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"45 minutes" Top 100 Album des Jahres 2022
Bei den Album-Charts sind keine Best Of-Alben, V/A-Compilations oder Re-Releases berücksichtigt worden.

01. Kraftklub "kargo" (Vertigo)
02. Lande Hekt "house without a view" (Get Better)
03. Far Caspian "ways to get out" (Tiny Library)
04. Kiwi Jr. "chopper" (Sub Pop)
05. Beachheads "beachheads" (Fysisk Format)
06. Alvvays "blue rev" (Polyvinyl)
07. Belle And Sebastian "a bit of previous" (Matador)
08. Thea & The Wild "deadheading" (Fysisk Format)
09. I Was A King "follow me home" (white)
10. Crane Like The Bird "bcycle" (white)
11. Day Wave "pastlife" (Pias)
12. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever "endless rooms" (Sub Pop)
13. Courting "guitar music" (Play It Again Sam)
14. Shout Out Louds "house" (Bud Fox Recordings)
15. Band Of Horses "things are great" (Huger Lewis And The Dudes)
16. Launder "happening" (Ghostly International)
17. Hater "sincere" (Fire)
18. Winter "what kind of blue are you?" (Bar None)
19. Have You Ever Seen The Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS? "maine coon"
(Vild Music Oy)
20. Shybits "body lotion" (Duchess Box)
21. Holy Now "dream of me" (Lazy Octopus)
22. These New South Whales "s/t" (Damaged)
23. Horsegirl "versions of modern performance" (Matador)
24. Annika Norlin "mentor" (Razzia)
25. Gladie "don't know what you're in until you're out" (Plum)
26. Helen Love "this is my world" (Alcopop!)
27. Bedroom Eyes "sisyphus rock" (Playground Music)
28. Flowertruck "partly cloudy" (white)
29. Mathias Zachrisson "v?å?gorna" (Echo Tree)
30. Young Guv "guv III" (Run For Cover)
31. The Smith Street Band "life after football" (Pool House)
32. Andy Bell "flicker" (Sonic Cathedral)
33. Beverly Kills "kaleido" (Welfare Sounds & Records)
34. Momma "household name" (Lucky Number, Polyvinyl)
35. Zac Denton "love, lust, lost" (The Lost And Lonesome)
36. Slowgold "kärlek" (Playground Music)
37. Jim Bob "the essential jim bob" (Cherry Red)
38. Fanclubwallet "you have got to be kidding me" (Awal)
39. Skullcrusher "quiet the room" (Secretly Canadian)
40. Weeping Willows "the dreams we weave" (Razzia)
41. Kratzen "zwei" (2590573 Records DK)
42. Say Sue Me "the last thing left" (Damnably)
43. Nord & Syd "aldrig sälja slut?" (Birds)
44. Fontaines D.C. "skinty fia" (Partisan)
45. Wallows "tell me that it's over" (Atlantic Recording Corporation)
46. The Wombats "fix yourself, not the world" (Awal Recordings)
47. Superchunk "wild loneliness" (Merge)
48. The Reds, Pinks And Purples "summer at land's end" (Slumberland)
49. Frontperson "parade" (Oscar Street)
50. Key Out "afterville" (False Peak)
51. Jacob Öhrvall "hj?ä?rnan av och smajlet på" (Gaphals)
52. Das Paradies "transit" (Grönland)
53. Key Out "afterville" (False Peak)
54. Fireside "bin juice" (Startracks)
55. Die Sterne "hallo euphoria" (Pias)
56. Brooke Annibale "better by now" (Nettwerk Music Group Inc.)
57. Connie Constance "miss power" (Play It Againe Sam)
58. Northern Portrait "the swiss army" (Matinée Recordings)
59. Gwenno "tresor" (Heavenly Recordings)
60. The High Water Marks "proclaimer of things" (Minty Fresh)
61. No Suits In Miami "nothing ever happens" (white)
62. Tallies "patina" (Bella Union)
63. Stella Donnelly "flood" (Secretly Canadian)
64. Tim Burgess "typical music" (Bella Union)
65. Lightning In A Twilight Hour "overwintering" (Elefant)
66. Tahiti 80 "here with you" (Human Sounds)
67. Seatbelts "a world inbetween" (Rooftop)
68. Jaguar Sun "all we've ever known" (Born Losers)
69. Snow Coats "if it wasn't me, i would've called it funny" (Alcopop!)
70. By The Sea "heaven knows magnolia" (Dell'Orso)
71. Girlpuppy "when i'm alone" (Royal Mountain)
72. Panda Riot "extra cosmic" (white)
73. Melby "looks like a map" (Rama Lama)
74. Simen Mitlid "social" (white)
75. Many Voices Speak "gestures" (Strangers Candy)
76. Letting Up Despite Great Faults "IV" (white)
77. Frankie Cosmos "inner world peace" (Sub Pop)
78. The Beths "expert in a dying field" (Carpark)
79. Friska Viljor "don't save Tthe last dance" (Crying Bob)
80. The Lightning Seeds "see you in the stars" (BMG)
81. Cola "deep in view" (Fire Talk)
82. Sweet Nobody "we're trying our best" (white)
83. Beabadoobee "beatopia" (Dirty Hit)
84. Soft Set "still life" (None)
85. Spacey Jane "here comes everybody" (Awal Recordings)
86. Peel Dream Magazine "pad" (Tough Love)
87. Alice Boman "the space between" (Play It Againe Sam)
88. Elf Power "artificial countrysides" (Yep Roc)
89. Svart Katt "s/t" (Adrian Recordings)
90. Vero "unsoothing interior" (Punk Slime Recordings)
91. Sports Team "gulp!" (A Big Desert, Island)
92. Cut City "tape days" (white)
93. By The Sea "heaven knows magnolia" (Dell'Orso)
94. The Hanged Man "tear it all" (Punk Slime Recordings)
95. The Stroppies "levity" (Tough Love)
96. Coral Collapse "symmetries" (Admirable Traits)
97. Laura Veirs "found light" (Bella Union)
98. Cave People "wind burn" (Disposable America)
99. Yndling "s/t" (Kerry On The Cake)
100. Veps "oslo park" (Kanine)

"45 minutes" Top 100 Singles des Jahres 2022
Bei den Single-Charts sind vor allem VÖs in die Wertung eingeflossen, die als eigenständige Single oder EP (also keine Album-Auskopplungen, Vorab- oder Re-Releases) erschienen sind. In Ausnahmefällen lagen die kompletten Alben nicht vor.

01. Lucy Dacus "kissing lessons" (Matador)
02. Belle And Sebastian "a bit of previous" (Matador)
03. Freja The Dragon (Feat. Peter Bjorn And John) "closer"
(Freja Drakenberg AB & Yttling Jazz AB)
04. Girl Scout "all the time and everywhere" (Made)
05. Ducks Ltd. "sheets of grey" (Carpark)
06. Stephen's Shore "green ep" (Meritorio)
07. Royel Otis "oysters in my pocket" (House Anxiety, Ourness)
08. Beach Bunny "karaoke" (Mom+Pop)
09. Duvel "talking to ourselves ep" (Fysisk Format)
10. Majorelle Blue "waterproof mascara ep" (Svart Kaffe)
11. Lande Hekt "romantic heart" (Get Better)
12. The Wedding Present (Feat. Louise Wener) "we should be together"
13. J4 "j4eva ep" (white)
14. Superserious "bye bye honey" (Alda Music)
15. Sea Lemon "turn away" (Spirit Goth)
16. Me Rex "jupiter pluvius" (Big Scary Monsters)
17. Re6ce "vampire" (Good Luck Have Fun)
18. Love Dance "parallel lines/psf" (Too Good To Be True)
19. Fägring "rockpsalm ep" (Startracks)
20. The Goa Express "everybody in the uk" (Ra-Ra Rok)
21. Hyena (Feat. Annika Norlin) "then i saw the light" (GHM)
22. Jim Bob "beach ready ep" (Cherry Red)
23. Beachtape "better luck" (white)
24. Child Seat "off with a bang" (Moonboot!)
25. Banzai Florist "death in drag" (white)
26. Klass II "om oss" (Black Valley)
27. Apollo Ghosts "spilling yr guts" (You've Changed)
28. Bob Hund "skräck eller lycka?" (Silence)
29. The Silver Lines "hotel room" (How Did My Splinters Taste?)
30. Acid House Kings "honey, honey" (white)
31. Dazy "fool in the mirror" (Convulse)
32. Hazel English "summer nights ep" (white)
33. Adults "all we've got // all we need" (Fika Recordings)
34. Grentperez "ego" (Awal Recordings)
35. Barrett Skoglund "utomlands ep" (white)
36. Mattiel "on the run" (Heavenly Recordings)
37. Bashjärta, Mattias Areskog, Erika Rosén "ett tappat hopp" (Malmö Inre)
38. Dekker "let's pretend" (Useful Fictions)
39. Kreuder "wer geht vor?" (white)
40. The Reds, Pinks And Purples "slow torture of an hourly wage"
(Burundi Cloud)
41. Seaside "shadows" (Anoa)
42. Minute "fast is too slow" (Offensive Settings)
43. Sötnos "care about nothing" (white)
44. Mt. Mélodie "there's a hole in the sky" (Metronomicon Audio)
45. Spring Teeth "life won't wait" (I Call It Blood Detective)
46. Hovvdy "billboard for my feelings ep" (Grand Jury Music)
47. The Tubs "dead meat" (white)
48. Ex-Vöid "no other way" (Don Giovanni)
49. The Go! Team "divebomb" (Memphis Industries)
50. Bleached "flip it" (Many Hats Distribution)
51. Club 8 "late in life" (Golden Islands)
52. Strawberry Generation "miss me" (white)
53. Verbrasco "capo 7" (white)
54. Mi Von Ahn "damaged goods" (Bolero Recordings)
55. Oceans "high" (white)
56. Emmer "skyline" (Record Union)
57. Shybits (Feat. Eddie Argos) "hope this christmas" (Duchess Box)
58. The Wombats "is this what it feels like to feel like this?" (Awal Recordings)
59. Valter Lobo "uma melodia" (Brandit Digital Media Service)
60. Cosmopaark "haunted house" (Howlin Banana, Flippin' Freaks)
61. The Primitives "don't know where to start" (Happy Happy Birthday To Me)
62. No Frills "copy cat" (Big Soap)
63. Tobias Arbo "saudade" (CRC)
64. Neil Brogan "christmas ep" (white)
65. Flores De Uranio "por los siglos de los siglos" (white)
66. Tahiti 80 "lipstick stains ep" (Human Sounds)
67. Death And Vanilla "find another illusion" (Fire)
68. Flying Fish Cove "tinsel tavern" (white)
69. Youth Valley "i don't want to go out with you, veronica" (Make Me Happy)
70. Salt Lake Alley "i'm always near" (Shelflife)
71. Les Big Byrd "feels like wasting my life is taking forever" (Chimp Limbs)
72. Ray Laurél "manic pixie dream boy" (Venice Music)
73. Softcult "gaslight" (Easy Life)
74. Butch Wifey "backyard boarding school ep" (Catapult Recordings)
75. Girl In Red "october passed me by" (World In Red)
76. Spinning "st. stephen's green" (white)
77. Florence Valentin "stå vid mig" (Playground Music)
78. Moto Bandit "you too" (white)
79. Fazerdaze "break! ep" (Section 1)
80. The Holiday Crowd "bullet train/party favours" (Shelflife)
81. Pinegrove "alaska" (Rough Trade)
82. Lunar Isles "visitor ep" (white)
83. ViVii "mavidavilon ep" (Dumont Dumont)
84. Lera Lynn "i'm your kamikaze" (Icons Creating Evil Art)
85. The Saint Larsen "middleman" (Matinée Recordings)
86. Red Sleeping Beauty (Feat. Amelia Fletcher) "solid gold"
(Matinee Recordings)
87. The Confusions "1664" (Massproduktion, Playground Music)
88. Kindsight "sun is always in my eyes" (Rama Lama)
89. Flowvers "daylight" (Fosil Boy)
90. The School Book Depository "corals" (white)
91. Rubblebucket "cherry blossom" (Grand Jury Music)
92. Drawing Maps "slip away" (white)
93. Coconut Cream "what kind of music do you like to listen to? ep" (Broth)
94. Widowspeak "the drive" (Captured Tracks)
95. Some Sprouts "green feather" (Blickpunkt Pop!)
96. Misty Coast "the end of the beginning" (Fysisk Format)
97. Poly "i would rather sing ep" (white)
98. Thea Wang "tell me about it" (Made)
99. He Is Tall "snow fortress" (Møs Møs)
100. Beach Brother "self love" (Great Guy)