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"45 minutes" Top 100 Album des Jahres 2020
Bei den Album-Charts sind keine Best Of-Alben, V/A-Compilations oder Re-Releases berücksichtigt worden.

01. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever "sideways to new italy" (Sub Pop)
02. Badly Drawn Boy "banana skin shoes" (Awal Recordings, One Last Fruit)
03. Peel Dream Magazine "agitprop alterna" (Slumberland)
04. Tapeworms "funtastic" (Howlin' Banana, Cranes Rds)
05. Peter Bjorn And John "endless dream" (PBJ Musik AB)
06. The Reds, Pinks And Purples "you might be happy someday" (Tough Love)
07. Terry Vs. Tori "heathers" (El Genio Equivocado)
08. Opus Orange "miles from nowhere" (Emoto Music)
09. Melenas "dias raros" (Trouble In Mind)
10. Oxen "buy a dog" (Harmoni)
11. The Very Most "needs help" (Lost Sound Tapes)
12. Bombay Bicycle Club "everything else has gone wrong" (Mmm...)
13. Gladie "safe sins" (Lame-O)
14. Dog Day "present" (Fundog)
15. Alex The Astronaut "lost" (Nettwerk Music Group)
16. Closing Eyes "eternal fidelity" (Eget Selskap. Blanca)
17. Gary Olson "s/t" (Tapete)
18. Tomma Intet "d.a.b.d.a." (Welfare Sounds)
19. Kråkesølv "force majeure" (Kråkesølv Plateselskapet)
20. The Little Hands Of Asphalt "half empty" (Fika Recordings)
21. Wilson "ruiner" (Dalliance Recs)
22. Hazel English "wake up!" (Polyvinyl)
23. Surfer Blood "carefree theatre" (Kanine)
24. Pia Fraus "empty parks" (Seksound)
25. Bergen "II" (Skuld)
26. Guds Pengar "granar som flyr staden" (Rama Lama)
27. Boyo "where have all my friends gone?" (Park The Van)
28. Hurula "jehova" (Razzia)
29. Damen "sagrada familia" (Vårø)
30. Amusement Parks On Fire "thankyou violin radiopunk"
(E.G.B Communications)
31. Spunsugar "drive-through chapel" (Adrian Recordings)
32. Fontaines D.C. "a hero's death" (Partisan)
33. Bedroom "bdrmm" (Sonic Cathedral)
34. Casa Murilo "summer 1998" (Drabant Music)
35. Mr Ben & The Bens "life drawing" (Bella Union)
36. Skuldpadda "commitment" (Kning Disk)
37. Ludvig Moon "vanilla" (Furuberget)
38. The Luxembourg Signal "the long now" (Shelflife)
39. Easy "radical innocence" (A Turntable Friend)
40. The Legends "s/t" (Golden Islands)
41. Mumrunner "valeriana" (Though Love, Shelflife)
42. Hoops "halo" (Fat Possum)
43. The Muldoons "made for each other" (Last Night From Glasgow)
44. Mats Wawa "rock omelette" (Black Pop)
45. Anna Järvinen "vestigia terrent" (Sing A Song Fighter)
46. Herr D.K. "beleuchtet den hintergrund" (Tapete)
47. The Hanged Man "as the tower fell" (Dubious)
48. Carpet People "kiss me, i¹m crisis!" (ORD)
49. Termination Dust "growing down" (Glacial Pace Recordings)
50. Dolche "ur aska" (Norr Arts)
51. Kiwi Jr. "football money" (Persona Non Grata)
52. The Stroppies "look alive!" (Though Love)
53. Mattias Alkberg "bodensia" (Teg Publishing)
54. Sufjan Stevens "the ascension" (Asthmatic Kitty)
55. Oscar Lang "hand over your head" (Dirty Hit)
56. Statues "holocene" (Lövely, Gaphals)
57. Boy Pablo "wachito rico" (777 Music)
58. The Entire Cast "on holiday" (white)
59. En Attendant Ana "juillet" (Trouble In Mind)
60. Steve Buscemi's Dreamy Eyes "sweetie" (Rama Lama)
61. Beabadoobee "fake it flowers" (Dirty Hit)
62. Love Sport "and justice for all" (Soliti)
63. Snarls "brust" (Take This Heart)
64. Real Estate "the main thing" (Domino)
65. Anna Burch "if you're dreaming" (Heavenly Recordings)
66. Vundabar "either light" (Gawk)
67. Big Fox "see how the light falls" (Backseat)
68. TV Girl "the night in question: french exit outtakes" (white)
69. Ringo DeathStarr "s/t" (white)
70. Great News "now and them" (white)
71. The Honeydrips "here comes the sun" (The Future Sound Of Stockholm)
72. Alice Boman "dream on" (Play It Agine Sam)
73. H. Moon "trustblood" (Welfare Sounds)
74. Even As We Speak "adelphi" (Shelflife, Discos De Kirlian)
75. Best Coast "always tomorrow" (Bethany Cosentino, Concord)
76. Fast Friends "domestic eyes" (Les Disques Pavilion)
77. Space Daze "phantosmia" (Danny Rowland)
78. Kevin Krauter "full hand" (Bayonet)
79. Jenny O. "new truth" (Mama Bird Recordings)
80. I Break Horses "warnings" (Bella Union)
81. Jetstream Pony "s/t" (712550 Records DK)
82. Tennis "swimmer" (Mutually Detrimental)
83. Håkan Hellström "rampljus vol 1" (Tro Och Tvivel, Woah Dad!)
84. Lake "roundelay" (Off Tempo)
85. Soccer Mommy "color theory" (Loma Vista Recordings)
86. The Slow Painters "s/t" (Keepsecret, Diger)
87. Elephant Stone "hollow" (Elephants On Parade)
88. Two Year Vacation "laundry day" (Clouds Hill)
89. Porridge Radio "every bad" (Secretly Canadian)
90. Illuminati Hotties "free i.h: this is not the one you've been waiting for"
(Big Scart Monsters)
91. Pish "school's out" (Bergen Mafia)
92. Winter "endless space (between you & i)" (Bar/None)
93. Birgitta Alida "s/t" (Blanca)
94. Pale Honey "some time, alone" (Bolero Recordings)
95. Frode Fivel "send/return" (Cafe Superstar Recordings)
96. Kidsmoke "a vision in the dark" (Recordiau Libertino)
97. Purr "like new" (Anti)
98. Blomst "blomst il ekstraomgang" (Indie Recordings)
99. Penny Diving "big inhale" (white)
100. El Perro Del Mar "free land" (Memphis Industries)

"45 minutes" Top 100 Singles des Jahres 2020
Bei den Single-Charts sind vor allem VÖs in die Wertung eingeflossen, die als eigenständige Single oder EP (also keine Album-Auskopplungen, Vorab- oder Re-Releases) erschienen sind. In Ausnahmefällen lagen die kompletten Alben nicht vor.

01. The Radio Dept. "you fear the wrong thing baby" (Just So!)
02. Youth Valley "youth valley ep" (2411707 Records DK)
03. Peter Bjorn And John "endless play" (PBJ Musik AB)
04. Wallows "remote ep" (Atlantic Recordings)
05. Smicker "seterra ep" (Som Sverker Recordings)
06. Bob Hund "reserverat för spöken" (Adrian Recordings)
07. Coral "i just want you cause you¹re gone" (Please Like It, Feverish)
08. Klass II "bron" (Black Valley)
09. Gladie "orange peels ep" (white)
10. The Wannadies "can't kill the musikk" (Startracks, Playground Music)
11. Cut City "absolutes ep" (white)
12. Swirlpool "spinning in reverse" (Reptile Music)
13. Peel Dream Magazine "moral panics ep" (Tough Love)
14. Beverly Kills "elegance in a state of crises ep" (Welfare Sounds)
15. Girl In Red "kate's not here" (KRO)
16. Vêrfast "alt du Ikkje fekk" (Raindrops)
17. The Reds, Pinks And Purples "i should have helped you ep" (Burundi Cloud)
18. Duschpalatset "solbränd i barcelona" (Startracks)
19. Gladie "thank you card ep" (white)
20. Steven Adams And The French Drops "my brother, the racist"
(Fika Recordings)
21. Club K "buildings" (white)
22. Boy With Apple "walk in the park ep" (Vårø)
23. Niccokick "love can be a wonderful thing" (Startracks, Playground Music)
24. Day Wave "crush ep" (Pias Recordings)
25. The Radio Dept. "the absence of birds" (Just So!)
26. Honningbarna "xen av oss er idiot" (Sony)
27. The Reds, Pinks And Purples "we won't come home at christmas time"
28. Phoebe Bridgers "kyoto" (Dead Oceans)
29. Neøv "burnt my fingers" (Clouds Hill)
30. Stu Larsen "hurricane" (Nettwerk Music Group)
31. Remington Super 60 "still near" (Cafe Superstar Recordings)
32. Bye Bye Bicycle "specular ep" (Lazy Octopus)
33. Sleap-e "mellow ep" (We Were Never Being Boring Collective)
34. Oscar Lang "overthunk" (Dirty Hit)
35. Mauv "goodbye friend" (Vårø)
36. Surfer Blood "hardboiled" (Persona Non Grata)
37. Northern Portrait "at attention" (Matinée Recordings)
38. Gold Celeste "common ground EP" (Diger Distro)
39. Misty Coast "in a million years" (Fysisk Format)
40. Fluppe "billstedt ep" (Chateau Lala)
41. Porridge Radio (Feat. Lala Lala) "good for you" (Hardly Art)
42. The Reds, Pinks And Purples "don't come home too soon" (white)
43. Corduroy "blomster" (Luxurious Indie)
44. The Francine Odysseys "what if we were wrong ep" (Chasing Fireflies)
45. Jay Som "a thousand words" (Lucky Number Music Limited)
46. Raketklubben & Äventyret "is i magen/is i hjärtat" (Dalapop)
47. Melody Fields "broken horse ep" (Coop, Sound Effect)
48. Simen Mitlid "weeks" (Koke Plate)
49. Flyying Colours "big mess" (Poison City)
50. La Lusid "beehive" (Birds)
51. Klass II "imovane" (Black Valley)
52. Beverly Kills "trophy hunt" (white)
53. No Suits In Miami "what we have" (Svart Kaffe)
54. Julia Logan "everly, foreverly" (Playground Music)
55. Bombay Bicycle Club "two lives ep" (Mmm...)
56. Jade Hairpins "j terrapin" (Merge)
57. Freja The Dragon "long gone girl ep" (Freja Drakenberg, Yttling Jazz AB)
58. Jim Bob "2020 wtf" (Cherry Red)
59. Easter Island "sea change" (white)
60. Linn Koch-Emmery "hologram love" (Boys Tears)
61. Niccokick "afraid" (Startracks, Playground Music)
62. The Confusions "electric" (Massproduktion)
63. Chastity Belt "the process (loose tooth-split)" (Hardly Art)
64. Remington Super 60 "new ep" (Cafe Superstar Recordings)
65. Girlatones "remember the future" (white)
66. Hollow Ship "future remains" (Punk Slime Recordings, Welfare Sounds)
67. Jävligheten "jävligheten ep" (white)
68. Mount Borg "mount borg ep" (white)
69. Andy Bell "love comes in waves" (Sonic Cathedral)
70. La Mer "pineapple dream" (Archiboldo)
71. Raketen "mer & mer" (Kerstin)
72. It's For Us "malax ep" (Novoton)
73. Florence Valentin "tävla!!!" (Playground Music)
74. Babel "forever ep" (PME)
75. Isolated Youth "iris ep" (Fabrika)
76. Tom And His Computer (Feat. Roxy Jules) "puzzle" (In My Room)
77. Club 8 "xour little loving" (Golden Islands)
78. Låtsaspoeten "allting blir bättre" (Sound Of Wool)
79. Melby "common sense" (Rama Lama)
80. Girl In Red "two queens in a king sized bed"
(World In Red, Awal Recordings)
81. Many Voices Speak "want it kept" (Strangers Candy)
82. Tan Cologne "alien" (Labrador)
83. A Million Pineapples "my address" (white)
84. Lokoy (With Emilie Østebø) "a mistake" (Propeller Recordings)
85. Verandan "pink clouds" (Soliti)
86. Klara Keller "mohabbat" (Gibbon Recordings)
87. Violet Cheri "i'm fine" (white)
88. Why Bonnie "voice box ep" (Fat Possum)
89. Honeymoan "weirdo ep" (Communion Group Ltd)
90. Sunhill "all above" (21311808 Records DK)
91. Yung "progress" (Punk Slime Recordings)
92. The School Book Depository "sunny disposition" (white)
93. Some Sprouts "summer daze" (Blickpunkt Pop)
94. Majorelle Blue "not as cool (as kathleen hanna)" (Svart Kaffe)
95. Kakkmaddafakka "ontas?" (Bergen Mafia)
96. Lionfly Secrets "down the lines" (Spinnup)
97. Film School "is this a hotel?" (Hauscat)
98. Promise And The Monster "closed my eyes" (Icons Creating Evil Art)
99. Marianne Sveen "look away" (Drabant Music)
100. Pale Lights "you and i" (Slumberland)