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"45 minutes" Top 100 Album des Jahres 2021
Bei den Album-Charts sind keine Best Of-Alben, V/A-Compilations oder Re-Releases berücksichtigt worden.

01. Ducks Ltd. "modern fiction" (Carpark)
02. Chime School "s/t" (Slumberland)
03. Ducks Ltd. "get bleak" (Carpark)
04. Grüner Star "hauptsache, es bleibt friedlich" (Dian Recordings)
05. Duschpalatset "baby" (Startracks)
06. Lande Hekt "going to hell" (Get Better)
07. Penelope Isles "which way to happy" (Bella Union)
08. Far Caspian "ways to get out" (Tiny Library)
09. Astral Brain "the bewildered mind" (Shelflife)
10. Courtney Barnett "things take time, take time" (Marathon Artist)
11. Quivers "golden doubt" (white)
12. Pia Fraus "obnoxious" (Seksound)
13. Fritz "pastel" (Inertia Music, Pias)
14. Girl In Red "if i could make it go quiet" (Awal Recordings)
15. Mia Maria Johansson "slay" (Lazy Octopus)
16. The Reds, Pinks And Purples "uncommon weather" (Tough Love)
17. Kiwi Jr. "cooler returns" (Sub Pop)
18. Massage "still life" (white)
19. Black Twig "was not looking for magic" (Soliti)
20. Opus Orange "object lessons" (Emoto Music)
21. Corduroy "s/t" (Vårø)
22. Oscar Lang "chew the scenery" (Dirty Hit)
23. Hilma Nikolaisen "heritage" (Fysisk Format)
24. Adult Mom "driver" (Epitaph)
25. Coral "spoon" (Please Like It)
26. Afflecks Palace "what do you mean its not raining" (Spirit Of Spike Island)
27. Postcards "after the fire, before the end" (T3)
28. Ovlov "buds" (Exploding In Sound)
29. Rachel Love "picture in mind" (Cow Chow)
30. Amason "galaxy II" (Amasonason)
31. Nadja Evelina "aska, glitter och annat som försvinner med vinden" (Hjärtat)
32. Frankie Cosmos "close it quietly" (Sub Pop)
33. Jordana And TV Girl "summer's over" (white)
34. Falconet "magic potion" (2475703 Records DK)
35. Pip Blom "welcome break" (Heavenly Recordings)
36. Weeping Willows "songs of winter" (Razzia)
37. José González "local valley" (Imperial Recordings, City Slang)
38. Goat Girl "on all fours" (Rough Trade)
39. Wy "arriage" (Rama Lama)
40. Jay-Jay Johanson "rorschach test" (Kuroneko Media)
41. Phogg "the sharkness" (Ouyee Bayou)
42. Deuce "s/t" (Dinosaur City)
43. Hurry "fake ideas" (Lame-O)
44. Last Days Of April "even the good days are bad" (Tapete)
45. Kings Of Convenience "peace or love" (EMI)
46. Adult Books "adult books" (Taxi Gauche)
47. Makthaverskan "för allting" (white)
48. Flyying Colours "fantasy country" (white)
49. Sarah And The Sundays "the living end" (Awal Recordings)
50. Remington Super 60 "nouvelle noveau" (Cafe Superstar Recordings)
51. The Lodger "cul-de-sac of love" (We Were Never Being Boring)
52. Middle Kids "today we're the greatest" (Lucky Number Music Limited)
53. Stray Fossa "with you for ever" (white)
54. MØAA "euphoric recall" (We Were Never Being Boring)
55. The Go! Team "get up sequences part one" (Memphis Industries)
56. Parker Lewis "tass tass" (We Were Never Being Boring Collective)
57. Karl Oskar "wish you were here" (Sonic Youth Football Club)
58. Monnone Alone "stay foggy" (Lost And Lonesome)
59. Laura Lee & The Jettes "wasteland" (Duchess Box)
60. Spunsugar "things that i confuse" (Adrian Recordings)
61. Burkini Beach "best western" (comfort Noise, Grand Hotel Van Cleef)
62. Real Estate "half a human" (Domino Recordings)
63. The Stillwalkers "still life" (939028 Records DK)
64. Spearmint "holland park" (Hitback)
65. Hovvdy "true love" (Grand Jury Music)
66. Snail Mail "valentine" (Matador)
67. Billy Bragg "the million things that never happened" (Cooking Vinyl)
68. Hand Habits "fun house" (Saddle Creek)
69. Francis Lung "miracle" (Memphis Industries)
70. Shelter Boy "failure familiar" (ZG500, Filter Music Group)
71. Axel Flóvent "you stay by the sea" (Nettwerk Music Group Inc.)
72. Tape Waves "bright" (Emotional Response)
73. Breathe Panel "lets it in" (Fat Cat)
74. Frøkedal "flora" (Fugleben, Fysisk Format)
75. Triptides "alter echoes" (Alive Naturalsound)
76. Still Corners "the last exit" (Wrecking Light)
77. Daniel Saturn "en medelålders man" (white)
78. The Goon Sax "mirror II" (Matador)
79. Candy Moore "xa pull to heal" (white)
80. Bad Bad Hats "walkman" (Don Giovanni)
81. The Cosmic Mellow "s/t" (Cosmic Mellow Music)
82. Beach Youth "postcard" (Music For The Masses, Shelflife, We Want 2)
83. Tomemitsu "the river" (Friends Of Friends)
84. Frida Hyvönen "dream of independence" (RMV Grammofon AB)
85. Girl K "girl k is for the people" (Take This To Heart)
86. Kirty "we are all on fire" (Kirty Music, Postwar)
87. Shelter Boy "failure familiar" (ZG500, Filter Music Group)
88. Wavves "hideaway" (Fat Possum)
89. Snowy Band "alternate endings" (Happiness)
90. Tigers Jaw "i won't care how you remember me" (Hopeless)
91. The Joy Formidable "the big roar" (Wea International)
92. Water From Your Eyes "structure" (Wharf Cat)
93. Mint Julep "in a deep and dreamless sleep" (Western Vinyl)
94. Grapell "the answer" (Echo Three)
95. Marble Raft "geography a" (white)
96. Andy Shauf "wilds" (Anti)
97. Film School "we weren't here" (Sonic Ritual)
98. Meyverlin "daily events" (Too Good To Be True)
99. Sjöblom "demons" (Reptile Music)
100. Parquet Courts "Sympathy for Life" (Rough Trade)

"45 minutes" Top 100 Singles des Jahres 2021
Bei den Single-Charts sind vor allem VÖs in die Wertung eingeflossen, die als eigenständige Single oder EP (also keine Album-Auskopplungen, Vorab- oder Re-Releases) erschienen sind. In Ausnahmefällen lagen die kompletten Alben nicht vor.

01. Crane Like The Bird "just a bend" (white)
02. Beachheads "down south" (Fysisk Format)
03. Horse Show "falsterbo ep" (PNKSLM Recordings)
04. Stephen's Shore "brisbane radio ep" (Meritorio)
05. Betterov "dussmann" (An Island)
06. Sun June "easy" (Run For Cover)
07. Band Of Horses "crutch" (Huger Lewis And The Dudes)
08. Figure Beach "we didn't fit together at all" (Filter Music Group)
09. Shout Out Louds "as far away as possible" (Bud Fox Recordings)
10. Burning Hearts "where i belong" (Betula Pendula)
11. Adult Books "holiday (acoustic)" (white)
12. Maria Solheim (Feat. Monobird) "dance around the living room"
(Kirkelig Kulturversted)
13. Bröderna Lindgren (Feat. Anja Bigrell) "rösta på mig" (Despotz)
14. Mattias Alkberg "gudrun och andreas" (Tag Publishing)
15. Fanclubwallet "hurt is boring ep" (Awal Recordings)
16. Acid House Kings "a little dancing" (white)
17. The Goa Express "second time" (Ra-Ra Rok)
18. Spacey Jane "lunchtime" (Awal Recordings)
19. Aeroplane Mode "in a state" (white)
20. Shybits "sunshine" (Duchess Box)
21. Alice Phoebe Lou "child's play" (white)
22. Hater "bad luck" (Fire)
23. Anonymous Depressed Dogs Club "horse+ (don't mind the horse)" (Havêa)
24. Salt Lake Alley "merry-go-round" (Shelflife)
25. Cassia "powerlines ep" (BMG)
26. Low-Res "nothing" (white)
27. Thomas Stenström (Feat. First Aid Kit) "hotel amigo"
(Korpstaden Produktion AB)
28. Dorvin Borman "pressure valve" (Ashki)
29. Team Me "song for a drummer" (Propeller Recordings)
30. Hazel English "nine stories" (white)
31. Loud Hound "no good" (white)
32. Ski Saigon "silver lining" (Too Good To Be True)
33. Mattiel "those words" (Heavently Recordings)
34. Damen "unemployment, broken bones, death, baby ep" (Vårø)
35. The Reds, Pinks And Purples "don't come home too soon ep" (white)
36. April June "summer bruises" (Spirit Goth)
37. Letting Up Despite Great Faults "corners pressed" (white)
38. Beabadoobee "our extended play" (Dirty Hit)
39. Pascal "stephen king" (Novoton)
40. Dad Sports "i am just a boy leave me alone!!!" (Grand Jury Music)
41. Tomma Intet "love letters to the underground" (Welfare Sounds & Records)
42. Pole Siblings "låser in mig" (Strangers Candy)
43. Annika Norlin "hydra/pengar" (Razzia)
44. Benz "this could be the end ep" (Rama Lama)
45. Heskey "feel it" (Ye Olde)
46. Bedroom Eyes "the dark between the stars" (Startracks, Playground Music)
47. The Wombats "if you ever leave, i¹m coming with you" (Awal Recordings)
48. Old Sea Brigade "day by day" (Nettwerk)
49. Smile "eon (visualiser)" (Chimp Limbs, Ingrid)
50. Klass II (Feat. Västerbron) "kemi" (Black Valley)
51. Say Sue Me "so tender" (JTBC Studios)
52. Mall Girl "bubbly cool drink" (Jansen)
53. Tide Rider "golden eyes" (796909 Records DK)
54. Mathias Zachrisson & Kieli "september" (Echo Tree)
55. Viktoria Ottosson "sos candy" (white)
56. Inland Murmur "waterline" (white)
57. Klee "danke nein" (Dolce Rita Recordings, Premium)
58. Melpo Mene "all of this is true" (HyperExtension)
59. Camp Trash "downtiming" (Count Your Lucky Stars)
60. Verandan "hideaway" (Soliti, Cloudberry)
61. Momma "medicine" (Lucky Number, Polyvinyl)
62. Havington "soulmate" (AdP)
63. Gladie "fixer" (white)
64. Funeral Lakes "redeemer ep" (white)
65. Daniel Arteaga "elefanten" (Daniel Larsson)
66. Moi Caprice "changing together" (Glorious)
67. Coach Party "after party" (Chess Club, Awal)
68. Benji & Banden "plutselig virkelig" (Jansen, 9AM)
69. Club K "evil ep" (white)
70. The Legends "tears in the city" (Golden Islands)
71. Horsegirl "billy" (Matador)
72. Linn Koch-Emmery "linn rip" (The Orchard)
73. Majorelle Blue "gane over" (Svart Kaffe)
74. NewDad "waves ep" (Fair Youth)
75. Simen Mitlid (Feat. Benedikt) "december, 1999" (Koke Plate)
76. Khai Dreams "good advice" (Awal Recordings)
77. Solen "gävle" (Playground Music)
78. Riga Tiger "tungt regn" (Youth Recordings)
79. Melby "old life" (Rama Lama)
80. Beach Bunny "oxygen" (Mom+Pop)
81. Matilda Mann "sonder ep" (Arista)
82. Pastel Coast "rendezvous" (Shelflife)
83. No Suits In Miami "make you see" (white)
84. Porridge Radio "7 seconds" (Secretly Canadian)
85. The Hanged Man “silver/liquid/fluid" (Dubious)
86. Superstate "yoga town" (Graham Coxon)
87. Colatura "kids like us" (white)
88. The Silver Lines "skin" (Ravo)
89. Krake "det vanliga ep" (white)
90. Fluppe "scotland yard" (Chateau Lala)
91. Minute "i wanna be your secret" (Svensk Hardcorekultur)
92. Tallies "no dreams of fayres" (Kanine, Bella Union)
93. Still Corners "heavy days" (Wrecking Light)
94. Beach Fossils "l.i.n.e." (Secretly Canadian)
95. Typical Girls "miata?/?nice boys" (Kanine)
96. Glom "gre[a]y" (La Reserve)
97. Nobody's Flowers "mountains out of broken men" (Really Rad)
98. Bergen "det jag vill minnas" (Skulden)
99. Pina Palau "jupi" (Mouthwatering)
100. Räre Birds "falkenberg farewell" (Something Beautiful Recordings)