tapete)
45. Foundlings "horizon" (white)
46. Doktor Kosmos "hålla din hand" (Dubious)
47. The Muldoons "lovely things" (BeSquare)
48. Jetstream Pony "self-destruct reality ep"
(Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten/712550 Records DK)
49. Tinsel Heart "mona's eyes" (Matinée Recordings)
50. Frontrunner "tick-tock (frontrunner)" (Oscar St.)
51. 500 Mil "mekano, andra delen" (white)
52. Jonas Bergsten feat. Annika Norlin "minnet kanske väljer
bort det dåliga" (Ncb)
53. Les Big Byrd "a little more numb" (Punk Slime Recordings)
54. Beverly Kills "dreamless" (white)
55. Chain Wallet "ride" (Jansen)
56. Winter & Triptides "amiga" (OAR)
57. Linn Koch-Emmery "don't sleep on my luv" (Welfare Sounds & Records)
58. The Blue Herons "all i keep inside" (white)
59. Melby "overthinking" (Rama Lama)
60. Ring Snuten "solkatter eldvatten" (Kanonljud)
61. Belle And Sebastian "how to solve our human problems (part 2)" (Matador)
62. Remington Super 60 "a winter song" (Cafe Superstar Recordings)
63. El Perro Del Mar "we are history ep" (Ging Ging Recordings)
64. Kidsmoke "sister sadness" (white)
65. Monnone Alone "cut knuckle" (Lost And Lonesome)
66. Mikey Collins "sound in here" (Fika Recordings)
67. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever "mainland" (Sub Pop)
68. Gurr "hot summer" (white)
69. The Decemberists "traveling on ep" (Rough Trade)
70. Alvvays "pecking order" (Polyvinyl)
71. The Belafontes "where the city meets the sea" (white)
72. Axel Flóvent "youthful hearts" (Lighthouse Recordings)
73. Toy Savoy "in blue" (Ikenai!)
74. We Float "rem" (Havtorn)
75. October Drift "all broken down" (Bad Rival)
76. Young Scum "wasting time" (white)
77. Massage "lydia" (Tear Jerk)
78. Free Cake For Every Creature "around you" (Double Double Whammy)
79. Ride "tomorrow's shore EP" (Wichita)
80. Amusement Parks On Fire "all the new ends ep" (Saint Marie)
81. The Charlatans "totally eclipsing ep" (BMG)
82. Norra Reviret "driver ep" (Startracks, Playground)
83. Its For Us "stay" (Novoton)
84. The BV's "interpunktion ep" (Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten)
85. Tuvaband "horses" (AntiFragile Music)
86. Busy Tanning "modern times" (Dissonans)
87. Ilgen-Nur "matter of time" (Euphorie)
88. Blushh "thx 4 asking" (Yellow K)
98. Oxen "limbo" (white)
90. Big Fox "the fight" (Hybris)
91. Carbon Poppies "rain on my face ep" (Elefant)
92. Boundaries "always a way" (Popup)
93. Sibille Attar "paloma¹s hand ep" (Punk Slime Recordings)
94. Family Values "if i can't love her" (Snertingdal)
95. Alcabean "getaway" (We Are Suburban)
96. Stina Stjern "cold endless ice" (Sellout! Music)
97. Tella Viv "bang boom crash" (Bolero Recordings)
98. Moaning Lisa "do you know enough?" (Father/Daughter)
99. Spiral Perm "just because you can't see it
(doesn't mean it's not there)" (white)
100. Hanutten "inte din skuld" (Spinnup)