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"45 minutes" Top 100 Album des Jahres 2019
Bei den Album-Charts sind keine Best Of-Alben, V/A-Compilations oder Re-Releases berücksichtigt worden.

01. Wallows "nothing happens" (Atlantic Recordings)
02. Underground Lovers "a left turn" (Rubber Musics)
03. Crane Like The Bird "s/t" (white)
04. Ilgen-Nur "power nap" (Euphorie)
05. Sacred Paws "run around the sun" (Rock Action)
06. Star Horse "you said forever" (Startracks)
07. Youth Group "australian halloween" (Ivy League)
08. Death And Vanilla "are you a dreamer?" (Fire)
09. Ride "this is not a safe place" (Wichita)
10. Westkust "s/t" (Luxury)
11. Thees Uhlmann "junkies und scientologen" (Grand Hotel Van Cleef)
12. Penelope Isles "until the tide creeps in" (Bella Union)
13. Honungsvägen "s/t" (Hi Hat Music)
14. I Saw You Yesterday "calm days" (Dead Funny)
15. Beezewax "peace jazz" (Sellout! Music)
16. Lost Film "zero summer" (white)
17. Weeping Willows "after us" (Razzia, Family Tree Music AB)
18. Amber Clouds "here's to feeling good all the time" (Ravgule Skyer)
19. Emma Russack "winter blues" (Spunk)
20. Harlan "s/t" (white)
21. Britta Persson "dikt och toner om personer" (Forevers)
22. Water From Your Eyes "somebody else's song" (Exploding In Sound)
23. Foammm "s/t" (Sheep Chase)
24. I Was A King "slow century" (Coastal Town Recordings)
25. Bob Hund "0-100" (Adrian Recordings)
26. Jay-Jay Johanson "kings cross" (29 Music, Kuroneko)
27. Snail Mail "habit" (Matador)
28. Botschaft "musik verändert nichts" (Tapete)
29. Fontaines D.C. "dogrel" (Partisan)
30. An Horse "modern air" (Grand Hotel Van Cleef)
31. Misty Coast "melodaze" (Brilliance)
32. Younghusband "swimmers" (Opposite Number)
33. Bergen "s/t" (ORD)
34. Hunny "yes. yes. yes. yes. yes." (Epitaph)
35. 5wimming Tapes "morningside" (Hand In Hive)
36. Butcher The Bar "III" (Bobo Integral)
37. Hibou "halve" (Barsuk)
38. Alcabean "confessions" (We Are Suburban)
39. Stella Donnelly "beware of the dogs" (Secretly Canadian)
40. Gold Celeste "the gentle maverick" (Diger Distro)
41. Business Of Dreams "ripe for anarchy" (Slumberland)
42. Spearmint "are you from the future?" (Hitback)
43. Chain Wallet "the colour white" (Jansen Plateproduksjon)
44. Jeanines "s/t" (Slumberland)
45. Deep Cut "different planet" (Gare Du Nord)
46. Pastis "circles" (Stupido, Playground Music)
47. The New Pornographers "in the morse code of brake lights" (New P's LLC)
48. Sambassadeur "survival" (European)
49. The Stroppies "whoosh" (Tough Love)
50. Agent Blå "morning thoughts" (Luxury)
51. Mammoth Penguins "there's no fight we can't both win" (Fika Recordings)
52. Surf Friends "doing your thing" (Flying Nun)
53. Maria Due "the colour white" (Bored Airline Music)
54. Konradsen "saints and sebastian stories" (Su Tissue)
55. Peter Morén & David Shutrick "en åldrande befolkning" (Startracks)
56. Melby "none of this makes me worry" (Sinnbus)
57. Amason "galaxy i" (Amasonason)
58. Friska Viljor "broken" (Crying Bob)
59. Marble Arch "children of the slump" (Géographie)
60. Brightness "s/t" (I Oh You)
61. Duschpalatset "vinnarmusik" (ORD)
62. A Beacon School "cola" (Grind Select And House Arrest)
63. Pernice Brothers "spread the feeling" (Ashmont)
64. It's For Us "stay" (Novoton)
65. Highnoon "semi sweet" (Cicada Choir)
66. The Modern Times "algorhythmic dance music" (Black Pop)
67. Vivian Girls "memory" (Polyvinyl)
68. Little May "blame my body" (Dew Process)
69. Piroshka "brickbat" (Bella Union)
70. Swervedriver "future ruins" (Rock Action)
71. Väärt "drömälv" (Lemmel Kaffe)
72. Tallies "s/t" (Fear Of Missing Out)
73. Elva "winter sun" (Tapete)
74. The BV's "cartography" (Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten)
75. Kitty Kat Fan Club "dreamy little you" (Asian Man)
76. Belle And Sebastian "days of the bagnold summer" (Matador)
77. Hökartorget "idioterna vinner" (white)
78. Tyred Eyes "destroy everything you" (Welfare Sounds)
79. The Day "midnight parade" (Sinnbus)
80. No Suits In Miami "i hope that no one sees me" (Svart Kaffe)
81. Life On Venus "odes to the void" (white)
82. Kakkmaddafakka "diplomacy" (Bergen Mafia)
83. Comet Gain "fireraisers forever!" (Tapete)
84. Haleiwa "cloud formations" (Morr Music)
85. Whirr "feels like you" (white)
86. Hurula "klass" (Razzia, Family Tree)
87. The Bland "beautiful distance" (Backseat)
88. Neøv "volant" (Clouds Hill)
89. Anja Bigrell "måste lägga av" (Byn Musik)
90. Barnet "tänk på döden" (Sing A Song Fighter)
91. Local Store "magpie and the moon" (BJK Music)
92. Grand Island "young hawk and i" (Sinalong)
93. Desperate Journalist "in search of the miraculous" (Fierce Panda)
94. Anemone "beat my distance" (Luminelle Recordings)
95. Pi Ja Ma "nice to meet u" (Bleep Machine, Cinq 7, Wagram Music)
96. Chastity Belt "s/t" (Hardly Art)
97. Sunbeam Sound Machine "goodness gracious" (Dot Dash Recordings)
98. Pelicat "s/t" (Sellout! Music)
99. Keel Her "with kindness" (OGenesis)
100. Side Effects "some other day" (white)

"45 minutes" Top 100 Singles des Jahres 2019
Bei den Single-Charts sind vor allem VÖs in die Wertung eingeflossen, die als eigenständige Single oder EP (also keine Album-Auskopplungen, Vorab- oder Re-Releases) erschienen sind. In Ausnahmefällen lagen die kompletten Alben nicht vor.

01. Eggstone "the late" (Crunchy Frog)
02. Company Ink "the flip" (Propeller Recordings)
03. Beachheads "death of a nation" (Fysisk Format)
04. Girl In Red "chapter 2 ep" (Marie Ulven)
05. Hater "four tries down/it's a mess" (Fire)
06. Venerna "monstret ep" (white)
07. Drawing Maps "embracing the hazy" (Spinnup)
08. No Vacation "phasing ep" (Topshelf)
09. Hazel English "shaking" (Marathon Artists)
10. Pharmacist "you bore me half to death" (white)
11. Peter Bjorn And John "rusty nail" (PBJ Musik AB)
12. Stray Fossa "eyze" (white)
13. Grüner Star "split ep w/ elmar" (Broken Silence)
14. Film School "go (but not too far)" (Hauscat)
15. Tribe Friday "trying your luck ep" (white)
16. Knash "easy" (Septembernatt)
17. Beverly Kills "revellers" (Hell Beach)
18. Company Ink "young milk" (Propeller Recordings)
19. Kettcar "der süße duft der widersprüchlichkeit (ich vs. wir) ep"
(Grand Hotel Van Cleef)
20. En Attendant Ana "words" (Trouble In Mind)
21. Olov Antonsson "första ryktena om våren" (Gaphals)
22. Benz "erazor ep" (Better Call Rob)
23. Dim Vanilla "twist ep" (Breakfast)
24. Fuvk "golden girl ep" (white)
25. The Legends (Feat. Vilma Flood) "up!" (Golden Islands)
26. Spunsugar "mouth full of you ep" (Adrian Recordings)
27. Fanclub "uppercut" (white)
28. Terry Vs. Tori "heathers" (white)
29. Ludwig Bell (Feat. Peter Morén) "körsbärsblom i kungsträdgården" (Startracks)
30. Oh, Rose "easy" (Park The Van)
31. Nord & Syd "det som aldrig var, det som aldrig blev" (Birds)
32. Peter Bjorn And John "ebbj" (Ingrid)
33. Bombay Bicycle Club "eat, sleep, wake (nothing but you)" (Mmm...)
34. Tellef Raabe "i thought you knew" (Shapes Recordings)
35. Pia Fraus "sweet sunday snow" (Seksound)
36. Mint Julep "so you say" (Unseen Music)
37. Remington Super 60 "the highway again" (Café Superstar Recordings)
38. The Proctors "letters to the girl" (Shelflife)
39. Ella Blixt "hellsinkin ep" (Squeeze Day Recordings)
40. Better Oblivion Community Center "little trouble/sleepwalkin'"
(Dead Oceans)
41. Raketklubben "astronaut" (white)
42. Resirkulert "papirtiger" (white)
43. Jay Som "superbike" (Lucky Number Music Limited)
44. Beabadoobee "space cadet ep" (Dirty Hit)
45. Caroline Says "ohio river ep" (Western Vinyl)
46. Astral Brain "from above" (807822 Records DK)
47. Silverkulten "jubileum ep" (white)
48. Ducks Unlimited "get bleak ep" (Bobo Integral)
49. Soccer Mommy "lucy" (Loma Vista Recordings)
50. Peel Dream Magazine "up and up ep" (Tough Love)
51. Shelter Boy "mirage morning ep" (ZG500)
52. Ljushuvud "dra mig i örat ep" (white)
53. Frankie Rose "play for today" (Slumberland)
54. Stray Fossa "these days" (white)
55. Failed Flowers "faces" (Slumberland)
56. Divest "throw me off" (Sellout! Music)
57. Tugboat Captain "be strong, smoke less" (Gold Sounds)
58. Wild Belle "mockingbird" (Love Tone)
59. San Fermin "the hunger" (Better Company)
60. Kråkesølv "hundre runda rundt sola samles i ett sekund"
(Kråkesølv Plateselskapet)
61. Ludvig Moon "night walks" (Furuberget)
62. Board Of Bandits "soulmates" (Music Kickup)
63. Mi Von Ahn (Feat. Axel Jonsson Stridbeck & Jonatan Lundin) "ocean"
(Bolero Recordings)
64. Club 8 "så underbart va livet" (Golden Islands)
65. Lorelei "skylight" (white)
66. Winter "infinite summer ep" (Everything Blue)
67. Das Paradies "eis auf einer scholle" (Grönland)
68. The Wit "apple trees" (white)
69. Covey "gecko" (AntiFragile Music)
70. Skin Care "fire" (white)
71. Winterbourne "too many" (Island)
72. Killer Chilton "ibland kanske ep" (white)
73. Olivia's World "s/t" (white)
74. Vanishing Twin "magician's success" (Fire)
75. Fashion Brigade "first sunny day of the year" (Gentle Reminder)
76. Tristan Barton "talk to you" (Bartonov's Beet Farm)
77. Simen Mitlid "chaotic good" (white)
78. The Greeting Committee "i¹m afraid i¹m not angry" (Harvest)
79. The Entrepreneurs "joaquin" (Tambourhinoceros)
80. Honeymoan "body ep" (white)
81. The Confusions "close your eyes" (white)
82. Mauv "i like it here" (white)
83. The Belafontes "roll on ep" (white)
84. Ocelot "mä voin ottaa sun ikävän pois ep" (Soliti)
85. The Smallgoods "satellite" (Lost And Lonesome)
86. Valmai "woman" (Valmai Music)
87. Moddi "little by little" (Propeller Recordings)
88. The Hanged Man "good dreams" (Dubious)
89. Say Sue Me "your book/good people" (Damnably/Electric Muse)
90. Tape Trash "ghost town" (Furuberget)
91. Ludwig Bell (Feat. Linnea Olsson) "sista dansen" (Startracks)
92. Holy Now "it will all end in tears ep" (Lazy Octopus)
93. The Happy Somethings "it's christmas time (we're as miserable as sin)"
(1255604 Records DK)
94. Penny Diving "shotgun, she said" (white)
95. Mankind (Feat. Matilda Wiezell) "no doubt in my mind" (Lazy Octopus)
96. Internet Friends "kids i used to know" (Dogtown)
97. Randiga Rut "branden i vancouver" (Sing A Song Fighter)
98. Mt. Mélodie "only ghosts and useless things" (white)
99. Vita Bergen "falcons" (Woah Dad!)
100. Toy Savoy "church" (Kraakeslottet Platekompagni)